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  1. The Night King character was the biggest failure of the writers. EP3 was the worst writing I have ever seen in my life. They literally cut him off the show. They cut off the ICE from the name of the book. The rest episodes werent important after that.
  2. ....the problem is...She is uncookable. Really low standart after juicy and crispy Varys.
  3. Agree. But I wouldnt call these states democratic. The basic principle - The Right to vote was limited. They werent republic in the sense of the word we know it nowadays. Can really compare Athenian"democracy" or Roman Republic to the modern standarts. They were still closer to oligarchy with only the choosen citizens or groups were allowed to rule the state.
  4. ...then you probably know that historically Democracy never worked for a long time.
  5. Why shouldnt Grey Worm know? .. Jon surrendered and told them. Grey Worm not killing Jon was a smart move... but unexpected. Looks like he lost his will to fight when he lost the queen(commander). Bronn being the Master of Coin? Why not? He loves money, he is smart and he is the lord of Highgarden.
  6. Bronn survived!! Thats all I ever wished for in these fucked up seasons. The most realistic character in the show. The funniest guy. The smartest fighter. Long life to the lord of Highgarden!
  7. Exactly.... Arya is more magical then all the dragons and ice necromants together. I have seen Disney movies with more sense in it than this shit. Anyway I would say this EPISODE 3 is the same disaster what was The last Jedi for SW.
  8. Ghost was killed off screen together with Dothraki.... He is really not important for the showrunners. The scene with Jon and Viserion was just a hopeless writting.... They really dont know what to do.
  9. ....yeah....what a lazy stupid simple writting. Very convenient. Seriously... how long did they think about it...5min?
  10. Saying "saw" is pretty strong word.... 90% of the action was a mess
  11. :) I thought the same. But Flash battle was more entertaining.
  12. ...I dont have that much time to waste. 30 good minutes of the episode were boring as fuck. There was really no need to make 90min. What a waste.
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