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  1. Because like you said. Dany will take that away from them. Just like Cersei would. She refused to allow it in s2. As soon as they can send an army north, there will be another war that the North would lose. Sansa even planned to be lady of winterfell in s6. Not queen.
  2. But they hadn't won their independence. They were still in rebellion against the iron throne at that point.
  3. I picked up the revenge of the sith ds game from 2005. I enjoyed it on ps2 but didn't own a ds til September that year and never played it at all. I hear it had good touch screen space battles so I'm looking forward to it, even if it looks like a gba game
  4. I love how they avoided those exact words. Can't be too similar to Doctor Who I guess
  5. That makes sense. And it's gonna take time for old wounds to heal, particularly if the ones that joined Kreese want to make amends with the others, and agreed. Johnny and Daniel do have a lot of issues too. Let's just hope this won't be dragged out and there is enough material. Miyagi Cobra Fang for a new dojo name too
  6. Yeah the bad batch must have been grown around the same time as the ones we see in attack of the clones, or maybe up to three years later, making them 10/20 or 13/26 in the time of revenge of the sith. Omega would definitely have been created around the same time as Boba making her around 13 in revenge of the sith due to no growth acceleration.
  7. Futurama Season 1. Over 20 years on and it's still phenomenally funny. If only it was never cancelled after season 4. It was fine when it returned but it just wasn't that funny any more. I mean it still had some very good episodes from season 5 onwards such as the late Phillip j fry, game of tones and stench & stenchibility. But overall the show had lost its spark, which was a real shame. I guess it didn't help that fry and leela were a couple but were just not that funny together like when they were single and had relationships/affairs with the radiator woman from the radiator planet or zapp branigan.
  8. To be honest, in Vaders case very little. He can't do force lightning and there are probably other dark side powers that are impossible for him too. I imagine its most likely just "move on from your grief and focus on your pain to get stronger. Oh and build the traditional red lightsaber.
  9. Yeah me too. Johnny and Daniel learning to get along and working together in s4 feels like the natural ending for the show.
  10. So for my birthday on Thursday I got a couple of metroidvania games. Ori and the will of the wisps and bloodstained ritual of the night. I loved the first Ori game on xbox one and am a huge fan of castlevania, especially the 2d ones ever since symphony of the night so I'm sure I'll love both but can anyone confirm how good those are?
  11. Damn you Peter. Just stop talking so much
  12. I'm hoping he is the guy dropping papers on the desk in front of Peter.
  13. That would be the perfect way to honour the TARDIS and his love for her.
  14. Haha luckily it came out nearly 5 years after titanic. I'm surprised she didn't have a career in music. Maybe she preferred acting
  15. I was really hoping we might see a take on the Spiderman No More story. I loved that in S2 but this Peter just has it too good and I don't know if this will change in the new film.
  16. Agreed. I got 100% of all achievements and it didn't seem to take that long. Those challenges like kills with a tomahawk definitely took some time though. I'm nowhere near 100% in RDR2 and I doubt I'll ever get it. From checking every animal to getting lots of gold medals, I don't think I really want to. People aren't lying when they say its a 200 hour platinum trophy/1000G.
  17. Kate Winslet - What If - Official Music Video - YouTube
  18. What if I could stop thinking of that kate winslett song
  19. Very true. I reached the end of rdr2 and so much of the game dragged. 1 felt a lot better paced (although I did play it in 2012 so my memory may not be accurate).
  20. Me too. I remember him being asked a few years ago about showrunning it in the future but he wasn't interested but yeah, I was hoping for him to get more experience to take over one day as he was the best of the s8 writers. I've always been keen on Gatiss as him and Chibnall seemed to be the obvious choices but who knows now. For me I could take a non who fan as long as they have experience running a sci fi show and is willing to research the show. Or a superfan with encyclopedic knowledge of the show who has some experience of being a showrunner or has a good writing history in sci fi.
  21. Dragon Quest 11 on Switch. What a masterpiece. After I get tired of the inevitable level grinding I may go back to Zack and Wiki on Wii. Its a game I always meant to finish in 08 but got tired of the puzzles. Obv I was an idiot 13 years ago as that is the point of the game but I just need time, and possibly gamefaqs haha
  22. Agreed and it gives me hope for the series being completely different and potentially pretty dark. Turn Left in Doctor Who is a great example of one tiny difference having terrible consequences and im really hoping for something like that to happen. Eg what if nick fury's parents never met so he was never born and nobody was alive to put a team together to fight Loki in Avengers 1 and Loki wins.
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