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  1. Oh agreed. The silence really went nowhere. The question about how the tardis exploded was turned into a few seconds of how the silence blew it up, with nothing else to explain how the hell that was even possible. And where are the silence run by eyepatch lady? She was killed in an aborted timeline but why was she never seen again? And the Ponds' exits made no sense. Yes 50s New York cant be accessed due to the paradoxical damage but why can't Amy and Rory just fly or get a train to a different part of America or another country and meet the doctor there? What was the line? "You are creating a fixed time, I won't ever be able to see you again." That made no sense. The characters should have been killed or just remained in the present and only saw the doctor offscreen. Moffat, just like RTD was just too scared to kill his companions off, or the ones that died had their deaths undone so they could live on, even though it made no sense, eg Clara can just return to 2015 to be killed by the raven, even though her lust for adventure and failure to be like the doctor got her killed and will almost certainly kill her before she can return to 2015 to face the raven again. Moffat and RTD always found ways around killing the companion even when it was heavily foreshadowed, eg Rose and Donna, and even Bill. Much like Astrid she died but her consciousness lived on anyway.
  2. I'm on the final episode of the Haunting of Bly Manor right now. Its been good but I definitely preferred Hill House.
  3. Oh thanks. I did like Paellon in the thrawn trilogy so seeing him again should be pretty good.
  4. If its anything like 2 remake or 4, I would definitely get it.
  5. I have that ready. Then the corellia han trilogy, hand of thrawn duo, then new jedi order and legacy of the force.
  6. Great. I actually started the first x wing book recently. It was so good. People who've called it Top Gun in space aren't lying. I've now got the first 7. I may pick the remaining three up one day but the jedi academy trilogy is next. I'm slowly getting towards the new jedi order series. That's gonna be brutal.
  7. True but they used to follow established lore. Moffat remembered that there are thirteen lives in a regeneration cycle. But as Chibnall was able to write whatever he wanted, it changed what was established.
  8. Of course it has. Dr Who is the only show I can think of to change the past for no good reason. Something like star wars can just pretend the disney trilogy never existed and set stories before it but doctor who has changed the history of the show to a point it can't just pretend never happened (unless it was all lies the master came up with). And getting a far better, proven sci-fi writer in will help loads, but he or she needs to take charge and not allow the BBC to interfere and push their agendas into the show. Unless of course the show is gonna be put on a break for a while. With the expense and with how unpopular it is atm, I'm sure the BBC would love to give it a rest for a while. I imagine it isn't that different right now to how it was in 1989.
  9. I'm amazed disney didn't negotiate new deals with their actors when planning to stream films. I wonder how the cast of Cruella were affected too.
  10. It's so wrong that the role is no longer based on the actor's skill but on their skin colour or gender. Its stuff like this that is ruining entertainment and the BBC with their inclusion and diversity policy are just as bad or worse.
  11. Wow. I bet a lot of other actors will be following (law)suit.
  12. Finally! Three series makes sense and I can totally buy the rumours that her agent told her to get out since the terrible performance of the show will hurt her career, but for the showrunner to leave after such a short period is a huge surprise. But if the show continues, it will make no difference who is in charge while the BBC continue to push their agenda.
  13. Absolutely. What an ending. Same as the endings in luck of the fryrish and game of tones. Its amazing how perfect futurama is right from the start. Its full of sad moments like fry realising he will never see his family again as well as hilarious moments like fry thinking a suicide booth is a payphone. And all the mad ideas feel like that will be real in 1000 years time.
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