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  1. Orleans

    Tyrion's Face was Priceless

    I don't. He's acting like a fool a couple of seasons meanwhile. I feel sorry for Varys but not for Tyrion.
  2. Orleans

    Best lines of E05

    Varys: : “ I hope I deserve this. Truly, I do. I hope I’m wrong. Goodbye, old friend.”
  3. I'm not rooting for her just because I can't stand her. Not going to rant about her as a whole tho. I mean I wanted the White Walkers to "win" and since that isn't possible anymore, I really don't care at all. I hate Daenerys, I hate Cersei, I hate Euron and I don't like Sansa. If anything, then I'm rooting for Jon just because he's a honest and cool man. I'd be cool with more drama til it all ends. Couldn't care less about who sits on the Lysa Arryn of chairs at the end. Destroy it, please.
  4. Yes. https://variety.com/2019/tv/news/game-of-thrones-daenerys-motivation-creators-1203205687/
  5. "While Dany kind of forgot about Euron and the Iron Fleet and Eurons forces, they certainly haven't forgotten about her.." Not sure what to say.. It's pretty funny actually. Not in the good way tho. I thought they spit enough on logic in episode 3 already..
  6. It's hard to imagine things are getting worse - regarding story-telling - after Episode 3 but you never know. I don't have many expectations but I hope they surprise us all in a better way than in Episode 3..
  7. If this is going to happen, we finally know why Grey Worm survived against all odds during the battle of Winterfell. We had to see his reaction. It all makes sense now! Maybe Cersei gets to kill more "important" characters than the Night King..
  8. Orleans

    Why the Night King Didn't Fight Jon

    I'm glad we didn't have to see another Hollywood cliché where Jon fights the Night King. One of the few things that made sense Episode 3 though.. The Night King doesn't care about prestige, 1v1, pride or wasting time against a "normal human". Also, he's aware of the fact that Jon belongs to the small group of humans with a sword that could destroy him. Why should he take the risk? Raising the dead was the right move and a death sentence for Jon. If Dany wouldn't have appeared in the last moment.... However, I remember the Night King kinda smiling when he entered the cave of the Bloodraven. So I do believe he might have some human feelings left. He also smiled when "Dracarys" did nothing. That's the only shred of personality we saw. He showed a facial expression. Furthermore, his goal was always Bran. He doesn't care about Jon Snow or someone else. They are all the same for him. A 1v1 between them would have looked even more forced than the episode already was as a whole. If you view it logically, it goes down pretty quickly. The Night King already took a pretty dumb risk by approaching Bran when the battle was still active. There was no reason for him to show up. He could have "spammed" wights and let his generals actually do something til everyone was dead. Which would have happened sooner or later. If you can wait for thousands of years, you can prolly do that as well. The Night King exposed himself at the end and I still don't get it. Bad story telling. I mentioned that in the rate episode 3 thread and also read it here, he should have crushed Aryas neck without any hesitation. Another topic, but still. Because of that, we don't know 100% of the story arc between the Night King and Bran so maybe he had to show up to finish his job. Who knows? At the end, the Night King was created to fight the humans and he's been around for more than 8k years so I doubt he cares about a 1v1 at all. Just another wight for his army.. I'm still pissed about the ending tho.
  9. I've been lowering my expectations since the show went ahead of the books. I really didn't like season 7 as a whole and I'm pretty disappointed regarding Season 8, Episode 3. So lets start with the good stuff.. The visuality was amazing and fairly well done. Yes, it was pretty dark but I still managed to see everything and it fits the overall atmosphere. However, I really didn't like the story. Imo, we've been prepared for the White Walkers and them being the real danger in Westeros since season 1, Episode 1, first scene. From my point of view, the whole story about the throne was never that important. When the Death is coming for everyone, an iron chair doesn't matter. There is a funny meme around showing the Night King in a subway, reading newspaper and such. Line: "Waiting for the "main" characters to finish their plot.. That's always how I saw it too. It might be my mistake but at the end, I cared much more about the White Walkers than about the stupid throne. It should be destroyed. Anyway, since it was announced to be the biggest and most devastating battle in TV history, they set the expectations very high. I'm not saying the Night King should have won at all - even though I would have liked it ^^ - but I'm saying GoT is lacking drama meanwhile. Killing him in the first episode of season 8 is just bad. All the build up for ~8 years just to stab him in the back the first time he's in a battle? Man, that was lame. It feels like Hollywood meanwhile to be honest. All the last minute saves, an "epic" ending, numerous deaths of minions we don't even know and a forced plot. I mean GoT used to be better than that. Remember the Red Wedding for example? Not a single major character died. No, I don't view Jorah as a major character. One of the Targaryens should have died imo. Characters like Brienne, Jaime, Grey Worm and others survive against all odds when soldiers die like they are nothing. Which makes sense against thousands of Undead.. But again, it was lacking drama and overall, it felt unrealistic - as far as you can tell in fantasy - and anti-climatic. There are so many unanswered questions about the Night King, Bran, the White Walkers as a whole etc. I feel like they rushed it since there are only six episodes. If you view it logically, the plot doesn't make sense. The Night King is more than 8k years old. He showed patience and should know better. Just wait til the wights kill everyone and hey, how about the WW Generals do.. something? That was lame as well. They were useless. I understand they can't just kill everyone and let the Night King win but I need a good explanation then. Night King just walking in in the middle of the battle and being stabbed in the back is just odd. That's it? Wow. I'm not even going to bitch about how Arya managed to cross.. everyone and why the Night King didn't just break her neck immediately. Plot armor? Bad writing then. As you can tell I was on the Night Kings side just because the "main" characters mostly annoy me meanwhile. Not everyone but for example, both Targaryens. At the end we have two destroyed "armies" but pretty much every character we know survived against all odds. Boring. WW's should have been the endgame and not Cersei. I think the Night King deserved better and defo more screentime. Brans arc about the Night King, the three-eyed Raven etc. feels a bit pointless now. I guess I would have an easier time with the third episode if the payoff would have been higher but since it wasn't, I'm just disappointed. They pretty much wasted the Night King and the whole White Walker plot they've been building for eight seasons and that sucks. They hyped up the Night King for seasons upon seasons, years upon years and then he goes out like THAT? There's just no way. Too many clichés, too much Hollywood, not enough drama and way too many unlogical scenes and outcomes. It's not how the show used to be. Not the show I used to enjoy a lot.
  10. Orleans

    ASoIaF character poll

    1. - 2. Male 3. Tywin Lannister 4. Daenerys Targaryen