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  1. And then gave them to Qyburn to experiment on!! Because he "needed another woman since the others were quite used up" RIP Senelle and Falyse.
  2. Maybe the extreme conditions and mental mind warps gave him a different perspective
  3. https://www.bookbub.com/blog/the-winds-of-winter-george-r-r-martin-chapters
  4. I have felt for a long time that this will be Jaime’s left hand trial by combat moment. All the nights he spent training with Adam Marbrand and Ilyn Payne. All the bruises and insecurities. Maybe it all comes to a head when he comes face to face with Lady Stoneheart. I’m probably way off base, but oh what a fight. I wonder who he would battle. Brienne possibly.
  5. Is anyone certain that Shadrick recognizes sansa? Did Littlefinger tell him it was her? That would seem reckless for someone who likes to keep everyone guessing. As to Littlefingers Sansa motivation, I feel like he would somehow kill SweetRobin and let Sana marry Harry the Heir. Once Harry has the Veil and Sana’a has the support of the north, maybe Littlefinger offs Harry and reassumed control over the veil and attempts to marry Sansa? Lots of holes in this theory I realize.
  6. Your life back lol. We all win. No more obligatory watching because we know at this point, we’re in too deep. We have to see it through and then, we live.
  7. But it makes SO MUCH sense that euron happened to swim to safety in the exact time and spot that Jamie is in when trying to get to Cersei...
  8. I was trying to figure this out as well. I wondered if it was the hounds horse or.....that’s all I managed to reach. Doesn’t surprise me though. With all the reaching of this episode it was pretty crowded.
  9. *Probably the writers doing. Totally agree. All of it.
  10. He did look like he was having a major internal struggle and just kind of made a snap decision though. I will have to rewatch as well.
  11. I really think he will kill Dany. That will be the betrayal for love? Davos for the Hand of whoever ends up ruling the city of ashes.
  12. I liked the last line Varys had. “I hope I deserve this, truly, I hope I’m wrong”
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