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  1. gibberish

    So what does Jon Snow do now??

    She's been training and killing people since season one. But please, cry more.
  2. gibberish

    So what does Jon Snow do now??

    he's undead, he has to die.
  3. gibberish

    Potential relationship Sansa/Tyrion ?

    She saved ser Dontos.
  4. gibberish

    Potential relationship Sansa/Tyrion ?

    Rorge also threatened to fuck her bloody with a stick.
  5. gibberish

    What is stopping Arya from killing Cersei and Euron?

    They should send Sam the Slayer.
  6. gibberish

    So Shadowbaby couldn't kill the Night King?

    Mel is a charlatan, she can do some magic and sees some visions but she doesn't know how, or what the visions really mean, just like Thoros. She only " knew" it was going to be Arya when she sees her at Winterfell.
  7. gibberish

    Dany is army-less, isn't she?

    The crannogmen and the hill tribes to the rescue! And Daario with the second sons and Varys' spider army.
  8. gibberish

    Game of Thrones character poll

    34 m Ned Dany
  9. gibberish

    Sansa -- "What of the North??"

    'hey your dad burned my grandfather and uncle alive and started this mess how about you throw us a freakin bone and show everyone you aren't a crazy too?'
  10. gibberish

    SPOILERS: Rant and Rave

    Just when I thought Bran and Tyrion were going to have a proper chinwag, they cut away.
  11. gibberish

    Kingslayer - Jaime kills the Night King

    Why doesn't he have a prosthetic blade is my question.
  12. 7/10. if the season was ten episodes long I'd probably give it an eighth, do the Starks all hate each other? they don't seem to enjoy each other's company at least.
  13. whoever survives sailing west.
  14. gibberish

    THAT Look that Bran Gives Tyrion...

    why wasn't this episode just wall to wall dialogue? Bran is the perfect exposition machine but he says so little.