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  1. Time gaps exist as do epilogues. Cry all you want, the endgame will probably be the same.
  2. They clearly said he has visions of the past present and future
  3. I think Jon will still guard the wall and rebuild the Night's Watch but it won't follow the same rules as before.. obviously since they're cool with the Wildlings now. Goes with the "breaking the wheel" theme.
  4. Maybe the official surrender signal changes every month and this month it was bells
  5. 10. We finally got Dany Vader!!
  6. FUCKING TWILIGHT DID THE GIANT WOLVES LIKE A DECADE AGO DONT GIVE ME THAT SHIT If Jon and Ghost ever reunite I hope Ghost just completely ignore him. That's why he's called Ghost. He ghost's him right the fuck out.
  7. That's stupid, cause her and Gendry have a strong bond and he wasn't trying to impose on her or anything. I'm glad Arya stayed true to herself though.
  8. By the end, yeah. I meant when Varys and Tyrion were still discussing it.
  9. At least he gets to retire in the snow and party with the wildlings instead of getting in some stupid way by the fuckin clowns in the south
  10. I think they'd both be down to rule together (her as Queen, him as WotN) just not as Targ/Targ which is what Varys and Tyrion want
  11. Cersei: Yo all ballistas aim at that dragon, then Daenerys THE END
  12. From a visual standpoint it was a 10/10 The writing however was pure ass and ruined a decade of build up lmao
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