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    Are the starks finished?

    That's what i was thinking. Sansa just needs to get it on with a minor lord who takes her name and becomes a Stark. Same with Yara and other ladies who are the last of the family. Although I also agree that in theory there should be dozens of cousins running around that are part of the family line for these houses.
  2. Kristoff

    Where are the sweets?

    The rage for the most part isn't directed at the end result, more so the journey. I can easily see a scenario where we end up here in the books, but it'd be based on logic and not what the plot needs the characters to do.
  3. Kristoff

    Title of the last episode

    Expectations Subverted
  4. Kristoff

    will we see roasted Jon?

    Spoilers below. The whole carry Dany away thing is from a leak that is batting a perfect 1.000 right now.
  5. Kristoff

    Is Bran’s Story over now?

    No hes going to use his magic powers to rebuild the wall. Then his story is complete.
  6. Kristoff

    Why are they plotting a coup?

    Unless you're suggesting Ned pressed the claims of an infant than the war was very much over.
  7. Because Aegon bent the knees of 6 Kings and created anentirely new kingdom(empire?) In the time it took Danaerys to lose 2 dragons, and her claim to the throne to the only king left alive that swore allegiance to her. In fact the main issue with the show, other than the lack of eternal consistency and poor writing is the fact that the entirety of the events that take place pale in comparison to the already established lore. It all feels so weak and boring in comparison. if i wasn't entirely positive D&D qould mess it up, I'd say the story of Aegon's conquest would have been much more suitable for adaptation.
  8. Dany looks incompetent compared to Aegon the conqueror. On that note, anyone else think it was stupid to March right in front of Kingslanding. There were like 20 ballistas aimed directly at Drogon and Dany. Why exactly didn't Cersei just murder them all when just moments earlier it was established that the Ballistas are pinpoint accurate and can land multiple shots from a mile away.
  9. I wasn't completely over the show until tonight. This really has jumped multiple sharks at this point. If I didn't already know theres only two episodes left I would have seriously stopped watching and revisited years later... maybe.
  10. Arya should have dived off the battlements while Theon was doing his suicide charge. At least then Theons death wouldnt have felt pointless and there'd be a little more believability in how Arya snuck up on the Night King. But then I guess we can't get the ultimate stare down between Bran and the Night King.
  11. Kristoff

    Jorah Mormont is Azor Ahai?

    How was it not? Jorah contracts a terminal illness, manages to get transported to the citadel just so Sam can cure said terminal illness and he can come waltz right back into the lineup. He might as well have been killed off and resurrected by a red priest.
  12. Kristoff

    Jorah Mormont is Azor Ahai?

    Could explain the cringeworthy subplot to get Jorah back onto the cast. But I've always heard it had something to do with the Actor filming other projects.
  13. Kristoff

    Why Brans plan can work

    https://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/AllJustADream Check the list at the bottom.
  14. Kristoff

    So Now We Know...

    I can't help but feel the White Walkers in the shows and the Others in the books will have entirely different motivations and origins. I think the general gist of it is the same, as in The Others will invade Westeros the same as the White Walkers, but for different reasons. I'd even go as far as to say the Others end up getting an Ice Dragon in the books and D&D just used one of Dany's Dragons as a substitute.
  15. Kristoff

    Why Brans plan can work

    I disagree, I think it could be done right, if done carefully. The Hodor reveal was really well done and I like the way time is handled in this story. But that also makes it extremely difficult to do something like this without it having big plot holes. Overall I hope it doesn't end up being something like this, but I don't think it's necessarily bad on principle, only depending on execution.