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  1. Whatever. It was spectacular. Absolutely they did the best they could do. I wish that you people knew me so that you could hear my tone of voice. I do believe the statement though. They did the best they could do. My greatest hope is now that the show is done and in our past George RRM will actually finish writing the books *stern face*
  2. Roux


    I know that Lommy says she ran off... then nothing, but I feel like Bran could answer what happened to Weasel? If there was ever a pointless character to care about: Weasel was the pointless character to care about; i think they gave her 5 lines? But she was essentially a baby in Arya's care. Not Aryas fault when she disappeared but never heard from again. Just for future fill in. Totally unimportant and I know the rest of you forgot about her.
  3. Because she's nine years old and when you're mean to a nine-year-old they're mad at you, not whoever told you to be mean to them. Even a 9 year old in this time would be maybe a fourteen-year-old in our time... She's young and alone. The only good guys are the ones she recognizes or actually say they are Robb's men. And these other guys are the ones she sees being horrible. She doesn't have a map with armies drawn on it in front of her. She knows who the big bad guys are but she's not even thinking that supremely, she's just looking for a little bit of wiggle room. And she doesn't have total faith in Jaquen yet.
  4. Roux

    Independent North

    What is the point of having the North in the Seven Kingdoms at this point? The southern kingdoms provide food even as winter sets in. Use of the north serves to protect from wildlings and others- with wildlings made friends and NK+ defeated they have become pointless for the next couple- few thousand years. I feel like if the north remained part of the seven kingdoms the southern kingdoms would carry them for the next however long this winter is. And there's no one to protect against; the next generations would become soft. There is the appeal of having a whole continent under one rule but how far does that really carry? the wildlings have been a separate kingdom so to speak on that continent forever.
  5. Roux

    Poor children...

    I agree these distinctive GOT/ASOIAF names are silly, for humans. youd better believe if I ever live in a climate suitable for a Newfoundland or malamute I'm getting one and naming it Ser Jorah. My bear
  6. Roux

    Arya will die at the hands of...

    There's literally no time to do anything creative with this. I'm posting this at the end of The episode but still. No time to do anything creative with (anything) it.
  7. The only redeeming quality is showing the human portion of Fire and Blood we read about the dragons taking over cities, we heard Arya loving the dragonriders of the past, and now we see the real life and other than that it's just No. - I said from the beginning that King's landing does need a leveling but not the people it just needs to be rebuilt bigger wider smarter. Oh and if there are any holdouts on the 'Jon should be king'.. Do please tell me your logic.
  8. Roux

    Is Cersei Really Pregnant?

    yeah I noticed right away that the actress is pregnant but I thought they were trying to cover it up and just play it off because it was a real life pregnancy instead they decided to write it in which is kind of cool timing. And as for Cersei I think that she was pregnant but not anymore. But the pregnancy will still run off Euron when he finds out it's Jaime's.
  9. Roux

    Daenerys and Jon are over

    And he admits as much. He's Harry Potter lol he just says I got lucky, my Bros had me, i was terrified and didn't have any idea what I'm doing. Which is the difference between him and Dany and Robert and Cersei they puff themselves up and either brag about their feats or brag about their parents or brag about their .... Dead parents? He says I just did what anyone would do. Because the right thing is usually pretty obvious to him.
  10. Roux

    Daenerys and Jon are over

    Ghost set him apart. His speaking up for Sam set him apart. His taking action against a dead guy zombie attacker and wounding himself to save his jefe got him his sword. Mormont saw that ghost and Jon are tied so he went beyond the wall. He proved himself over and again beyond the wall. Beric has been brought back 6+ times. After once Jon says wtf. Don't do that. He hands the watch over and takes his place among the rest to defeat the same threat. The rest isn't written. After seasons n 5 no character assessment is even valid. It's a " yeah well they did that but let's wait and see what really happens" I think he'll still insist upon mining Dragonstone and do whatever he has to do to get there except for the falling in love with Dany. He will agree to march with her army to defeat Cersei. His show mistake is not standing with Sansa to get her to delay even two weeks- month to let the people + Rhaegal rest and rejoice and heal. Also show mistakes are expecting the girls to have happy Union. Women hate each other. we know it. Especially if you throw in a broth'sin or a close male friend we hate other women even more. Jon has had very few women in his adult life.
  11. Roux

    So, Arya and Sansa are evil, right?

    Period. To anyone. Ever. since landing at Winterfell on. Repeat on every post on here.
  12. Roux

    So, Arya and Sansa are evil, right?

    She happened upon the hound. They're alone together. And I love my family i would punch anyone who comes at my family, but I still sneak out at holidays or just don't go. Arya is the hero in Winterfell right now that's a whole lot of attention and a whole lot of praise and that's not what she's about. She hides from the feast she's nearby in case there's trouble but she doesn't want any of that.. she loves her sister heart and soul but she can't stand her. her closest brother has now been taken away from her and labeled cousin. She intends to travel alone but she happens upon sandor and they have this in common the complicated familying. He won't push her to talk about things or praise her for doing her job. He's a good being alone together kinda person. They've gone from a protector and child to kindred pals.
  13. Roux

    Daenerys and Jon are over

    Do me a favor and read books.
  14. Roux

    Daenerys and Jon are over

    What's a mary sue? And what is Arya besides a girl coming home finally to a place she never thought shed have doing things she'd never thought shed do and protecting people she never thought she'd see again? She had her list and she went to Braavos to seek the ability to not be weak and helpless (In The book extension of Harrenhall she laments not being able to stand up to her captors and honorSyrio properly and be a water dancer. ) She comes home, proving them wrong and not doing it for the glory, but to protect her people (ok, ALL people but that's just lucky) she couldn't be a knight, but she became what she wanted to be. Shell build a life, though don't fault her for not settling down. She tells you; its not her.
  15. Roux

    So, Arya and Sansa are evil, right?

    This is Jons weakness. He loves people and trust them when he really really shouldn't. He'll learn in time but I also feel like he should have bran on his council when he fulfills my dreams of him becoming king. He expects the same level of honor out of other people that he instills in himself, that Ned instilled in him. But now he should realize that they aren't so honorable all the time. *** He doesn't think that his sisters won't love her because he loves her. He sees the best in her doesn't understand that they are suspicious of an outsider because he has these fancy Rose colored glasses that he's staring at his dear Dany with. He doesn't see her as they see her. he sees her bringing an army that will fight his enemy but they've never even seen his enemy.