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  1. chatty83

    Will Dany Resurrect?

    Just like the horse at the end of E05, it meant nothing, just a cool looking scene for Drogon taking the body off into the sunset. That's all it was, I wouldn't think too much into it.
  2. chatty83

    Jon is a hypocrite

    In the series, Jon is just dumb. Hes not a hypocrite, theres nothing to suggest that he doesn't think his plan wont work and that the civilians would be able to force Cersei to surrender without bloodshed, that's actually very much Jons character. Naïve and a bit thick but good intentioned and happy to put his life on the line for the betterment of people. A great soldier but a terrible leader that gets lucky.
  3. chatty83

    Jon killing Dany doesn’t work for me

    Maybes not conquerors as such but a lot of people who took the throne did do it with backers who they fell out with and ended up battling, in fact it seemed to happen on repeat. Pretty much the whole saga of War of the Roses was someone staking a claim to the throne, someone backing them, conquering and taking the throne, not fulfilling the wishes of the backer, backer goes to war with them with other backers, takes the throne, doesn't fulfil the wishes of their backers......repeat. But whilst its based on history, its still fantasy, I do think if he finishes the books martin can do a similar ending and itll work because he'll do a good job of writing it, filling in the blanks and creating the story and tension to do so that the show just missed out or assumed didn't need to be told. Conquerors are never nice people nor are they now, the whole King/ruler set up dictates you end up bad even if you have good intentions because you can please anyone and in those times the way to solve that was usually violence. Just about even British King/Queen come out despised at the end of their rule, ven if they were popular. Some of the biggest conquerors tend to have a really bad name despite taking their people to new heights and success as a country - see Alexander, Genghis, Cesar, Attila etc I think the point of the show ultimately is that it never ends well.
  4. chatty83

    Moral of each characters story?

    Jon - If your dumb then you shouldn't get into politics. A dog is for life, not just for Christmas. Dany - Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. Sansa - if you abuse someone for years on end then don't be surprised if they end up cold and desolate. Never trust a ginger. Theon - Don't act a Billie Big Bollocks if you have no bollocks. Rickon - orphans end up wild and unruly then shot in the back by a bastard. Tyrion - Seasons 1-4 - smart people should get into politics seasons 5-8 - sometimes dumb people can get into politics and still come out alright. Robb - Don't back out of deals when the other side has fulfilled their end. Jaime - incest is bad. Cersei - incest is bad. Tywin - neglecting your kids doesn't often end well for anyone. Ned - see Jon. Robert - don't hunt whilst on the drink. Other than that, if you have power you can abuse it and pay someone to clean your mess up. Arya - revenge is good. The Hound - revenge is bad. The Mountain - Be a dick, get rewarded. Beric/Melisandre/Thoros - Religious extremism isn't good. Bron - keep an eye on other peoples misery, you might be able to take advantage. Night King - hype jobs exists, even in Westeros. Bran - ???? I still haven't a clue what the point of Bran is tbh. Maybes, family are the easiest people to manipulate.
  5. chatty83

    Arya and the Horse

    Think I called this pretty well other than she actually did nothing (though she was planning on killing Dany at the start). Basically meant nothing but it looked cool and we never saw it again. predictable.
  6. chatty83

    The Ending Was very conventional

    I don't think the voting system lasts long. brans doomed cause he cant reproduce anyway, once he's popped it the next house to take charge will be bringing it back to my kids are heirs and then were back to warring, if not even whilst bran is in charge.
  7. chatty83

    The Six Kingdoms

    I'd imagine war breaks out sooner or later anyway. The whole kingdom is a mess with most armies depleted and defences shattered. Anyone with eyes on ruling or gaining more power will be looking the kingdom up and down and picking targets to attack for their own gain. Kings Landing for starters is completely destroyed so the capital is in rebuilding, King Brandon doesn't even have an army to protect him, he can call on the North of big Sis but then you've instantly got another civil war. yeah he has Brienne, pod and Bronn but it's hardly gonna stop an army from marching in and massacring them if they should please. The North seemingly have an army but just weeks ago at the battle of Winterfell they were literally talking about how depleted it was and afterwards even more so. It might be enough to hold power for the time being with most other armies in ruins but they best get building and keeping those factions tight. They have bad blood with the Iron islands that doesnt look to be going away although I wouldn't see Yara as an instant threat. The vale seem to have a decent army still but they have a complete oddball in charge in Sweet Robin Arryn, who the hell knows what sort of carnage he could cause if he ends up being the sole leader one day. He's not on the planet so is a right wildcard to start just about anything. You also have armies from Essos now taking land in Westeros. The Unsullied cant even breed and have only known war, not a chance they gop off to an island to live their life in peace, they'll get bored quick enough and take ships to head to the North to finish their feud with Jon and his merry bunch of Wildlings. The Dothraki no doubt hit the road and start plundering, raping and pillaging small towns until they start building bigger numbers again, they will rampage anywhere so nowhere is really safe whilst they are on the prowl. Dorne missed the whole White Walker threat and the saga with Kings Landing, in fact they should be pretty frsh and could mount a challenge to anyone at this point should they so wish. I don't think Edmure is much of a threat but someone may want to threaten him and his lands. Same with gendry who if they go through with Danys deal cant be expected to just take back the Stormlands as a bastard who has never lived there, knows no one and has no army or even close allies to pitch up with. Hell knows whats happening in Essos but once some ships have crossed over and been successful no doubt theres plenty of armies over there who haven't been through years of destruction who might fancy their chances against a beaten down Westeros. I don't think they get long under Bran before something kicks off tbh.
  8. chatty83

    Jon is Azor Ahai

    Nah, Drogon was Lightbringer. Jon plunged Dany into the heart and Drogon appeared, saw Dany was dead and extinguished the evil that was the Throne all along. its all just symbolism but that's the paraelles they drew in that scene.
  9. chatty83

    Destiny of Jon Snow

    I guess there are still Thenn and possibly other dangers up there to ward off for Jon, the NW and Wildlings. Who knows what else is up there, most of it is unexplored and we've already seen White Walkers, Wights, Giants, Direwolves etc all come from up North so I guess there is still a reason to have the NW even if the biggest threat is seemingly gone. Who knows how he'll fare, theres loads of factors that could come into play. Im not necessarily in the mindset that Westeros is safe under Bran, lots of wars will still likely erupt because none of them really settled their differences. Greyjoys and Starts still have heat, I'm not sure whats stopping the Unsullied from sailing North and going after Jon anyway, they are an army that only know violence, they cant breed, seems most likely they will find their way into a war. Dothraki are no doubt gonna go off raiding, raping a pillaging. Everyone will see Bran as an easy target, he doesn't even have an army ffs. If everything goes South then theres absolutely no doubt people will be reaching out to hardened war hero Jon Snow for help. As for not having kids, it hardly stopped him from shagging Ygritte last time he was in, if he wants it he will do it, hes honour-bound but that doesn't mean he will do everything he is told to do, especially in a forced bullshit situation like he's been forced into.
  10. chatty83

    The Storytelling is bad, not the story

    Yeah, this is it. I think this could play out very similar in the books and it actually work because it will go into detail, build towards these plots and explain everything. It wont leave you to just assume whats happened or wonder why anything that has happened has because it makes no sense so even if they go this same route in the books I think itll be much better. This was just cashed in on in the end, the writers went of the boil or couldn't do the job and I think even the actors/actresses started to call it in a bit because you can tell they thought it was shit as well. They still acted well but imagine being told your script and being like, whats this, none of it makes any sense? It'd be demoralising as hell after spending a decade playing that character.
  11. So. we got a scene where Sam shows us a book has been written about the whole saga. We also see Brienne updating Jaimes pages in the book of houses. These are the indicators of the stories that will be told and the everlasting legacies of the characters and their journeys throughout the drama that has unfolded. Some were already written but how do you think they will be remembered: Tyrion - doomed to be lost to history as ignored in the chronicles though surely he will have some standing in the Battle of Blackwater, being hand to the Queen/King and being a Lannister. not sure how they tell of Tywins death unless he is left out as well. Jaime - the Kingslayer looks like his redemptive qualities will pull through as hes now shown as a war hero and loyal to his ruler in the end. Jon - The Queenslayer. hard to gauge as hes ended up being a bit of an outcast, a disgrace who was sent to live out his life taking the black. But he is also a war hero, a chartered King of the North and one of the heroes in the battle with the dead. he also killed the mad Queen which should have some redemptive connotations considering shes likely going to be chartered as a monster. Dany - the Mad Queen. her lasting legacy will be Kings Landing. She may fair better in Essos stories but little for her to hold onto in Westeros. Drogon - as with his forebearers, a monstrous beast that all should be fearful off. A machine of carnage and destruction. ….
  12. chatty83

    Why was Bran looking for Drogon?

    Oh I agree, it was completely out of place but that's what the show-writers were trying to say.
  13. chatty83

    Game of Thrones legacy

    It'll end up like Lost but probably with a better reputation going forward due to the books. A show that started magnificently well and changed TV but lost its way and ended up with a bit of a meh ending that disappointed fans. people will continue to rewatch it in the future but itll be known for more of what could have been rather than what it was.
  14. chatty83

    Why was Bran looking for Drogon?

    Or he is one of the most philosophical beings in the realm. he saw that this was not the actions of a man with murderous intentions of his mother but someone who was dep in regret at having killed someone he loved to thwart the power mongering thirst for blood. In that moment he knew revenge would only carry out a further cycle of blood and instead decided to rid the world of a symbol of power, blood and destruction in the Iron Throne. With that symbol gone its up to humanity to now decide their own fate but Drogon is off to be a dragon and live his life as nature intended away from people and their massacres.
  15. chatty83

    Glad that’s over.

    Tbh, even thought he writing dropped off after season four when they lost a lot of the source material I think they got away with it as a TV show up until this season. Seven wasn't great and parts of 5/6 were murky but The Battle of The Bastards, Hardhorne and The Winds of Winter were all excellent episodes that tagged with the Red Wedding are probably the best the series produced overall. I thought, despite the character arcs and development in general going South they at least made the show exciting and did amazing battles, the WW's were always interesting up until the actual end battle and that's really where it fell of the cliff. Season 8 episodes 3 gave them nowhere to turn because they betrayed all the characters and the overall arc of the story. Whereas before they could make mistakes and urn them around, after that episode they had nowhere left to go and the last series has suffered immeasurably for it. It was always oing to fall a long way short from the books, Movies/Tv always do, they don't have the time to fully flesh out what you can in literature but its been a great show in terms of TV. They just fell of at the last hurdle otherwise I think they might have got away with it. I really think if they had took the offer for ten episdoes for seasons 7/8 that we would have got a more sensical conclusion even if they went the same route. A lot of it didn't make sense because they didn't have the time to tell or build up the story correctly and ended up just letting us presume what was mean tto have been happening whilst people teleported all over the shop. The last two seasons suffered truly dreadful writing/ Evn in that as a standalone episode the battle of Winterfell and The bells were enjoyable, they just didn't make sense as a conclusion to this story.