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  1. hokie3457

    Extended Edition

    I would love to see an extended edition and any bts footage. I have never watched GoT on dvd or blue ray, only on HBO. I would welcome it. Now that all is done, I think I will purchase them on blue ray. So I guess I would watch that crap!
  2. hokie3457

    What was the purpose of Jon Snow?

    I love this so much and agree wholeheartedly. As much as so many people wanted him to be, Jon Snow was never going to be Aragorn. He was never going to be king. He was instrumental in all things that occurred, but he was never going to sit on a metal chair and govern. Seriously, can you picture Jon Snow governing? I can't. Ranging in the north. Protecting innocents. Being the defense against all evil. Yes. Governing? No.
  3. hokie3457

    Did the writers confirm Jon’s ending?

    I really don't believe there is any other appropriate ending for Jon Snow. By enlisting Daeneyrs, he was able to save Westros (and the world) from the NightKing and the WhiteWalkers. He helped give his world life instead of death. Jon was extremely damaged. Damaged by the treatment of Catelyn Stark. Damaged by the loss of Ygrette. Damaged by the portion of the Night's Watch that turned against him for making a pact with the Wildings. Finally damaged by what he had to do to Daenerys. A queen he believed in, but in the end a queen that went too far and was ready to go further. Jon was ready to die in the flames of Drogon. He was spared there. He does have value in the North, ranging to protect the wildings and free folk and yes, the South from what lies beyond. I think the ending was meant to be bitter for this generation. The generation that defeated death.......I can't wait to read GRRM on this!!!
  4. hokie3457

    Red Flags: Dany = Meereen Nobles

    Very interesting. We can all have knee-jerk reactions one way or another, but you have done some serious consideration here. As one who did not have a problem with the final season (other than being rushed and needing at least 4 more episodes) I find this fascinating. Will be waiting eagerly to hear what others may say and think. Thanks!!!
  5. hokie3457

    I really like what Drogon did but...

    Hahahaha! I was being totally serious!!! Hahahaha! I really would enjoy reading GRRM's version and am looking forward to whatever (if anything) he brings. Think of me how you will, but there you have it. Hahahahahahaha!
  6. hokie3457

    I really like what Drogon did but...

    This is yet one more thing to look forward to if we ever have the chance to read GRRM further in this portion of his saga. After Daenerys is slain, there is a quick moment that Jon and Drogon are face to face/eye to eye. (This moment was breathtaking and amazing and had me on the edge of my sofa!) Jon is ready to be incinerated. The blast furnace inside Drogan is heating up. The inside of his throat is beginning to glow. Jon is ready to die for killing his queen. Ready to pay that ultimate price....And in a split second Drogon turns from Jon towards the Iron Throne!!!! So amazing. It will be another amazing thing if we have a Drogon POV chapter or chapters in GRRM's continuation/conclusion!!!! What a moment!!!!!
  7. hokie3457

    [Spoilers] Episode 806 Discussion

    I'm out of "likes" for today, but I love this!!!!! Thank you!!!!
  8. Thank you!! I love this....
  9. hokie3457

    [Spoilers] Episode 803 Discussion

    "you just stick them with the pointy end...."
  10. hokie3457

    [Spoilers] Episode 803 Discussion

    But Arya is more than a Faceless Man. She is also proficient with weapons. I've said this elsewhere, but Arya in Episoce 8.3 is the culmination of ALL her training. Not just at Braavos. Everything she has learned along the way.
  11. hokie3457

    [Spoilers] Episode 803 Discussion

    I think things were going to the Night King's plan. He had his full force of White Walkers with him, having kept them away from the main battle and "sacrificing" only the wights. (remember if a White Walker is killed, all those he turned go down as well. The strategy of saving them to act as a phalanx for the Night King was not that bad of an idea). The Dothraki have been pretty much destroyed. The Unsullied have suffered major losses. The wights have over-run the walls of Winterfell. The living dragons are riderless (and the dragon-fire failed to engulf him). As a deterrent to Jon Snow, thousands and thousands of additional dead have been raised to keep him occupied (as well as having Viserion as a distraction). The dead are rising in the crypt. Theon is the last man standing in the weirwood. Now is the time for the Night King to come and claim his final victory. To do it himself--to give the coup de grace to the Three-Eyed-Raven. All things are in place for him. Except. No One is there. I absolutely loved this. Arya with her years of training (ALL the training: Winterfell; Kings Landing; on her escape from Kings Landing; Harrenhal; and finally Braavos) brought her to this moment. That she slipped past the White Walkers with only a breath of wind stirring the hair of that one WW. He looks briefly, but sees: No One. Yes. His plan was going nicely. His arrogance as well as No One brought him to his end. ....or did it???? Either way, for me this was perfect!!!!!
  12. hokie3457


    Not sure if this is the place for this or not, but it is all over the Forum about Arya and her suddenly appearing in the weirwood.....Throughout ALL of her training, at home as a young girl at Winterfell, at Kings Landing with Syrio Forel, while she was on the run from Kings Landing both with Yoren and later with Sandor Clegane. Even at Harrenhal and of course ultimately at Braavos with the Faceless Men, Arya has learned many, many things. Not the least of which is how to be "no one". There is a second when a slight breeze pushes at a White Walker in the weirwood as the Night King approaches Bran. They think nothing of it as there is no one there. That was Arya. That was No One. That was the ultimate downfall of the arrogant Night King. He thought he was untouchable with hundreds of thousands of wights. The White Walker elites were there to only protect him---notice they did not enter the battle. They are too valuable. If a WW is killed how many wights would follow? Arrogance and the brilliance of Arya Stark is what killed the Night King. It was amazing and it was perfect and I am so happy with that outcome.....
  13. hokie3457

    "There is only One Thing We Say to Death"

    I'm out of likes, but I have enjoyed and for the most part agree with your posts on 8.3. Thank you!
  14. hokie3457

    Arya's Weapon

    She drops it on purpose, transferring it to her free hand where she can (magnificently) put an end to the arrogance and death and evil that is the NightKing!!!!
  15. Someone help me out, but the purpose of lighting the beacons was a sort of relay system. By the time the last beacon just beyond Rohan was lit, Aragorn was able to see it and alert all???? Again, someone help me out. It has been a long, long time....