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  1. So we know that from the living that Sansa, Tyrion, Bran, Arya, Sam and Gilly know Jons true identity. We also know Varys sent some Raven but whether they actually reached anyone is unknown but this is a pretty big factor. Jon isn't an unknown they can just send to the wall and be forgotten. Hes a war hero of multiple battles. Hes known and loved across the North for ridding the Boultons, he also saved the North in the battle of castle Black and of course saved the entire realm in the battle of Winterfell against the dead. Now if people know he is Aegon Targaryan, the true heir to the throne then surely that confuses things, a few lords can have their say but what about the people they rule, plus the lords never get on and a few of them wont be happy with what they have got now. They completely rubbished this story at the end but its something that has a huge effect on everything and its left inconclusive.
  2. I don't think the voting system lasts long. brans doomed cause he cant reproduce anyway, once he's popped it the next house to take charge will be bringing it back to my kids are heirs and then were back to warring, if not even whilst bran is in charge.
  3. Its not that she isn't destined for it though, its hers, she can have it but she cant have it how she had built it up in her own mind. Instead of working hard to win the people over shes took a benny radge and decided if the people don't love her they will fear her instead. Her destiny is correct. her vision for that destiny wasn't.
  4. For me its fairly simple and has been building since episode one. Dany has been building herself up and giving herself a reason to rule from the beginning and in her head the fantasy would ring true. Only it hasn't and to rub it in her face she has first hand accounts of the person it is true for. 1. Dany believed that her and her brother were the last of the Targs and when Viserys died then she became the last Targ on the planet. This tbf was true for a long time and in terms of going to the Targaryen dynasty she was the last true ruler and heir to the throne. That's a lot for a thirteen year old girl to have thrust on her but she believed her own hype and for seven series she's been building that to a climax. 2. She believed she was destined for the throne. Even when Viserys is talking about his destiny you can see Dany thinking its her destiny as well. Not exactly how Viserys planned it out but Dany took his fate and made it her own. Her whole tennage/adult life has been all about one thing and that is taking the throne. 3. She wanted to be a good leader, the type of leader everyone loved and she conned herself into thinking she was going to come to Westeros with droves of people backing her, wanting her to come and save them from the tyranny they have been subjected to. Dany was going to be the savior of Westeros and the people were going to love her. Early seasons she communicates this and her victories in Essos only helped create in her own mind that no matter the problem their would be a solution and that it would result in her on the iron throne, beloved by all, savior of Westeros. All these things aren't about her though, they are about Jon. Jon is also one of the two last living Targs, he is the true heir to the throne. Jon doesn't want the throne but people want him on it, he is a hero and by being humble he has the backing of Westeros, something Dany has never had. Mostly its Jon the hero that grates on Dany, he has had no designs on what Dany wants yet he is there and more successful at it that Dany, he has the blood, the rights, the backing and the love of the people and...……. he doesn't want it. He doesn't want any of it. She wants to be Jon, Jon doesn't want to be her and if she can't be Jon well then she'll take what she wants by brutality. I think that snapped her when she heard the bells ring. She wanted Cersei to fight so she could save Westoros like a dragon riding hero, when that was gone she took it anyway.
  5. Gave it a 5. Basically the episode in itself was fun viewing, did well with the suspense in portraying the AOTD as a near unstoppable army and that humanity looked doomed to survive. So good horror sections and the dragon fight would have been cool if I could see but the story part made no sense and essentially made the proceeding seven seasons look pointless. Everything they told up to now ended up being pretty much useless. I also had higher hopes going into this battle a few seasons back, it should really have been the last battle where everything was resolved. We should have seen Ghost actually fight, Naemeria turn up for the save with its pack on wolves, hell a Ghost v Zombie Summer fight would have been the perfect way to cap of the dogs story. The WW''s should have went in to this with their full story told, why they were there, what they wanted to achieveand why they wished to kill Bran who in the full eight series has done anything to show that he is of any danger to them. Clegane bowl on the battlefield, Mountain is a zombie anyway and they could have sided them up only for them to let their hatred of each other override what they are actually fighting for. I ultimately think they did it the wrong way round but we'll see. Have Dany win the throne only for it to seem like a waste of time when humanity could be wiped out in an instant, they go to battle, win but the skin of their teeth and emerge rulers of a destroyed kingdom because they let their pettiness and lust for power over one another overshadow the real importance for living. We did get the dragon battle I guess. Oh and Jon should have slayed the NK, its the obvious choice but sometimes when you've had seven series oif build to that moment its nice to get the actual payoff instead of some M Night Shaymalan twist just for the sake of surprise. So brilliant in terms of an actual viewing spectacle and suspense driven horror episode but utterly terrible in terms of story, paying off the series and ending character arcs. They balance each other out for straight down the middle 5/10. +
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