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  1. Whatever. It was spectacular. Absolutely they did the best they could do. I wish that you people knew me so that you could hear my tone of voice. I do believe the statement though. They did the best they could do. My greatest hope is now that the show is done and in our past George RRM will actually finish writing the books *stern face*
  2. Because she's nine years old and when you're mean to a nine-year-old they're mad at you, not whoever told you to be mean to them. Even a 9 year old in this time would be maybe a fourteen-year-old in our time... She's young and alone. The only good guys are the ones she recognizes or actually say they are Robb's men. And these other guys are the ones she sees being horrible. She doesn't have a map with armies drawn on it in front of her. She knows who the big bad guys are but she's not even thinking that supremely, she's just looking for a little bit of wiggle room. And she doesn't have total faith in Jaquen yet.
  3. The only redeeming quality is showing the human portion of Fire and Blood we read about the dragons taking over cities, we heard Arya loving the dragonriders of the past, and now we see the real life and other than that it's just No. - I said from the beginning that King's landing does need a leveling but not the people it just needs to be rebuilt bigger wider smarter. Oh and if there are any holdouts on the 'Jon should be king'.. Do please tell me your logic.
  4. Dornish have no qualms about bastards though. Surely there was one left somewhere. Doran not but Oberyn has plenty. He admitted to eight daughters? Never said anything about how many sons he had.
  5. Big hopefully. He's a couple weeks behind everyone. Should be a couple months but theyve freely admitted to expediting travel time for the sake of storytelling. Jon's without a dragon and without a wolf now. I liked the brotherly wing-manning at the beginning. But poor Brienne. Thought maybe Tyrion could talk some sense into Sansa but she's an idiot so why not divide the force out to get Cersei? Timing sucks.
  6. Wait I thought the wall fell--- is there just a hole in it?????
  7. I kinda agree. I really hope he finishes the writing, just because the books have so much MORE than the show. There's no way to make everyone happy. And 3ER isnt good or bad. He just is. Exists.
  8. the whole point of being blind the whole point of her faceless man training and just her from the get-go what Syrio taught her what shes always been is she she hides in hallways and listens to people she sneaks up on people that's what she does- how she protects herself without all the brawn and muscle of being a knight sized muscle man. PLUS she knows that godswood better than any of those walkers. She would know every tree even though they've grown some she knows where the stream is and how to move in the snow even though it's been a while since she was in the North. There's a significant amount of time between her jumping through the window and her arriving. Bran knew she was coming he knew all of this the whole time, that's why he just sat there, because he knew how it would end. I don't doubt that she was there when Theon killed himself (just calling the play, y'all) she was just waiting until the moment when he separated himself enough that she could attack. They're arrogant effers too, they would think that their mere presence would keep anybody away. They've killed all the ironborn they don't have anybody else to worry about.
  9. Except it's been like 5? Years since Viserys died, she's been trying to prove herself worthy in all the ways except that when things get hairy she's helpless. Jorahs shown up at the last second or Drogon showed up to carry her out of Mereen when she was running out of people to hide behind. Daario could've done her (and Missandei) in when he snuck in seasons ago. Yes she has big dragons. Yes she has big armies. But she should still have the ability to protect herself. Arya got sick right away of hiding behind others- plus she sucked at it- when it came time for action. There's literally nothing whatsoever to be lost by learning. She doesn't worry like Sansa about being a 'proper lady'.
  10. Why is this the first time you see Dany wielding a sword? Every young King and Lord since the dawn of time has trained with a sword. they sit there and say that every man woman and child on bear island and the whole North will train and train but somehow Dany who is sooooooooo important doesn't learn how to defend herself besides hiding behind Jorah and flailing. she wants to change the way people see her as a woman but she won't be strong enough to defend her own body.
  11. (have no idea what y'all are talking about) Will somebody PLEASE give Tyrion an effing hair tie?
  12. I don't think tyrion would sell out jaime. Maybe he'd tell Dany but not the whole North. Besides the three eyedness, North would believe Bran as Lord of winterfell, therefore making them supremely pissed about the fall.
  13. I've hardly read anything of this thread yet(I've only just been accepted I'll get there) big deal--- Does tyrion know that jaime pushed bran???? Does anyone for that matter. ? Are the crimes he's defending just cerseis /'Lord commander' jaimes? ??? I feel like brans past the whole leg thing....
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