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  1. And then gave them to Qyburn to experiment on!! Because he "needed another woman since the others were quite used up" RIP Senelle and Falyse.
  2. You called it. My mind is blown. I will be re-reading this for days to come. I have never ever thought about it in that perspective!!!
  3. For real, I’m almost scared to theorize otherwise! I would love to see you theories!
  4. So far as I can tell they are going to keep using the wash until her wedding. Then when sansa shows up in a dire wolf brides cloak and Tully red hair, the vale and the north will rise up for her. Littlefingers thinking
  5. Holy shit. So Jon would be ashara daynes son and that would explain the “she had a stillborn baby” story. Woa. Do you think septa lemore is actually ashara?
  6. What makes you feel so sure? I’m sorry if that comes across as sarcastic, it’s not. I just love hearing thoughts and theories:) I really want to believe he’s the real deal. I want it bad.
  7. That’s great! He’s well known and seems well respected! They would want to protect him. Do you think that Littlefinger would dare try to somehow thwart him? If so, how?
  8. So very well put. And I know you’re right. I just want so badly to know. Everything. *single tear*
  9. Are there times when you see a plot so embroiled that you wouldn’t put it past GRRM to just be spinning it to make us dizzy?
  10. That’s true I had forgotten that some of them were sent off before the wedding! Lady Stonehearts going to poop her pants when she gets that memo. And Stan is can eat his offer that only comes if he burns the heart trees.
  11. So , we learn that Varys allegedly smuggled real Aegon out and replaced him with a peasant boy. Allegedly. If this “Aegon” is in fact actually just a Blackfyre bastard, do you think the child himself knows? Or is he as everyone around him convinced he is the real deal?
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