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    [Spoilers] Episode 805 Discussion

    https://twitter.com/thronesfacts/status/1127811524880289793 this is just a coincidence, right?
  2. It is close, but it is not the lowest, there is only 5 episodes with an average score lower than 6: S06E08 5.38 S05E06 5.40 S06E01 5.60 S08E04 5.65 S07E06 5.71 Oddly enough there is also only 5 episodes with an average score higher than 9: S02E09 9.53 S03E09 9.25 S03E04 9.23 S01E10 9.14 S01E08 9.03
  3. I can see it happening. I did some math earlier: the number of words from twow sample chapters (I have 9 chapters, not sure if there is more than that) is 44k, which is roughly 10~15% of the total words from past books - the book with the less amount of words has 294k and the one with the most words has 419k. I thought it would be lower, iirc adwd had 4 sample chapters, which sumps up to ~6% of its words.