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  1. Did you see the Isaac Wright interview when he says that D&D told him:
  2. Are quotes from GRRM's blog considered spoil? Because his last post can just settle this whole discussion.
  3. My ending would be something a bit different, Jon dies during the fight against the night king with Rhaegal. Realm is saved, at great cost. Daenerys is pregnant. She destroys KL, but is still supported, now by Sansa who sees in her, the future of her house. Jaime kills Cersei, but dies in the destruction. Tyrion, Varys and co join the council.
  4. I'm reading your theory people. And as much as the show destroyed my will, and my interest in the books. I need some hope to fill the void that's tearing me appart. So I have interrogations. Daenerys is supposed to love the Targaryen, as she is the "last", and she also seeks a family. Why wouldn't it be possible for her to see in Jon, what she is missing: a Targaryen (heritage AND family) Why can't she step down, or at least put Jon as an equal, something important for her and the Targaryen dynasty. She knows she can't have a child. And that would end the Targaryen, why wouldn't she see in Jon the future for herself and her heritage... The show went with the power thirsty monarch/messia. But it kind of throws all of her char developement since ever, be it show or books. Note that, I'm talking about her directly, and not what the environnement, counselors or Sansa's bitching will afflict on her mental stability.
  5. You mean before or after they execute him for treason?
  6. I don't know if you catched this during the episode. "Varys was writing some shit, and then the girl enters... bla bla... She's not eating. Ok, we will try again at supper" So basically he was trying to poison her. But she was smart enough to realize that Sansa was a snitch, that told Tyrion who himself... To me it shows that Daenerys was in full control of her mind, even though she was sad.
  7. Oh! Now that it is useful to argue, it's HER people. "Daenerys kinda forgot it's her people"
  8. Ok go tell that to all the indigeneous folks. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Genocide_of_indigenous_peoples
  9. I almost agree. E5 as a standalone would have been believable and probably good. Not in the show, not for me at least. People might prefer schemes and plotting, but I prefer someone like Daenerys who wouldn't plot behind you, but just burn you if you try to. As she said to Varys. Any other person would have killed Varys before giving him a chance. She believed in him, for some time.
  10. That's what conquest is. I don't know where you are from, but your country probably did something similar. And you'd find a way to defend it. That's just how human nature is. We find reasons to our acts, not to others.
  11. I don't mean to be aggressive. I just hate this new tendency that people have "Huh, we aren't kid's, no Disney shit here, this is REAL fantasy" Same people who would still cry to Bamby's mother death. We might end up with Jon and night queen together. Indirect incest is wincest!
  12. You keep talking about Disney, but when we say that this isn't even bittersweet, but just super dark. You don't answer. People really need to step up their mind game, thinking that everything dakrer is more mature or complex. I could speak about some Disney themes that are way Darker than you can imagine. Now about people not seeing her "snap" as you like to call it. I don't it's that. People can see well. But people CAN'T belive in that since it it so BADLY handled. The showrunner themselves said it, "she isn't mad, she is different than her father, she cares about people" etc etc. So you're basically shitting on that, saying she is some kind of matrixed messiah, that only works for her own benefit. Only to say "Oh but she just snaps, because her nephew can't fuck her"
  13. This topic is 40% Targ (Daenerys) haters, 40% Daenerys sympathizers, 20% don't know what they're doing here. I mean between some are even arguing about the good Daenerys did by freeing the slaves etc, saying it was calculated messiah shit. And then in their signature they have "I hate Targaryen(s)"
  14. I never expected two Targs on the throne for sure. But I never thought that Dany was the one to go and not Jon. And even if my wildest dreams, Dany wasn't going mad. I pictured her dying of different reasons. But not the one we are expecting. She had a better potential at dying semi-heroic way. And making the show a real bittersweet ending. But how can this be bittersweet? Lannister's? all gone (the mains). Mormont? all gone. Starks? three of them aren't really Starks anymore, and Sansa lost all the principles that made a Stark. Targaryen? Dany is dying, she is the only one that had esteem for her family. Jon doesn't really give a shit. Do we keep going?
  15. If the watcher doesn't believe then, the writer is doing a poor job. Add to that all the prophecies that tend to put her in a good spot.
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