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  1. Yes. It was, in fact, too tempting...I clicked and read them all lol Normally I wouldn't, but I figured who gives a shit at this point. Nothing really surprising. I'm just hoping this ending doesn't spoil the rewatch value for me, since once a year I've done a rewatch and enjoyed it. Oh well.
  2. Remember

    Jon's biggest error?

    Yeah, you make good points, and frankly, with the writing going on right now with this show I am definitely not going to "die on a hill" pushing my own opinions when things are so murky on the show. I have flip-flopped my feelings in my own head like 10 times about Dany burning the City after reading this board lol But I will say this: Jon initially walks into the room with Dany staring morosely into the fire. Yeah, he doesn't know it is because Grey Worm just threw Misandei's collar into the fire, but seriously dude, READ THE ROOM! Dany had recently burned Varys for betraying her, and Jon knows it is because Sansa spilled the beans - Dany tells him as much right away in the scene! That's his fault, honorable or not for wanting to be honest the people he grew up with. Then she talks about having no love, and he says he loves her and that she will always be his queen. I get why he would pull away when kissing his aunt, but he then says nothing after? No Explanation? As another poster mentioned, he could have said something along the lines of, "My life has been thrown into a tailspin with these revelations about my parentage. I love you, but as my aunt we are family. We are the last Targaryeans and I will support you as queen and will follow you always." I mean, Jon is going through some shit too (and I realize this can be used against my point that Jon is to blame, but only if you assume he is incapable of speech)! His siblings are his cousins, his dad is his uncle, his lover is his aunt...Just confide in her. Have a conver-fucking-sation. But it's not possible for real conversations this season, so whatevs.
  3. Remember

    This really requires a 7th episode

    They did a pretty darn good job avoiding spoilers for the first couple episodes this season, before that big leak leading into episode 4. Maybe that leak was a part of their plan to make people "think" there had been this huge leak, but really it was a red herring. They allowed that leak in order to hide their real secret...that instead of airing the "Game of Thrones: The Last Watch" special in two weeks, it will really be a last episode to tie up loose ends from the more dramatic events of episode 6!!!!
  4. Remember

    Title of the last episode

    The Iron Throne
  5. Remember

    Nikolaj on working with D&D

    Wow, that was pretty candid. I wonder if eventually we will hear from some actors that they thought D&D should have taken HBO up on their offer of 10 episodes in the last 2 seasons to properly close things out. Whether people have liked the last two seasons or not, i think everyone can agree that more episodes could've done nothing but help.
  6. Remember

    Jon's biggest error?

    Yep, Jon caught a case of the most annoying of diseases: TVitis. It's where people in stories don't talk about freaking anything that people in real life would (it's very similar to the movie and book strains of the disease). I think he caught it from D&D. Jon's not the sharpest tool in the shed, but even he can't be completely blind to her obvious distress! You claim to love this woman, and yet say nothing to comfort her? Well, now you are complicit in her actions and nearly as tainted as she is, and you've tainted the North as well. You're an ally of the freaking mad Queen, and even killing her won't completely absolve what you were a part of.
  7. Remember

    Bran's Final Purpose

    I wouldn't be surprised if Bran doesn't even appear in the last episode.
  8. Remember


    I wouldn't be surprised if Bronn wasn't even in the last episode lol
  9. Remember

    Bran's Final Purpose

    Question (been rewatching the office lately, that's my Dwight voice lol): If we see Bran, will it be in King's Landing during Danny's big conquest scenes after arriving in a carriage he's been riding in for 3 weeks? Or will he be doing any magic from the Weirwood in Winterfell? Or will he not even be in the finale in any meaningful way? Lol
  10. Remember

    [Spoilers] Episode 805 Discussion

    Honestly, I like the Branposition and backstory scenes more than drawn out battle scenes lol
  11. Remember

    Tormund was right

    Technically she said she would go North to fight with him before he bed-bent the knee, but I get your point.
  12. Remember

    [Spoilers] Episode 805 Discussion

    Honestly though, wouldn't we have to see this happening? Even if it's vague, like say Danny eating a meal when Jon walks into her room right after the little girl walks out? We wouldn't know, but we could theorize. This is the end game, you have to show the reasoning for her going mad if it's not just 100% related to the "build up" the writers have included over the years. And with Varys dead there's no way to confirm (unless they waste time in interviewing they little girl in the finale). I just think varys was trying to kill her and failed.
  13. Remember

    What will Jon do?

    Forever to be known as the Queenslayer. The writers would probably think it was a nice parallel to Jaimie killing the Mad King while he was young, honorable, and idealistic. Then the weight of that name carrying down his name until he becmes a less moral man.
  14. Remember

    [Spoilers] Episode 805 Discussion

    The rings are probably his signet seal for a letter he wrote, for the little girl they clunkily introduced to mail to Sansa or some other ally.
  15. Remember

    Thank you for this journey

    My wife did NOT take the red wedding scene well lol. I even prepared her for bad things without spoilers by saying, "remember when I threw the book I was reading across the room a few years back? Well the reason I did is happening in tonight's episode."