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  1. So very well put. And I know you’re right. I just want so badly to know. Everything. *single tear*
  2. Are there times when you see a plot so embroiled that you wouldn’t put it past GRRM to just be spinning it to make us dizzy?
  3. That’s true I had forgotten that some of them were sent off before the wedding! Lady Stonehearts going to poop her pants when she gets that memo. And Stan is can eat his offer that only comes if he burns the heart trees.
  4. That would explain why Illyrio is so invested
  5. So , we learn that Varys allegedly smuggled real Aegon out and replaced him with a peasant boy. Allegedly. If this “Aegon” is in fact actually just a Blackfyre bastard, do you think the child himself knows? Or is he as everyone around him convinced he is the real deal?
  6. This will be the one time the brotherhood will just “misunderstand “ what she says. Oh sorry, we could have sworn you said “let him go about his business”
  7. That would take some real getting used to lol so much for their “Little Cat” And then we follow Jaime who is trying to guess where is Brynden all along, he also thinks that probably he joined the brotherhood, or probably he might try to free Edmure or...what else. But from all possibilities Jaime did eliminate Castle black from Brynden words. I might be wrong, but I don't believe Brynden goes against Robb last wish, i think he played Jaime pretty well. About Robb letter, i think Robb did legitimate Jon but he didn't eliminate other possibilities. "We know no king but the King in the North whose name is Stark "might be the exactly Robb' words. Remember Cat was suggesting someone from another branch like Royce cousin or some shit like this. Or it will be Jon or sansa when she get divorce from Lannister, or Rickon if he is still alive, or Jeyne if she is pregnant but no one else except a Stark. I love this theory. I have been wondering and waiting for anyone to bring up the fact that he named Jon Snow his heir. There have to have been several people that knew bc he had all his lords sign it. Commanded them to. I know most of them died at the Red Weddinf but a few lived to be ransomed at the very least. I hadn’t thought of Edmure being the one to tell him to find Jon snow. Now, if he does end up meeting with Lady Stoneheart, how do you think it goes when he tells her what he’s on his way to do?
  8. I am wondering if he ends up with our Lady Stoneheart.
  9. Maybe the extreme conditions and mental mind warps gave him a different perspective
  10. https://www.bookbub.com/blog/the-winds-of-winter-george-r-r-martin-chapters
  11. I have felt for a long time that this will be Jaime’s left hand trial by combat moment. All the nights he spent training with Adam Marbrand and Ilyn Payne. All the bruises and insecurities. Maybe it all comes to a head when he comes face to face with Lady Stoneheart. I’m probably way off base, but oh what a fight. I wonder who he would battle. Brienne possibly.
  12. Thank you for sharing that!! It does much for my theory riddled mind!! Dots are connecting...
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