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  1. A. Well, see, after Jon got knifed, we replaced whatever-it-was he was using for good red blood with a mixture of antifreeze and nanobots. The nanobots were programmed to make him repeatedly say "you're my queen" and "but I don't want it." There was a little problem with him sucking all the oxygen out of every scene he was in, but jeez he still looked good, don't ya think? Q. What was the deal with those godawful wigs that you made Daenerys wear? ETA: I'm dyin' here!
  2. Pick whichever of the following seems most plausible to you: (a) If Oberyn wasn't allowed to live, why should Doran and Trystane get to? (b) You do realize that Dorne is the land of sun, sand, and sex, right? All Dornishfolk are a bit soft in the head. (c) Women, once they get a taste of power, invariably turn into vicious crazy bitches. It is known. As-yet-unanswered:
  3. Okay, I'll tackle this one. We know that soldiers and sailors were dropping like flies all throughout the War of the Five Kings and afterward. Those gallant fighting men regenerated like magic every time the need arose. At first this was a straightforward process. After a certain length of time, the economy shrank, the available exchequers so badly drained that fighters respawned with uniforms, but without gold in their purses. The vast majority of working girls decamped to Essos, where they could count on a more stable return for their labor. I won't pose a new question, since there are still several outstanding: Indeed.
  4. Quite all right, my good Ser! Ah, the bells. It all started when the maester responsible for transcribing the Complete Guide to Campanology in Westeros omitted a key paragraph on the number of full-circle change repetitions to be rung for particular events. Ever since then, there has been confusion whether that exact change ringing sequence denotes Death of the Hand; Happy Hour at the Red Lion Pub; or Lay Down Your Arms and Surrender. As-yet-unanswered questions: Have at it, people.
  5. Good game, @Lyanna<3Rhaegar! Answer the previous poster's "Ask D&D!" question, then post an "Ask D&D!" question of your own. I'll play! Mmmmallright... "We kinda thought of Cersei and Jaime as Bonnie and Clyde. The movie Bonnie and Clyde, y'know - Faye Dunaway and Warren Beatty. They were cool. The real ones were gross." Question: What in seven hells did you do with Jaqen H'ghar?!
  6. Fair point. Some Westerosi players with their hands on the levers of power could & did have cause to eliminate orphaned & bastard Targaryen offshoots. Others saw an opportunity to disrupt the status quo to their own advantage. Certainly I could see Littlefinger, had he lived, rubbing his hands together and going, "Yuss! Now we're really talking high stakes!" once the DRAGON wildcard was turned. Arguments were made (by Eddard, I think?) against murdering Daenerys, but he's dead now. The show demonstrated well enough how others of Ned's acts brought about his downfall, but that one was never revisited IIRC. We saw a great deal of Daenerys from Daenerys's POV, and were thus drawn into her story & her struggles. But once Robert was gone, and the Lannisters got a stranglehold on power, Westerosi opposition to Daenerys seemed to degenerate into name-calling ("a foreign whore who doesn’t know her place") and petty bitchery about her looks. In other words, completely stupid reasons for opposing her. Had good reasons been put forward for opposing her - I mean, in addition to "for the good of the realm" - I'd be a lot more okay with that "message that D & D want to leave us with."
  7. Not disagreeing one bit. When I say "major rewrite," though, I'm talking about a complete, gut the place to the bare walls, floor-to-ceiling renovation. Inlcuding, but not limited to, the notion of Bran & Sansa divvying up Westeros betwixt the two of them. I, too, find that idea quite silly.
  8. I see at least 4 ways this could go down, yer basic 2x2 matrix. There are, no doubt, other outcomes I haven't thought of. One - The main characters end up the same way as they do on the show. The story is told with richness, sensitivity & depth. We see through the eyes of many characters, some of whom are not young hotties. Fancy that! Book Six expands to 2 volumes; Book Seven to 3. Two - The main characters end up the same way as the show. As with the show, the narrative viewpoint tightens sharply. Secondary characters (i.e. the old crocks) are shuffled off. Dany fumigates KL & takes a dagger to the heart. Sansa & Bran take their thrones. Jon & Arya take off for points north & west respectively. Several major Westerosi families collapse; upjumped sellswords take their places. Essos? What's that? Books Six & Seven come in at a tidy 500pp each. Three - A major rewrite is mooted, in order that the main characters do not end up yada yada. Eight years have passed since aDwD came out. The show is done & dusted. Very much water has gone under the bridge. The world - o tempora o mores! - and its book-buying public are not the same as before. Thoroughgoing editorial change leads to massive headaches & ennui for all concerned. These thousand-plus-page doorstoppers don't just write themselves, ya know. Four - A major rewrite is not mooted, but now that the ending's been blown, who needs books? Let's just everybody move on, shall we? A short-story collection, maybe two, covering the winter-to-spring period. Targaryen exceptionalism, Old Valyrian hijinx - loads of sex 'n' death goodness to be explored there. Waaayy more "story." If you will. Ahem. Specific plot points? Not even gonna bother! My expectations are always subverted, no matter what they are.
  9. I ride on no one's bandwagon. There were things in Season 7 I found sketchy, like that bullshit manufactured tension with Arya & Sansa over Littlefinger. I read the books during the hiatus between Seasons 7 and 8, then did a bit of contrast & compare. And realized that with only 6 episodes to go, there was no way the remainder of the story could be adequately addressed. It was like picking up a secondhand copy of Pandora's Star, reading & reading & reading & bloody reading, pinching the last 50-or-so pages between my fingers and thinking, "No way dude can finish up all the plot threads in this one volume. There has to be another big book." But imagine if Peter Hamilton had done just that - crammed all the remaining story into the last 50-odd pages. That was Season 8 in a nutshell. People were going to be disappointed for a variety of reasons - their character got shafted, plotlines they were enjoying got dropped, whatever - but they gave the show the benefit of the doubt until all possible doubt was gone.
  10. https://www.imdb.com/title/tt6027920/fullcredits?ref_=tt_cl_sm#cast (And it's a pain that it's necessary to look it up, since the show didn't explain.)
  11. *snortgiggle* And then they came straight back with that Heil Sansa! scene at her coronation. But seven hells, people, I want a weirwood-tree gown like she had on. OT: @Lady Fevre Dream, I was not sufficiently motivated to check timestamps on my activity, but it seems like once the supply of reactions runs out, you have to wait a brief period and then the forum software gives you one (but not a second one), then you wait a further short period and you're allowed another one, lather rinse repeat.
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