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  1. Perfect. Ros is a dark haired northern girl with ties to Winterfell, like you said and would work well with Theon's story. She may be older but that didn't matter in the book so it wouldn't here. And yes all offscreen.
  2. Exactly. These people act like D&D are above bring treated like any other people in charge of tv shows and that they can't upset them. And this was before the woke agenda really kicked in. Who cares about offending two rich white males considering how white men are the bad guys these days. It was so stupid to give into their demands. JR should have done exactly what you said. What was left to lose exactly since we were at the end?
  3. This is so bad. I really wish they'd own up to their bad choices and take the punishment like champs. I don't know how they managed to get away with this. I know D&D avoided live interviews for years and only answered 'selected' questions' at events but I wish someone asked the important questions anyway. How they got away with this for so long is insane. And the guy behind this book is no better.
  4. Agreed. Austin Film Fest and I imagine Disney actually doing some research on these two and getting to know them resulted in them being kicked out.
  5. Now that the Christmas period is over and all those films are done, I've returned to the tv show backlog. Shows I watch with my wife are Better Call Saul S2, X Files S8 are the two I'm currently watching. Once BCS S2 is done I'm gonna finally start Cobra Kai and rotate between all three shows. Once they are all done I will start the 2 shows I've been meaning to watch for years. Buffy and Orange is the New Black. The ones I watch alone are Gotham S1 and X Men S4 (The 90s cartoon). After X Men and Gotham S2, I'll finally try Agents of Shield.
  6. Absolutely. And I'm sure they think his stupid decisions like trusting Cersei are actually clever and good writing.
  7. It's like in Dragon Demands video where he brings this up. I think D&D decided Tyrion can make stupid decisions as much as possible just as long as everyone loves him and things work out for him again. His choices are so stupid e.g. starve a city instead of storming it because it looks like he cares and at the end still keeps power. So he's the other kind of Mary sue. Not amazing at everything with very little effort like Rey, but the kind that screws up but is still loved by everyone and gets rewarded anyway.
  8. I liked the Quentin chapters but tbh, did we really need it all? It would have been strange to just open with the chapter where he meets Danaerys and then have the dragon tamer chapter follow while not knowing much of his travels but lots of books do this. Considering that Tyrion gives us the 'travel on boat between Westeros and Essos and is around sellswords storyline' did it need to be shown? Quentin talking about his journey to Mereen would have been enough. It really does feel like GRRM just wanted to show everything that is going on in the world and I feel it wasn't needed if he could have focused on other plots that should have been advanced, e.g. the battle of fire.
  9. I just found series 11 incredibly boring for the majority of the show while being truly awful in 3 particular ones: Rosa, Demons of the Punjab and Arachnids in the UK. Series 12 was so bad I've sworn to never watch the show again until they confirm the Master was lying about the events of the finale. I mean Orphan 55 was awful in its preachiness but Timeless Children ruined the history of the show. It was bad enough that Ruth was part of the first retcon but what came after was even worse and I can't believe it ever got approved. That Chibnall had this idea from day 1 was really bad. And now JW is apparently going. Thats great. Maybe the new lead actor will do a better job of embracing the shows history and fandom but it won't make a real difference until Chibnall is gone and the new showrunner goes back to making a great show and won't allow bbc's identity politics to touch the show.
  10. It can't. If it does it will just support Chibnall's belief that Yaz is the best companion ever when really she's the worst (at least in new who). Having a companion feel that way isn't exactly new but the doctor should only reciprocate when the person is really special and there is something magical there. But then again, whatever this has become since 2018 isn't Doctor Who so what do i know
  11. So they finally admit it was to give his part to Tyrion. Poor guy. I can just imagine how the conversation went. Ian gives his reasons and the response is basically, "Fuck off. We're in charge."
  12. Agreed. Even if Tyrion is able to get back to his old self, I can't see him being able to forgive the public and nobles for how he was treated in book 3. I'm sure he will be all for mass murder and allowing the kind of sack Tywin allowed. And why would he want to be a hand. I think he will want all the power he can get and anyone who stands in his way is gonna suffer.
  13. People will see and hear about how she has been caring for Robin. And as there is no love for Baelish, I can't see him managing to get Sansa blamed for his death. That could be the thing that finishes Baelish so I really can't see it going down that way.
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