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  1. Hi I wanted to reply to the topic “Is Brienne Lying To Jaime” which is now archived.. I hope it’s OK to open a second part to this thread to continue this conversation ( Brienne was killed by the dead Caitlin in A Feast For Crows. She never found the girl. When Brienne approaches Jaime in A Dance With Dragons, it seems she is luring him. Jaime comments on how Brienne’s physical appearance has changed and it’s off. This is because Brienne is DEAD. I think she is luring Jaime into some kind of trap. Maybe to kill him or.. I don’t know.. To take him to dead Caitlin or smt.. it ends on a cliffhanger.
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    Tyrion and Penny in the pit (SPOILERS)

    I think Yezzan must have known because he was the slave-owner. The part that fascinated me most of all is that Danaerys has never properly met Tyrion and still she was the one who called off the lions and saved him. I think that already leaves an impression of the possibility of a good alliance between the two of them. It’s evident that even Tyrion doesn’t mind if a Targaryen enters Westeros and claims back the family right to the throne. Although he’s a Lannister, he would gladly hand it over to Aegon or Danaerys. I’m doubt Cersei would react as hospitably to the news of a Targaryen reclaiming that throne. She goes to such great, brutal lengths to defend it. We’ll have to wait for Winds of Winter to find out. However, having read the books, something a different story seems to be happening on the TV show. I think Ser Barristan Selmy has died on the TV series. I wonder if this same fate awaits him in Winds of Winter. However, Tyrion is a great man - and you can see this from the way he would blend in with the rest of society and conceal his true identity. He’s one of the people. But I wouldn’t say the same of Cersei..
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    Anyone else not interested in Jon's chapters?

    Jon’s chapters are somewhat boring in this particular book so I agree with the OP. They get a lot more interesting as the books develop. My favourite POV is Tyrion’s. He is one of the only characters who (for me) is consistently the most interesting POV throughout the story.. his ability to identify humour in troublesome situation sets him apart from the other characters.. and the fact that he trusts no one (especially not members of his own family such as Cersei or Tywin).. in fact he’s likelier to trust people who are not his family. He’s awesome.
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    Share Your Fan Site

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    Share Your Fan Site

    Hi.. I’ve attach this buzzfeed poll. Which of these dead GoT characters would you resurrect?? Enjoy figuring that one out: https://www.buzzfeed.com/dbesim1/which-of-these-dead-got-characters-would-you-have-9tuv5oyppv