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  1. Stark, Lannister, Baratheon and Targaryen houses so pretty much all the major characters
  2. Ghostlydragon

    Title of the last episode

    A dream of spring would be awesome but Queen of the Ashes seems likely after last week
  3. Ghostlydragon

    Rant & Rave without Repercussion: Burn It All Edition

    You know the whole issue around the lack ofproof on Jon's birth really annoys me. I really thought we would get Howland Reed to confirm it as well as a few flashbacks. I mean they have the actors from season 6 and 7. Why not have Jon take Bran's hand and touch a weirwood tree together so we can get Raegar and Lyanna's life together. There is so much material there and it's been totally ignored. I can't be the only one who wanted to see them meet, talk about prophecy, why they never went public with their romance to try to stop the war thathad started. But much like how we never saw the Bran tell the other Starks about Jon's birth, our wise and self-important showrunners obviously didn'tthink it matters.
  4. Ghostlydragon

    Rant & Rave without Repercussion: Burn It All Edition

    Appalling. Dany can't snap just like that. Because the people didnt worship her? The city had only just surrendered. Wouldn't it take time for the small folk to get to her? None of that made sense. I wonder if she's basically gonna be Queen Rhaenyra Targaryen. The one who was in charge during the first riot of kings landing and was truly hated. I'd hate for Drogon to be killed by the mob though.
  5. Is he kidding? That's ridiculous.
  6. The goofy Euron who didn't wonder how the hell Tyrion could know Cersei is pregnant. Seriously wtf. He better do something logical next week. Like imprison cersei as his sex slave and have the golden company let whatever Lannister men left know who is really in charge. But wait a minute that is way too logical and obvious for what the show has become.
  7. He simply shouldn't have allowed it to be adapted yet. Maybe a year after Winds of Winter came out and he knew Dream of Spring wouldn't be long.
  8. Ghostlydragon

    Game of Thrones, A Tragedy

    I hope we get this. Tormund mentioning the real north again and confirming his people don't want to live south of the wall, even at The Gift is a strong hint Jon could go there. Even if they go down the mad queen route with Dany and whether she lives or dies, this would be a perfect way for Jon to leave this all behind and prove he has no interest in the throne.
  9. Yep and that turned out to just be a storm. So i guess the snow in kings landing at the end of s7 turned out to be a very minor bit of sleet too. The lack of a real winter in this show is infuriating. The bad weather the walkers bought in ep3 is the closest thing we got to it.
  10. Another thing that bothers me about the episode is the scene where Dany is sitting alone realising people like Jon are more popular. But why was she alone in the first place? There should have been people asking her about her life. I know if I was there I would want to know about the day dragons were born or what it was like when the former slaves marched out of Yunkai. These are stories that people would want to know so not seeing any of that just to push the Danaerys slowly snapping angle and being sad that Jon is more popular is awful writing.
  11. Ghostlydragon

    Goodbye Ghost

    Ghost deserves better. If that happened I would love it if Ghost just ignored Jon. That would be a lovely fuck you moment.
  12. So true but at least Tormund and his people get a happy ending. And I assume Sam is going to marry Gilly. Or are we gonna have another Jon Snow running around. I expect that even if she gives birth in hornhill the writers will forget that the surname is Flowers. Like a certain Mr Rivers??? Seriously what was that about! Did they think the people who know about the bastard names of each region wouldn't notice!!
  13. Ghostlydragon

    Goodbye Ghost

    Interesting. I agree Ghost will be happier now but not seeing Jon stroke him or say goodbye didn't feel right. I guess Tormund and the other wildlings will appreciate him more. And was part of his ear torn off? It's sad to see him go but with Jon on his way south and that Ghost was never gonna go all the way there, I guess it's a good ending. Just a shame how unimportant D&D saw the wolves in the end.
  14. I always hoped that when Berric died due to him having been resurrected it would cause the nights king control of him to fail allowing him to get the kill or badly damage him. But I guess Squirrel Girl is a better choice
  15. If only there was a 2nd sons army that could be there in a day