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  1. Sir Jackson

    Favorite new character introduced in Fire and Blood?

    The young dragon Daeron I, Baelor the blessed, Aemon the Dragonknight- man I just remembered there is so much more we have to go!
  2. Sir Jackson

    Favorite new character introduced in Fire and Blood?

    @Adam Yozza God your right, Peake was the worst. I wish he had gotten his just deserts. Aemond One Eyed was a prick to. I don't remember hearing about Tyland Lannister previously but he was a great Hand. I usually have a good memory for the things I read but I haven't read the books in a while now. I Forgot to mention Elissa. The Hightower brothers story on their expedition was damn cool. @Vaith & @James Steller- excellent points on the northmen. And yes, Aegon III definitely counts, as before he was more of a name with a blank face. This book provided the personality and colors we previously lacked. I never heard about that bit with the northern raiders being cut. Anything specific you guys would want explained/covered in the proposed 2nd volume? More on Roberts and Greyjoys Rebellion, perhaps? Although the Mad Kings reign has been covered in some detail already.
  3. Hey folks, new account here. I lost my old one as I haven't been on the boards in awhile, but with Fire and Blood and the new season upon us my passion for ASOIAF has rekindled. I know the "fake history" thing isn't for everyone, and sure, I'd rather have 700 pages of WINDS over this volume perhaps, but at this point I'm thankful with any Westeros writing GRRM gives us. Will we get the 2nd volume? I sure hope so! I love the Blackfyre rebellion and would love to know more details. Anyway, I'm astounded at the amount of new details and lore we have here, and was curious as to what some of your favorite things were. Observations Favorite Characters: 1. Bloody Ben Blackwood- What a great character. In fact, the whole riverlands pretty much stole this book. Sybil Frey, Black Alys, Oscar Tully (who formed the Stormbreakers!). Even Elmo and Kermit Tully, although the names were a bit distracting. I like the little nods and references Martin puts in his work, but perhaps this was a bit to on the nose? 2. Alyn Oakenfist- We had already read a bit about the Seasnake, but I found the voyage of Oakenfist to be a lot of fun. Hopefully we here about his other journeys sometime. 3. Daemon Targaryen- Far from a good person, sure, but to me he represents everything that's great and bad about Targaryens. I do support the Blacks over the Greens however, although by the end they've all done horrible things. The Dance of the Dragons is such a complex event, and could fill several seasons of a tv show (although it would be quite expensive). Favorite Moments: 1. The fate of Aerea Targaryen was haunting and horrifying. 2. The Kingsguard confronting Rogar Baratheon on Dragonstone. So badass! 3. Lord Corbray pointing Lady Forlorn at Rogar during the small council meeting. To me, the reign of Jahearys and Alysanne were the highlights of this book. 4. The "Secret Siege"- I liked the defiance of Aegon the third and his brother, a moment where he finally flexes the power he wields. One last thing- Cregan Stark was a bit of an asshole. I thought I would cheer on the Hour of the Wolf, as we are used to rooting for the Starks. I assume Martin did this on purpose, to show how outsiders would view the harsh, sullen northmen? Your thoughts?