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    [Spoilers] Episode 803 Discussion

    I did have a bit of grip with the darkness of the battle, mostly because of the surprise snowstorm that just kept me guessing which dragon was which. And to me, the cinematographer's defensive stance of saying it wasn't too dark is kinda like not owning up to the issue. After the Arya-Gendry scandal, I was on board the theory that they'd rule the Iron Throne. But her defeating the NK so easily like that was too unrealistic for me, up to that point, I honestly thought the battle was going to lead to more deaths because of how hopeless it looked (especially when the NK raised the dead the second time). So when no one major died, I was quite disappointed since this was the battle that was hyped to make everyone think they wouldn't be able to survive. Gripping for sure but weak resolution, seems to just want to fuel dramatic effects (CUE NINJA ARYA). I felt like that scene was inspired by The Walking Dead of some sorts. Maybe it was to show that no one survived and so these wights were there to add to the horror and suspense of the episode. But with an obliterated army, I wonder how they are going to take on Cersei/Euron. Where are they going to get their troops from? Yara?