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  1. Dragon Glass

    [Poll] How would you rate episode 806?

    Once D&D ran out of source material they attempted to re-create the same type of shock moments that GRRM excelled at and made ASOIF so successful. Ned's beheading, The Red Wedding, The Blue Wedding, Jaime losing his hand, Jon's Death, the Mountain and the Viper, and Tyrion killing Tywin were all great moments that most people didn't see coming. The problem is D&D wanted to rush the story and keep the viewer guessing at the same time so logic went out the window. Poorly executed deaths (Shireen, Barristan, Doran Martell and his son), teleporting characters, armies, and navy fleets, and characters who are suppose to be so clever, suddenly being so stupid became the new formula to create suspense. Really HBO should have removed them from the project and brought in someone else to finish it. BTW, I gave it a 4. I think it's still my third favorite show behind The Wire and Breaking Bad but a few years ago it was on track for the top spot.
  2. Dragon Glass

    About Bran

    The whole thing has just been a Bran dream sequence while being in a coma from his fall.
  3. The last episode was so bad but I'm still hoping for a strong finish. A couple of guesses include:
  4. Dragon Glass

    Why the Night King Didn't Fight Jon

    They probably were showcasing each of the Valyrian steel weapons to hide the identity of who would be the one to kill the Night King. There have been theories that Jon, Brienne, Jorah, Jaime, and even the Hound were going to be the one to kill the Night King. Each theory outlined why they were Azor Ahai. After Bran gave the dagger to Arya I figured that she would kill the NK but I thought it would happen after or during a fight between Jon and the NK. The picture of the dagger in the book that Sam was reading at the Citadel and the fact that it was used in an attempt to kill Bran seemed to put it at the top of the list of weapons.
  5. Dragon Glass

    Why the Night King Didn't Fight Jon

    Jon easily killed both White Walkers he faced. The first fight was close because Jon was focused on finding the dragon glass they brought to Hardhome and the White Walker knocked the sword out of his hand from behind. Once they fought toe-to-toe with his sword the fight only last seconds. Then the Night King took the time to walk to the shore and made direct eye contact with Jon. Jon was definitely a person of interest to the him. The Night King definitely is powerful. He took a direct hit from dragon fire and it didn't hurt him so I doubt the CotFs fire and bombs were a threat. But Valyrian steel is more than just steel forged by Dragon fire. I believe magic is involved in the process. Magic was used to protect The Wall and by the TER to protect his cave. The NK needed a dragon to get past the wall and marking Bran to get to the old TER. Magic seems to be the common denominator in defeating him.
  6. Like a lot of people, I was kinda bummed that Jon didn't get to fight the Night King and then I thought about the time Jon did fight a White Walker at Hardhome. I re-watched the Battle at Hardhome and the Night King is watching when Jon kills the White Walker. The look on the Night Kings face says a lot. I think he realized the Jon had a sword that he couldn't beat so that is why he avoided fighting Jon at Winterfell and raised the dead to stop Jon. The ice weapons that the Night King and his White Walkers use are useless against Valyrian steal.
  7. Dragon Glass

    Great battle plan! Dubious tactics discussion.

    Just because the show makes more money, doesn't mean they have an endless budget. The cost for an episode in the first four seasons was between $6-8 million. Each episode this season is $15 million. But the cost of cast, number of locations, and amount of special effects has gone up drastically. This is why the writers actually make fun of the fact that they couldn't have elephants for the Golden Company in the the show! I guarantee they sat down and had all kinds of great ideas and had to ax a lot of it due to cost. As for the writing falling apart after the first four seasons, well the books get a little messy as the story expands too. I think over all they have done a great jog of taking an extremely complex story and bringing it to life on television.
  8. Dragon Glass

    Great battle plan! Dubious tactics discussion.

    I think you over estimate the average Game of Throne viewers knowledge and passion for the details when it comes to a story as complex as this. Most of the people I talk to watch the show for simple sex, violence, and the special effects. Apparently, that's who the producers are targeting. People like us who take the time to discuss and argue every aspect of each episode are the minority. I still love the show and can't wait to see the next three episodes and I expect to see a lot more "low hanging fruit" but I won't lose any sleep over it.
  9. Dragon Glass

    Great battle plan! Dubious tactics discussion.

    I think viewers need to suspend logic at this point in the show. The open field battle with the AotD was stupid. Sending the Dorthraki in a head on charge was stupid. Not using the dragons to attack the AotD sooner was stupid. Not having more fortifications to slow down the initial charge was stupid. But it was done to make for an awesome viewing experience. Lighting the Dortahki swords ablaze and having them charge was the equivalent to modern soldiers using tracer bullets at night. It shows the viewer a cool image of what is happening from a distance. Then when the lights get snuffed out, it creates that feeling of doom for the characters (Sam's look to Edd). A long seige would be boring (see the siege of Riverrun), using the dragons to nuke the AotD before they get to Winterfell wasn't in the story. Having all the soldiers sitting on the walls of Winterfell picking off wights with spears and arrows would not have been that cinematic. It's a show meant to entertain, not necessarily make a lot of sense. Even Arya's attack on the Night King was meant to look cool to the viewer. The shot of the Night King looking down on a helpless Bran then switches to a camera angle representing what Bran sees from a seated position. Arya had to be several feet in the air so that the viewer could see her face over the Night Kings shoulder. Practical, nope. But it looked cool. The biggest problem with the last few seasons are that the show had budget and time constants that forced them to compress a lot of story into a shorter period of time. This change in pace resulted in less attention to detail that was there in the first few seasons. We, as viewers, don't factor the logistics behind creating a show of this magnitude into how we see the story. We just over analyse and look for fault. These days, anyone with a keyboard is a critic.
  10. Dragon Glass

    Is this really the end of the Night King?

    I'm pretty sure HBO is making prequels to the Game of Thrones that take place during the Age of Heroes about the first Long Night. I'm sure we will learn more about the Night King and White Walkers through them.
  11. Dragon Glass

    Theory: Bran Told Tyrion About Jon

    Tyrion was pretty negative about the fate of Winterfell and all it's occupants. He then had the chat with Bran and later on while drinking by the fireplace he blurted out, "I think we will live!" which everyone scoffed at and he stood his ground. Bran is being selective with the information he lets out and to whom he tells it too. I think he may have given some information that gave Tyrion hope. I'm not sure what that information is though.
  12. Dragon Glass

    What about the rest of the world?

    I always wondered why this world (Planetos?) seems to be stuck in the iron age for tens of thousands of years and they never have any type of industrial revolution. Having a "hard reset" every thousand years like the Night King could explain it. The Lord of the Rings was like magic vs. modernization. You can't have both and in the end magic loses. Maybe Martin is trying to create a story where magic wins. The Night King depends on magic to survive, so he must send the planet back to the stone age every few thousand years to prevent man from completely destroying all the magic. Bran is just a living repository of history and needs to be destroyed as part of the reset.
  13. Similar to the fact that the wight that was brought to King's Landing was south of the wall a thousand miles from the Night King but it was still "alive". The dead ranger didn't re-animate until it was on the other side of the wall and it specifically went to Mormont's room. This would indicate that the Night King has some control of Wights south of the wall. It would also indicate that there was some knowledge of the layout to Castle Black for the ranger wight to know exactly where to go and who to kill. Either the Night King wargs the wight and has access to its memories/knowledge or the Night King just re-animates them and they maintain some memory/knowledge. Either way, he would be able to have knowledge of King's Landing and its location through the dead that he or his White Walkers control.
  14. I would disagree. I think he has shown several strategic actions already. The bodies of the rangers from Benjen's party were left close to the wall so that they would be found and brought back to Castle Black. One of them then tried to assassinate Mormont and destabilize the Night's Watch. He kept the AotD a secret from the Night's Watch until they went north to the FotFM. He attacked Hardhome before it was evacuated by sea, bolstering the AotD. I also don't think it was a coincidence that Jon and the boys were able to capture a wight and bring it to King's Landing. It would give the Night King the ability to scout south of the wall. He also kept the AotD away until he had a means to getting past the wall. Having the chains available to recover the dragon body would require planning too. I think the Night King has been extremely strategic in his attack on the south.
  15. I posted this exact scenario in the Episode 1 thread: https://asoiaf.westeros.org/index.php?/topic/153814-the-night-king-and-kings-landing/ Some complained that the Night King wouldn't even know where King's Landing is, but the fact that a Wight was brought there would have allowed the Night King to know exactly where King's Landing was. Similar to how he set a trap with the dead rangers from Benjen's group to kill Mormont on the other side of the wall. If he does attack King's Landing it will be great to see Cersei's reaction. She thinks she is pulling a clever "Tywin" move by letting all her enemies deal the the AotD so King's Landing will be completely unprepared.