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  1. That makes sense. And it's gonna take time for old wounds to heal, particularly if the ones that joined Kreese want to make amends with the others, and agreed. Johnny and Daniel do have a lot of issues too. Let's just hope this won't be dragged out and there is enough material. Miyagi Cobra Fang for a new dojo name too
  2. Yeah me too. Johnny and Daniel learning to get along and working together in s4 feels like the natural ending for the show.
  3. That would be the perfect way to honour the TARDIS and his love for her.
  4. Me too. I remember him being asked a few years ago about showrunning it in the future but he wasn't interested but yeah, I was hoping for him to get more experience to take over one day as he was the best of the s8 writers. I've always been keen on Gatiss as him and Chibnall seemed to be the obvious choices but who knows now. For me I could take a non who fan as long as they have experience running a sci fi show and is willing to research the show. Or a superfan with encyclopedic knowledge of the show who has some experience of being a showrunner or has a good writing history in sci fi.
  5. I haven't seen it yet but it sounds as if S5 is a lot weaker than what came before, although I felt the same about s4. Has R&M already hit its peak or is it not as bad as I hear?
  6. Does anyone know if HBO Max will ever get to the UK even if under another name?
  7. Yeah. The poisoned lipstick was designed to kill him permanently and prevent regeneration. Giving up all of her regenerations was the only way to prevent his death.
  8. I don't get this. It seems likely in the episode Rose that he has recently regenerated going by his comment when looking in the mirror. So why not 8 be the doctor fighting in the time war. Mcgann certainly deserves more time and could easily pull of the skill required to show the doctor making the hardest decision in his life, and then the wmd The Moment would force him to live on as punishment, which would trigger the regeneration into 9 since the trauma of that action would most likely kill 8.
  9. Ok I'll admit the regeneration thing has been an issue for a while. 11 saying he could regenerate 500 times was clearly a joke. And when exactly did ten say that? Was that the scene in School Reunion when he says to Rose that he doesn't age, he regenerates? That still doesn't mean there is no limit. And at that point he had another three regenerations in him. I'm sure that at the time Eccleston or Mcgann were the time war doctor with no plans for a 'war doctor' so before the aborted regeneration in Journey's End he had a few left. 11 is an issue though. He said to the cybercontroller in Nightmare in Silver that he could easily regenerate and that was in the same series that just two episodes later he had used another regeneration in the time war so obviously Moffat had prepared for that (unless John Hurt showing up in the Series 7 finale was added at the last minute), same for the fake regeneration on the beach at the start of s6. But by the end of 11's run, I was glad Moffat went with thirteen lives due to 10 regenerating twice and the war doctor adding two lives but it did feel like at the start of 11's run, 11 had one more life as I always believed that the aborted regeneration would count because tbh, it had to. The Doctor can't use the regeneration, even if he didn't change his appearance, and have no consequences to it other than leading to a duplicate of himself.
  10. Insult us all you want. First of all, I'm 35. Call me middle aged in about 5 years please. And yes we are angry. For a good reason. The show meant a lot to me and many more of my neck-beard associated - what does that even mean? - You keep watching a preachy show led by an unlikeable lead character for as long as the show goes on. I'll just winge to my friends about how the show has never been better
  11. Exactly. The Doctor was always different. He wanted to stop evil and help people compared to the other time lords who just wanted to watch things happen. And some people called him a lonely god, and other terms for his different attitude to the rest of his people, but there is a difference in being a literal god (who isn't even Gallifreyan now). The Doctor is just an ordinary time lord. It's why he was born on Gallifrey, has time lord biology exactly like anyone else and would die at the end of his thirteen lives without a new set of regenerations. It's stuff like this that has made so many fans angry and turned against the show.
  12. Some people! That's the point. It may have been a terrible place and the equivalent of some of the worst towns and estates in England, but are we honestly supposed to believe every white person was a terrible person. Just give us a conversation where Ryan says something like how he can't believe this is how it was and the doctor assures him not everybody treated black people terribly, or show someone being sympathetic to black people. Just something to show that not all white people are racist pieces of sh1t.
  13. Good on her. That's exactly what I meant. Going by that episode, your friend would be one of the racists of that time when she is clearly not like that at all. That is what I hated about the episode. And as I said earlier. Why do the episode at all? Yes, original who was about being educational and not focused on bug eyed monsters but like I said, every historical episode from 05 has felt like sci fi with a good villain such as the gelth in s1. And in s11 we got a racist human from the future and a racist community. How the mighty have fallen.
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