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    So what was this long story all about?

    The Neverending Story. Literal Edition. we’re still waiting George...
  2. The biggest difference is that George RR Martin wrote the episode, Battle of the Blackwater and D&D wrote The Bells.
  3. Sir

    Future of House Lannister

    Maybe Brienne is going to have a bastard Lannister child. Baratheon and Lannister houses both rebuilt with bastards. oh and there’s still Tyrion Lannister.
  4. Someone tell me why Arya survived this episode instead of dying in Jon’s arms at the end? At least her death would’ve helped generate some excitement for next week’s episode.
  5. Sir

    [Spoilers] Episode 805 Discussion

    It would’ve meant more if Jon had seen Arya struggling to escape and then have her end up dying in his arms. that would’ve built much more anticipation for the next episode
  6. So after the Iron Fleet destroys Dany’s ships, does Euron just find Missandei and head back to KL? Why wouldn’t he just go to whatever shore the rest of the characters swam to and capture them as well? The setting for Missandei’s death was ridiculous. We’ve never seen KL look like that before. It looked like they were hanging out outside of Meereen or Qarth
  7. Sir

    What was the plan before Mel showed up?

    It would’ve been better if Mel was disguised as that little girl with those burn marks on her face. That or she could’ve at least brought more red priests/priestesses with her.
  8. Sir

    Gilly and the last of WW.

    This reminds me of the episode when they try to capture a wight beyond the wall. When shit hits the fan, a bunch of random guys who we never saw before get killed in a close up and we immediatley wondered which supporting character was it.
  9. It’s no coincidence you felt this way since George RR Martin wrote that episode.