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  1. And who do Bran wargs into that gets Hodor brain fried?.. so he is that powerful that he cannot only warg into people but also into people from another time. And in the books you have sixskins who almost manage to do it, we can asume bran is way more powerful than a simple warg, no?
  2. He is the 3 eye raven and even before becoming that powerful he is already able to warg into a person. What other reason would he have to state at they end that he would find drogon?
  3. Yes, but they weren’t supposed tu be unburn neither, but as dragons came back with the red magic so does magic, and the magic in their blood? Any way I think it was more of a Brad thing, and that’s the reason of the weird line about he finding drogon at the end; to remind the viewer that he can even warg into a dragon
  4. I think drogon didn’t kill John because because bran was warg into him or maybe it was just John’s Targaryen blood who doesn’t allow dragon to burn him to the ground. I do think John would have stand against Danny but I can see him stabbing her like that. He has always been the one who resembles the most to lord Eddard, and he has show to have the same values carrying out the sentences by himself. The stabbing scene was more in the likes of Jaime Lannister the a kid rise by lord Eddard Stark
  5. I know right! I can fins sense to these!
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