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    I really like what Drogon did but...

    What would've been cool is if the dragons were "evil" and intelligent. In order to ride them the rider must psychically bond with them. Over time the dragon mentally dominates the rider turning them evil and controlling them. Wala: evil Daenerys. Naw. What we got was awesome. Nevermind.
  2. Wsc48

    I really like what Drogon did but...

    Naw. Drogon is a black dragon. Everyone knows black dragons are chaotic evil. Especially D&D.
  3. And created a season of crap so the exhaustion was pointless.
  4. If it was the ending I'm pretty sure it won't be now.
  5. A lot of people were complaining before. But more people watch the show now. So more people to complain.
  6. Speaking just for myself I think the reasons are several. This season was worse than any previous. As long as the show isn't finished there's hope that it will improve and a great ending could've made up for the poor prior seasons. But no, in the end it left much unexplained. It Deus ex machina'd itself to a lightning fast conclusion and an unsatisfying one whilst destroying character arcs Willy nilly along the way. So as an analogy it's like seasons 5-7 were having bad sex. Even bad sex can be a little bit good. And before season 8 there's still a chance a great ending makes up for prior poor performance. But in the end it was just rushed, ended abruptly and without any satisfaction whatsoever. And it can never be redeemed. I'm personally shocked anyone at all defends this show now.
  7. Here's the thing. There's tons of things they could've done differently to make the show better with only slightly more time or effort. The fact that they didn't is part of the reason fans are so pissed off. The writing was lazy, sloppy and rushed. It's shameful. It's painful. It's unforgivable in my opinion. Fans care more about their show than they did.
  8. Wsc48

    What was the point of r+l=j

    What was the point? Subverting our expectations of there being a point. Surprise!
  9. Yep. One of the most ridiculous parts of this nonsensical episode.
  10. HBO offered more episodes and budget. D&D turned them down. The sloppy rushed season is all on them.
  11. Should be dead. Daenerys should have killed him when she killed varys as Tyrion told Varys about Jon without informing her. That's treacherous. Cersei should have killed him with arrows at the parlay. Daenerys should have been informed immediately after Jamie escaped and killed him. And why did he suddenly care about Cersei...at all? Jon should have died first by Drogon and if not that, as soon as he confessed to greyworm, instant death. But it happened off screen so maybe we aren't supposed to think about it?
  12. I don't know. The keep is full of secret passages and holes in the walls. Seems unsafe. I don't think Cersei ever went anywhere alone.
  13. Wsc48

    Who was Daenerys turned into?

    Adolf Vader?
  14. Yes. The series could have started with Arya sailing west and I would have preferred that over what we got.
  15. Pretty sure the keep was blasted so much entire walls were knocked down. But maybe it regenerated between episodes.
  16. Nope. The unsullied that cannot be defeated because when 1 dies 2 more appear somehow.
  17. Because they would've had to fight the respawning capable unsullied army.
  18. Shouldn't Daenerys have had, like, a Queensguard? But no. She just wanders the Red Keep with zero body guards. And after Jon had warned Tyrion not wander around in the Red Keep because "it's not safe" So stupid. Ah well probably the least of this episodes problems.
  19. Wsc48

    Why the bells?

    You can hear people screaming to ring the bells. Clearly in order to surrender. It makes no sense.
  20. Wsc48

    Why the bells?

    See there's the answer. Viewers expected Daenerys to directly attack Cersei and the Red Keep. Therefore it had to be subverted. Whatever the cost. Sorry small folk.
  21. When examined closely the whole bell thing makes zero sense. Tyrion should have announced it at the parley to team Cersei. Then, the bells would have to have been manned with soldiers to guard them and to be rang upon an authorized command. As it actually happened, Tyrion communicated telepathically somehow with the opposing army (and civilians) and somehow everyone knew to "ring the bells" to announce surrender. All that stupidity aside, the forces on the ground and Daenerys are clearly shown to understand the other side surrendered. Then Daenerys goes all cray-kaerys anyway and greyworm follows. The bells were just stupid and fittingly enough, they named the episode after them.
  22. Wsc48

    Have people given up all hope?

    I'm not sure. Up to episode 5, I would have bet on the ballistas.
  23. Wsc48

    This is all Jon’s fault

    Dany should have confronted Jon with the facts. "If it's so bad Jon, why do the Canadians do it? Huh?"
  24. Wsc48

    Tormund was right

    Thankfully Dany gave the night king Viserion so he could blast a hole in the wall. And Tell you what, those Dothroki made a huge difference... Oh wait And Drogon destroyed that night king with dragon fire and won the... No, wait. All they needed was Arya?
  25. Wsc48

    Have people given up all hope?