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    Why was Bran looking for Drogon?

    I think bran knows Drogon could take Daenarys to help and could be a threat.
  2. TheWolfOfCambridge

    Use one word to describe the series finale.

  3. TheWolfOfCambridge

    [Spoilers] Episode 806 Discussion

    This. The advantage GRRM has now is that he decides when the books end. It is strange to end a story in the middle of someone's life. Why wouldn't the story continue on into the death of this family..
  4. TheWolfOfCambridge

    [Spoilers] Episode 806 Discussion

    Do you think GRRM is going to end A Dream of Spring where the show ended Tonight, or will he end the Winds of Winter where the show ended Tonight and keep the story going for A Dream of Spring? A Dream of Spring, was originally titled A Time For Wolves afterall... Maybe he changed it to not give too much away...
  5. I think the end of Episode 3 is the logical end of The Winds of Winter and the remaining episodes are the beginning of A Dream of Spring with Episode 6 being a longer view of what happens after the immediate events of King's Landing. With the end of the show being the beginning event that sparks the next major event in the world. It seems unlikely that there will be a stop end to this show. Especially with the plan for a possible 4 more series in this world coming to HBO, there needs to be the possibility for not only prequels but for future stories.
  6. So I have been pondering this for a bit. In the books that have yet to be released, where do you think GRRM will resolve "THE OTHERS"? At the End of the The Winds of Winter? OR will they continue into A Dream Of Spring? If you follow the logic, You would think that the The Others are Resolved at the end of the Winds of Winter, and A Dream of Spring is dedicated to resolution of the story and possible generations to come after these events. A lot of the Ire from S8E3 is because it is believed that GRRM would extend the Others conflict to the end and it would be the true Big Bad Guy in the stories. But what if GRRM himself pays more attention to the conflicts between the houses of Westeros, would that change your opinion? The consensus seems to be that D&D took the series into their own hands and just took off, and while I would admit that the actual dialogue and importance to the words being spoken the last two seasons have dropped off because of a lack of direct source material, I think it is a disservice to imagine that D&D having received GRRM's consultation and direction of how GRRM will end ASOIAF, will just throw that out and completely go in a different direction. I think generally the same basic story lines will be present in both the books and the series. ( I don't think Cersei will sit on the throne in the Show, and Daenerys will sit on the throne in the books)
  7. This question I'm sure will be the central theme to the Entire LN Prequel. Along with explaining all of the early history of the Starks and their relation to the Night King. Even who the Night King (The Human) actually was and why he was so far north. Should be fascinating.
  8. TheWolfOfCambridge

    There HAS to be some kind of unexpected twist/turn

    Bran is going to have more visions. Maybe into the True Parentage of Tyrion? Tyrion's Reveal as a Targaryen. Perhaps a reveal of where Bran was warging during the battle. Bran has such potential to close up some of these loose ends, I hope the writers use him to bring the last shocks on this story.
  9. TheWolfOfCambridge

    Rant and Rave Without Repercussion End of The World Edition [Spoilers]

    This episode has me very conflicted. As a fan of the HBO show for what it is(ENTERTAINMENT), To have Arya be the one to deliver the Deathblow to the NK, that singular moment is one for TV history, very unexpected and a triumph for one of the most beloved characters in TV history. But as a fan of the ASOIAF Lore and Histories, (for me the reason why GOT is several notches above any other Fantasy World) the disregard for TPTWP and AZOR AHAI and all of that with relation to the Long Night and the WW's the only way for the NK to die was with a flaming Longclaw into the Heart of the NK. No matter how predictable, no matter how cliche, The payoff of that moment on screen would've outweighed the Surprise of Arya. Now it makes how GRRM Finishes his books all the more important to the Lore and will now possibly set up a very strong and deep divide between ASOIAF Purists and GOT TV Fans. I hope this is just the ranting of someone without the whole of the stories of Episodes 4-6 but for now, the closing of the NK/ Azor Ahai thread are underwhelming.
  10. TheWolfOfCambridge

    [spoilers] So, in the end, the PTWP...

    rewatching the show, IS it possible that Arya was "wind-walking" or "used "Misty-Step" to get past the WW? They show a breeze the moves the hair of the WW right before the shot of the NK reaching for his blade. This is how I think the Show explains how Arya made it past, but to my knowledge while Arya is very stealthy, she is not invisible or has the ability to "wind-step"
  11. TheWolfOfCambridge

    What’s going to go down in the crypts?

    The big point of the Rising Dead Starks is that Arya wouldn't be afraid of unknown Wights and WW. But in the Trailers she is deathly afraid and running away from something in the Crypts. I think she is running away from something she knows, Something Dead, that wants to kill her. Her Brother Rickon. Who would be relatively fresh and not decomposed entirely and whose face would still be recognizable to Arya. Plus a Wight Rickon would be amazing. But the question remains, How does the NK or WW get into the Crypts? are there known secret entrances to the North? When Sansa and Theon escapes through the crypts out of Winterfell which direction did it face?
  12. TheWolfOfCambridge

    We didn’t see the Night King at he end of E02

    I think He's riding his ICE Dragon. Will be nowhere near the Front lines and will prob not be involved in this initial fight. With so much foreshadowing in the previews it seems like the NK might be targeting the Crypts. "THE DEAD ARE ALREADY HERE" I think he Raises the Centuries of Dead Starks in the Crypt and destroys Winterfell from Within.