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  1. That's the moment I realised those 2 didn't know what they were talking about. Like you said, they believe Stannis was burning men alive since we first saw him. It's no surprise they would go from Stannis chooses ambition to Dany kind of forgot.
  2. Exactly. The is no proof Stannis will do this. If anything he'd be more likely to burn himself alive if put in that position. The most likely ones to do that will be Melisandre and/or Selyse, or the wildlings out of belief the greyscale will come back.
  3. Interesting ideas. And didn't GRRM just say she is burned, but D&D decided to change it to make Stannis far worse than he is.
  4. Very true. It really feels like this is all a joke to GRRM and he's not taking this seriously. Despite what a lot of his defenders have said, he does owe his fans. We've had nothing in years and it isn't fair. As good as the book was, he never should have written Fire and Blood until TWoW was done. Can you imagine if JK Rowling wrote a History of Quiditch before the Half Blood Prince? The HP fans would be really angry.
  5. This isn't an American production. Why do people have to bring politics into it? And this should never have been a fictional film. If they are trying to spread a message about what things young girls can do nowadays, this should have been a documentary.
  6. Now this has been released, has anyone seen It?
  7. I watched the trailer. This is awful. The story could work if the girls were teenagers and the actors were even older but this is really messed up. 11 is way too young.
  8. I've never read it but even if i do, which will probably happen soon enough, there is no way I will watch it. And weren't they hired to make original content? Why am I not surprised they went for doing another book series? Although does anybody want another Confederate? I wonder if that was their first pitch.
  9. As damaged as Sansa may or may not be, she's going to be expected to marry and mother an heir. This isn't Queen Elizabeth of Henry VIII's line who had a cousin in place when she never had a child to take over. Sansa will have to give birth, whether political or for love. Otherwise who will be the next ruler? Some distant cousin who is somewhere in the Vale? Or Edmure's son who may have a claim based on Edmure being Cat's brother? Sansa will have a child eventually. I'm sure she will want to be a parent again in the future but if she refuses, the northerners may overthrow her.
  10. I dunno. There was certainly great acting leading up to it. Like when he is threatening to cut her open and his words are being translated. And right after where Drogo looks at her as if to ask if she's okay with what's about to happen.
  11. Omg I hate that attitude. So many people just don't get that we were mad that the show was complete garbage, not that it was ending. People were mad that Futurama originally ended at season 4 because it ended. That show was amazing and we were mad that it was cancelled. There's a difference.
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