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  1. a girl knows nothing

    Will Dany Resurrect?

    Personally, no, I would not want her to be resurrected. I like her tragic ending and bringing her back would just cheapen it. Her story ended in fire and blood.
  2. I know! Maybe that’s what they meant by “bittersweet?” Bitter for Jon and Dany (and Jaime and Cersei too)... pretty sweet for everyone else.
  3. I agree. I also think he probably felt he deserved to be punished (even if it was a hollow sort of punishment compared to being executed). He was very conflicted about killing Dany - not only because he pledged his loyalty to her as his queen, but because he loved her. Now he can ruminate over murdering his lover/queen and all the other questionably dishonorable things he did in his life until he dies, cold and sad. After all, nobody broods like Jon Snow.
  4. a girl knows nothing

    That Spotify playlist

    Has anyone taken the time to wade through the Season 8 Spotify playlist to find out which song/songs foretold the ending as D&D claimed?
  5. To me, the choice of Jon’s costume symbolized that he was back where he started, in the Nights Watch. He is wearing his old black uniform that he hasn’t worn in several seasons, and it distinctly set him apart from the Wildlings he was riding with. As for his final look over his shoulder, I thought that served to give the audience a last look at Jon’s face, and the gate closing coincided with the end of the story - like shutting a book. The scene can certainly be interpreted both ways though. This is just how it came across to me.
  6. I'm not convinced Jon left the Nights Watch to permanently stay with the free folk. My take on it is that he was escorting them to where they are settling now. If that is the case and he is staying at the Wall, then he can visit with whoever wants to make the journey up there. I doubt Bran, Tyrion, and Sam will be frequent visitors (if at all) since they are busy ruling in Kings Landing, but he could probably see Sansa. Benjen was permitted to go to Winterfell on occasion, so I'm sure Jon could do that as well. And if Arya were ever to come back from whatever is west of Westeros, she'd probably come visit him too.
  7. a girl knows nothing

    In the end, the Azor Ahai prophecy did come true on 'Game of Thrones'

    It seems a bit of a stretch to me... quite a bit of a stretch. I think we were all expecting/hoping this prophecy would be fulfilled, but ultimately it was another plot line that got dropped. That’s not satisfying though, so we try and make sense with what we were given. You can attribute meaning to pretty much anything you try to interpret, given enough creativity and abstraction. It’s certainly a creative take on the prophecy though.
  8. a girl knows nothing

    The Book of The Kingsguard - Help Me Decide

    Haha good point! I sort of forgot about that. Maybe the show did too? Or maybe since the North is a separate entity now, Sansa’s guard will be made up of only northmen/women. Brienne isn’t of the North so she wouldn’t be a part of that. I don’t know... I’m just spitballing here. I suppose this can be added to the list of other vows that became null and void at the end.
  9. a girl knows nothing

    The Book of The Kingsguard - Help Me Decide

    I agree - I believe that his character development was not undermined by his decision to return to Cersei. I was curious as to why the OP was referring to Jaime's character as a "catastrophe" - if it was because of him returning to Cersei (which many seem to believe ruined his redemption), or if they were disappointed in his character as a whole as portrayed on the show.
  10. a girl knows nothing

    Two Questions about this Episode

    This is a good point. I’ve been seeing debates on other threads as to whether Jon was deserting the Nights Watch to go off and live with the Wildings. After thinking it over, I am of the opinion that he was riding North of the wall with them as an escort. There are still plenty of dangers apart from the WW (like wild animals) beyond the Wall. It makes sense that a ranger would accompany them back to wherever they are going to settle. Jon will probably spend plenty of time north of the wall (that’s not a foreign concept for the NW), and I imagine he’ll be welcome to hang out with Tormund’s band whenever he’s in their vicinity. But I just don’t see him deserting the Nights Watch and becoming a true wildling. Jon is all about doing his duty, and after killing his love/queen, I’m sure he feels like he deserves to be punished, and will serve out this punishment (however hollow it may be) in his true brooding fashion.
  11. a girl knows nothing

    The Book of The Kingsguard - Help Me Decide

    I was also very disappointed in Jaime going back to Cersei (I was so happy when he finally rode away from her last season!), but I don’t think it necessarily ruins his development into a better, more noble, and less selfish man. He was trying to save his sister, despite her being a terrible “hateful” person, because he loves her. He was ultimately willing to die just for the slim chance of saving her. His one overarching flaw was always his love for Cersei, so even though he did become a better person overall, he wasn’t perfect - he still had that flaw. I also don’t think Brienne was heartbroken over the fact that Jaime slept with her and then “dumped” her. I think she was upset because she knew he was most likely going to die and she cared about him as a person. I do wish they had never even had them sleep together though - that very brief romantic subplot seemed entirely unnecessary for their relationship in my opinion.
  12. a girl knows nothing

    Two Questions about this Episode

    1. Because Sansa is a snotty brat who seized the opportunity to finally be the queen she always wanted to be. (Jon may have forgiven her for being a lousy snitch but I have not!) 2. Because they still need somewhere to send criminals and other undesirables, and what better place than to a collection of miserable men banished to the desolate, frozen north? And 3. Just because.
  13. a girl knows nothing

    Were you expecting something different?

    I was mostly taken aback by how much of the finale was an epilogue. Seriously like half the episode!
  14. a girl knows nothing

    The Book of The Kingsguard - Help Me Decide

    I personally liked the scene. It would have been strange if the ending to Brienne and Jaime’s relationship had been left with her sobbing as he rides off to a certain death... and then nothing else. I expected them to provide some kind of closure for both Brienne and Jaime, and I thought this served nicely. It shows Brienne doing her duty as commander of the kings guard, pays homage to their relationship, and also showcases Jaime’s development into a better man. Do you think his whole character development was a catastrophe, or that Jaime ultimately returning to Cersei ruined his arc?
  15. That was an interesting read - thanks for sharing!