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  1. LadyBlackwater

    On Janos Slynt

    I would like Randyl Tarly to die in a non accidental way lol. Also I would like it to be humiliating. Is there any situation that puts him in a dress first?
  2. LadyBlackwater

    Septa Lemore

    See this is what I’m saying! It’s like a Russian nesting doll of mystery!!
  3. LadyBlackwater

    Septa Lemore

    That’s true. And it’s even said that when young Aegon has his hair died blue, his eyes don’t look so trademark Targaryen.
  4. LadyBlackwater

    Septa Lemore

    See now I also threw ashara around in my theories but I thought if it was her, they would throw in something about the color of her eyes. Didn’t she have very pronounced eyes? Did anyone see anything about her eyes in the book?
  5. LadyBlackwater

    Septa Lemore

    Okay folks, what’s up with the Lady/Selta Lemore? Is she someone from the past or is she simply a septa as she says? Could she be the mother of a sand snake? Tyenes Mother was supposedly a Septa, right? This has me scratching my head. GRRM is SO good at throwing out red herrings I don’t know what I’m watching out for anymore!!
  6. LadyBlackwater

    On Janos Slynt

    This deserves an award. You’re comment about the queen “not making any friends there” tickled me. The whole thing. Bravo.
  7. LadyBlackwater

    Theories on The Hound? *spoilers*

    In the books, they say the hound is dead. When Brienne and Pod join the Septon at his home base, there is a very tall man digging a grave and they have the hounds horse(renamed Driftwood). I used to theorize that the silent digger is actually the hound. In the show version, the hound is actually alive and joined up with a septon. Do you think this solidifies the theory that the hound is the silent digger?
  8. I think she had good ideas, she just had so many ideas they get away from her. Like she doesn’t know how to think on a smaller scale for the sake of doing one thing at a time. The notion of ending slavery everywhere is quite a lofty one, I agree with that. She just got too big for her britches and it got the better of her.
  9. LadyBlackwater

    Frey Reaction to Lancel's abandoning Amarei

    I don’t think lord walder cares enough about Gatehouse Amy to upset the Lannister’s. Remember at the end of the last book? Her own father thinks about how much the family detests him and his daughter(Amy) is a slut. Lannister relationship is way more important.
  10. LadyBlackwater

    Where is the Blackfish?

    I know we don’t know yet, but does anyone have any thoughts on when/where Brynden Tully will reappear?? I just know he’s got something cooking. Does anyone think he will join forces with the Brotherhood without Banners perhaps? We know at least one of them has infiltrated River Run, mayhaps he is in on the plan with them?
  11. LadyBlackwater

    I never got over...

    Amen. When he told Cersei that he was going to tell Robert about everything, I wanted to slap him.
  12. LadyBlackwater

    (F?) Aegon's personality and future

    P.s. Y'all give me life with these discussions lol LOVE IT
  13. LadyBlackwater

    (F?) Aegon's personality and future

    Agreed, but look how easy it was to change his mind. I would hate to see Littlefinger try to puppet master that one Not that I think that will happen lol I'm just feeling like Aegon is driven more by the thought of immediate gratification rather than taking the time to look at the bigger picture. I also feel that if Dany is unwilling to marry him, he will be like "well, I gave you a chance. I'm taking it anyways". I could be wrong. Just a feeling.
  14. LadyBlackwater

    Would Tywin agree Son of Ice and Fire to take Casterly Rock?

    I agree. I feel like if he wasn't Tywins son, we would have found out about it before Tyrion climbed up the ladder and finished it for good you know?
  15. LadyBlackwater

    Would Tywin agree Son of Ice and Fire to take Casterly Rock?

    That's true. Well damn. I always wondered if his mismatched eyes was a clue to this theory. All the time it is said that Tyrion "fixed them with a stare from his mismatched eyes" because he knows it makes them uncomfortable. One green eye and one black. While I am not sure what kind of clue this provides, maybe its something. Or I could just be really desperate for the new book and I'm grasping at straws.