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  1. Can’t the host body of the three eyed raven live for thousands of years? Did they unwittingly elect a dictator that will rule for all time?
  2. I was thinking about Drogon earlier. They should of had a separate little cut scene for him. "So where is the dragon"? " I don't know" mused Bran with a smile Cuts to Drogon reigning down fire on Essos
  3. But I mean you could argue that it was her isolation and paranoia of Jon that really set this is motion. If Bran doesn't insist on Sam telling Jon then do we still get the same end result? Surely being in a loving relationship with someone who could check her own worst impulses would have changed the outcome?
  4. Another thing how can Bran send Jon to the wall? The wall is in the North so it surely belongs to Sansa now right?
  5. When Sam announced the name of the book I geuinley expected him to wink at the camera.
  6. Are we supposed to believe that they have really broken the wheel? As soon as Bran dies there will be a huge conflict over who gets the throne next. All they have done is prolonged another conflict similar to the end of Roberts rebellion.
  7. " I'm not Brandon Stark anymore, I don't want to be Lord of Winterfell" " King of the 6? Yeh fuck it why not"
  8. Why would you make a sell sword master of coin?
  9. I admire your faith but didn’t he recently say he’s still writing Winter? This isn’t. Harry Potter situation where JK genuinely had the end figured out. His last two books were absolutely all over the place .
  10. Martin has no idea how’s it going to end. He gave HBO a rushed panicked list and that’s how it ended. GRRM is so buried in his sub plots it would be a miracle if he published an ending.
  11. “ i mostly live in the past now” said Bran the broken king of the seven kingdoms. Sad sad thing is that this screams GRRM. Genuinely don’t know if I’ll bother with the books if they ever come out.
  12. My favorite part was when they offered the unsullied a House if their own. You know the guys without dicks. ” I am Greyworm the first and absolutely last of his name, lord of the unsullied “
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