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  1. 7Silvers

    Killing Bronn

    "That's like saying I have a bigger c*ck than anyone in the Unsullied army. "
  2. 7Silvers

    How should Jon kill Dany

    Unfair fight... The legend of Gin Alley had Jon beat!!
  3. 7Silvers

    Title of the last episode

    The Legend in Gin Alley
  4. 7Silvers

    GoT Actors in Other Stuff - Part 2

    A little late to the show, but this series was surprisingly pretty good. Very much looking for season 2.
  5. 7Silvers

    What is left to be told?

    Robin Arryn: "Can I make the little man fly now?"
  6. 7Silvers

    Qyburn's Death

    Agree and that monster was done obeying commands from anyone once he saw his brother...
  7. 7Silvers

    Please, be careful about the leaks

    Whenever I have a leak, I call a plumber... I can't fix pipes and stuff like that.
  8. 7Silvers

    Who's left to marry Sansa

    Gendry ditches Ayra and marries Sansa..
  9. 7Silvers

    Not Buying it! Cersi, Hound, Bronn

  10. 7Silvers

    Can Qyburn apparate?

    All beings and things have teleportation capabilities in GoT, a man knows this.
  11. 7Silvers

    Death scene: Lyanna Mormont

    I honestly was hoping the giant would squeeze harder so she popped like a squished grape... similar to Oberyn Martell's awesome skull collapse. hahaha
  12. While I understand all the "too dark" complaints, I too had difficult... however, once I saw that, I simply turned off the lights in the room where I was watching the episode and was able to see much better. It wasn't as bad as everyone is making it out to be.
  13. Gilly's baby reanimates as the new NK, process starts all over again...
  14. 7Silvers

    Dothraki and Unsullied

    They are both alive.. you see both of her dragons in the trailer for ep.4.
  15. The heck with Kings Landing... it is about to get nasty in Winterfell! Looking forward to the chaos and destruction!