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  1. Very true. A major problem of season 9 is that so much is devoted to the wedding and only the finale covers 20 years when after the wedding could have covered a whole season.
  2. Speaking of fire (and how does this not get bought up when the cool visual of the flaming swords comes up) how was it that not one flaming Dothraki sword set a single wight on fire? The winter conditions were a joke so there is no way the fire would have been put out by the weather but why didn't the Dothraki create a huge inferno that would have destroyed thousands of the undead?
  3. That was awful. Just because they filmed the kids reacting in season 1 or 2, that did not mean they had to use it. Ted going back to Robin and killing Tracey off to make it happen ruined everything. Much like Game of Thrones, I find it very hard to watch old episodes knowing where it ends. The only truly outstanding part of that finale was seeing Barney finally mature. Him meeting the girl he truly will love forever was perfect.
  4. Exactly. And he constantly went for the wrong woman and when he found a good one that wouldn't last more than one episode he would reject her for the slightest flaw. Much like characters in other shows, e.g. JD in Scrubs, he was obsessed with the idea of the perfect woman. The best two were Tracey (by miles) and Victoria, until they copied the Emily and Ross story from Friends and ruined her character. Oh yes. Barney leading a group of guys just like he used to be would be super entertaining.
  5. It needs to be connected to the original show. How I met your dad failed to get a whole season because it was only the concept that was like HIMYM. Although this seems like a really bad idea. Ted was an unlikable man whore throughout the entire show. Do we really want to see a woman do the same thing?
  6. Brilliant. I've just sent this to about 20 people on my fb friend list.
  7. I thought it was so that Zemo would really suffer. He hates superpowered people and being locked up in a place with the people he despises will make him really pay for his crimes.
  8. They should have ended it there. Let it end with Drogon seeing what Jon has done, prepare to kill him. Focus on Kit's face, and then end on that cliffhanger. Everything that came after was so stupid and made no sense anyway so why not just end the story with the end of the Targaryens.
  9. Urgh. And let's not forget how uninspired the inside (and outside) of the stupidly easy to besiege Highgarden was too.
  10. And does Arya not remember that she saw Sansa screaming for it to stop? Like you said, Arya didn't do a thing to stop it. Sansa tried.
  11. Season 1 and the first 1 or 2 episodes of Season 2 of Clone Wars (2D) have to be canon. The Clone Wars starts Anakin as a Jedi Knight with long hair, and Ventress and Grievous are established. It feels like everything up to Anakin visiting Padme with the scar is still canon. I hope so. I'm pretty sure that everything except Anakin and Obi Wan's story is also canon because there is a mention of Shaak Ti protecting Palpatine on Coruscant too.
  12. Just bought the Ezio trilogy. I haven't played those AC games since they first came out so I'm looking forward to doing it again.
  13. The only issue I have with RTD is that his finales got too big. S1 works perfectly because it is set in a future that nobody will ever go back to. S2 works fine and so does 4 despite 4 having a ridiculous reset button but I always hated s3 because there is no coming back from what happens and they take a very bad way to do it. Moffat tones it down in a way but I think Rusty is worse. Tbh you don't need the end of the universe to tell a good story. Capaldi probably has the best record for that.
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