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  1. Despite hardly anything going the way I wanted/hoped it to, I still think it was a well done episode. Yes I’m disappointed in both Jaime and Dany but I suppose I shouldn’t let my thwarted expectations bias my rating too much. 8/10
  2. 5/10 for me. Did not think this compared well to other big battle scenes in the series. My qualms have already been mentioned by others already but in sum: Could hardly see what was going on, who was doing what, etc. I get the whole "immersive battle experience" idea, but this was too much. The battle did a good job of creating a sense of hopelessness. However, it felt so hopeless that I couldn't imagine any way for any one to get out alive except by killing the Night King. At that point I figured he was going to get taken out, which was a disappointing realization. We've been told for several seasons now that he is the real threat, and that squabbles over the iron throne are just meaningless nonsense. But now he's defeated so we're left fighting over the damn iron throne again. Melisandre making her very pointed "blue eyes" remark to Arya was when it clicked for me that they had decided Arya would be the Night King's undoing, and again I was disappointed. Yes her faceless man training makes her a formidable assassin, but again, why build up prophecies and drop hints over several seasons if what ends up happening doesn't line up with them at all? It seems when they decided it would be Arya they dug around for some old dialogue that could be interpreted as predicting her as the chosen one to end the (not so) long night. I do not think when Mel originally told Arya about shutting many eyes of different colors she was referring to the Night King and gang. I think she was just seeing Arya's future as a killer of many people, who happen to have varying eye colors. Lastly, why even bother showing Ghost if all he does is run off with the Dothraki toward the army of the dead (which, terrible strategy in my opinion - there goes your whole cavalry) and then just.... disappears? Of course I will stick around to see how this all plays out, but it is disappointing to know that the remaining enemy is Cersei. I am sort of hoping the Night King isn't entirely defeated. Or maybe Qyburn will try and create his own version of the Night King like the children of the forest did? Doubtful, but I can hope... and be disappointed again.
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