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  1. Sloppy but Starkporn is my favorite.
  2. Really just the south at this point, and I doubt they had any love for Cersie after she assassinated half their court. The way the show has played out, the nobility is pointless.
  3. What nobility? Cersei fried them all in the Sept.
  4. Simple question.... where did Dany's team get the ships to go to KL? Unless Yara abandoned the Iron Isles and flipped continents in a week...
  5. At this point, you should watch it. I almost didn't watch this season (or season 7 for that matter) but I figured I might as well, since I put in all the time already....Actually I'm debating if that was a sound strategy, tonight's episode had me flat out pissed off. Terribad writing.
  6. It seems easy enough... firing a ballista from a ship that is bouncing in the water...probably 500-1000 yards away... moving target...the shooters have never really been able to practice such a shot....and ...they hit him 3 fricking times without missing.... full on plot BS. If it's that easy to take out a dragon, then what was anyone worried about?
  7. That was truly an awful scene... I didn't realize Bron had a double action crossbow...