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  1. For Robb, it's actually the exact opposite. He dies because he failed to honor his word to marry the Frey girl. Ned did his duty and married Catelyn, even if she was meant to marry his older brother, but after Brandon dies, Ned marries her to honor the deal between the houses Stark and Tully.
  2. It's unbelivable they actually considered this. I agree that Jorah would never betray Dany, not even Hitler Dany. And Gendry calling for Jon's head, with Arya sitting right there, lol.
  3. Birthright and earned don't go well together. They are the opposite really. She goes on throughout the show, how the Iron Throne is her birthright, and when that birthright goes through the window, because there is someone with a better claim, then it's about earned suddenly? Also how did she earn the right to be queen of Westeros more then Jon or Arya who had a vital part both in defeating the Army of the dead? If that is what we are talking about here, because there is not one single thing aside from her helping in the great war that would make her claim to the throne of Westeros earned. Events in Essos have nothing to do with Westeros.
  4. Turns out we didn' t get a dream of spring, but a time for wolves, as Martin originally intended to name the last instalment of the book. I'm ok with the Starks profiting in the end, but the way how we got there is bullshit, that election scene was the most bullshit scene in the entire show, and that says something, because we got an abundance of those in the last 3 - 4 seasons.
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