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  1. I gave it six. I really wanted to like it, and we've all been waiting a long time for this.....BUT... Pros; Good cinematography, acting, stunts, sets, and visuals Cons: A bit too dark Silly plot, the whole strategy of the army of the living had numerous flaws....from characters with military training and experience, the writers left the heroes common sense out of the script.....What military genius thought deploying in front of a castle, with your artillery in front, and a ditch and palisade, BEHIND, (impeding any retreat), was a good idea......Sam surviving from the thousands of frenzied zombies at the end by....crying.!!!! ......Brienne seemed to die at least three times, but didn't....and Jorah got stabbed THROUGH his metal breastplate!!! Etc etc Clearly a lesson that spending even treble the normal budget does not necessarily result in a better script.
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