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  1. The sequence of events that I remember are as follows - Rhaegar fell on the Trident. Viserys and a pregnant Rhaella then fled to Dragonstone. Viserys was then made heir apparent, passing over Rhaegars actual legitimate infant son Aegon (son of Elia Martell). After Aerys was assassinated, Viserys was then named king of the seven kingdoms. Aegon was also killed by the Mountain just prior to Aerys’ death. Jon Sand/Snow/Targaryen was then born. Daenerys was then born. Viserys was then killed by Drogo, leaving Daenerys as the sole supposed heir. It seems like Rhaegar’s line of heirs were skipped altogether even though baby Aegon was still alive after Rhaegar died. It may be cause Viserys was full Targaryen by blood while Aegon was not but I am not sure. So if Aegon was left out, why would Jon Snow/Sand be considered any type of heir - who btw was never actually legitimatized. And I don’t know how a high septon can just annul a marriage for no apparent reason. It seemed like something D&D just threw in there when Sam made that out of nowhere revelation. What I am saying is that Dany was the next in line after Viserys. At the very least, she has a very strong claim to the Iron throne at least by heritability. I know that’s not what was actually presented on the show but it was really because it was D&D and they aren’t really even going to actually try to be accurate when it comes to Westerosi history.
  2. Westerosi

    Purpose of the wall now ?

    It’s just another huge plot hole or crater in the disaster that is season 8. There is no point to the Nights Watch. The white walkers are gone and dealt with according to the show. The wildlings are part of the Northmen too as they were integrated into their kingdom. Moreover, the north is “independent”. Why should the six kingdoms care about sending people (voluntarily or involuntarily) all the way there? On the other hand, why would the North even want to accept their undesirables? In other words, the whole concept of the wall existing anymore makes no sense anymore. It makes sense that Jon would want to go back to the north but the whole contrived way to get him there makes no sense to me. And if you ask me as well, keeping the NW will again worsen and demonize the wildlings over time with witch peace and understanding had already been achieved.
  3. Westerosi

    "Bittersweet" can't happen in the show

    I completely agree! Excellent run down of how horribly D&D ruined each and every character in their incoherent mad dash to finish this series.
  4. Westerosi

    Season 8: News, Spoilers And Leaks

    More purported Episode 6 leaks -
  5. Westerosi

    Season 8: News, Spoilers And Leaks

    It would be interesting if Bran warged into Drogon who then carried Dany’s lifeless body to the north where she could be resurrected as someone who is undead. It would fit with the house of undying vision where she does end up north of the wall. i just don’t think it will happen though. D&D will probably keep it simple and bitter. The way Dany killed thousands of innocents means that she has to go. Jon or Arya will do the deed and Drogon will then carry her lifeless body to parts of unknown. And that’s a wrap for dany.
  6. Westerosi

    Mourning Dany

    Not only that but the Tarly's (and Tyrells) actually stayed loyal to fought for the Targaryens during Robert’s rebellion.
  7. Westerosi

    What the fuck did I just watch?

    The episode had nice CGI moments at the beginning, but still fell completely flat. It’s like D&D forsake consistent narrative for all this warp speed CGI crap. It felt like I was watching a cheesy disaster monster flick. They instantly made Dany into some deranged crazy person just as the Bells were about to go off. That moment felt forced and unearned to the point of comical. The destruction that then ensued was shocking at the beginning but then dragged on endlessly. Maybe it was to drive home the point the unfathomable that Dany was doing, but it become boring. It didn’t help that we didn’t get to see the perspective of Dany as she was wreaking all this havoc on the people of Kings Landing. I guess they really wanted to drive home the point that Dany will need to be removed (killed) by someone in particular in the next episode. I hated Jamie’s ending. I get that Cersei was like an addiction for him, but I also thought he changed overtime for the better. Moreover Cersei had threatened his life and even then tried to have him killed. I guess it’s poetic that these two shared the same womb, cake into the world together, and then died together. But it still was a disappointment for me nonetheless. I guess they had to “castrate” (for lack of better word) her for this episode to make Dany the real monster. Someone as vicious as Cersei would have had some tricks up her sleeve. In the end, she just stood there doing nothing - just like the rest of this very disappointing season. Her death was also very disappointing. They gave her a very tender and heartfelt death when she didn’t deserve any of it. I wish they had her die by dragon fire or by one of the prophecies.
  8. I wholeheartedly agree.
  9. Westerosi

    Season 8: News, Spoilers And Leaks

    Wholeheartedly agree. Varys, Sansa, and even Tyrion are not focusing their outrage on what Cersei has done and what she is doing now. We rarely hear about what happened at the Sept of Balor and the surrounding neighborhoods with all that wild fire. It’s brushed under the rug by D&D. The end result of it was just Cersei becoming queen despite having no legitimate claim. They are not showing outrage that Cersei would use the poor as human shields. It’s all side stepped. The focus is on trying to convince us in the last 3 episodes that Dany is unhinged and scary. It’s pointed out to us that Tyrion is quite literally scared of Dany by Sansa. Good grief! He certainly was never scared of Cersei, Tywin, or Joffrey despite the repeated attempts to have him killed. It’s all so contrived that I want to puke.
  10. Westerosi

    Season 8: News, Spoilers And Leaks

    Excellent read.
  11. Westerosi

    Season 8: News, Spoilers And Leaks

    I get what u are saying about Stannis as D&D openly disliked him. But Emilia is also the most visible face of GoT. If your most popular actor (and most staunch advocate) is showing such confusion and dissatisfaction, then it is obvious that what D&D put out there was just crap.
  12. Westerosi

    Season 8: News, Spoilers And Leaks

    It seems like D&D and HBO spent so much resources to stop leaks. But you can’t stop them. It’s practically impossible. It would have made more sense to direct all that time and energy to make a better and more coherent show.
  13. Westerosi

    Season 8: News, Spoilers And Leaks

    The fact that Emilia Clarke seemed shell shocked and even thinly veiled disappointment of Dany’s actions says it all about how nonsensical this ending is. An actor would not feel this way if they thought that this in line with their character. D&D went for pure shock value instead of any sort of consistency and substance.
  14. Westerosi

    Season 8: News, Spoilers And Leaks

    Wholeheartedly agreed! If they were going to trash everything and make it nonsensical, it leaves a sour taste in mouth. I don’t think I would be rewatching this again. I also normally would have given the prequels a chance but now I am so sure about them either...
  15. Westerosi

    Season 8: News, Spoilers And Leaks

    Yeah I still don’t know what the point of Jon’s identity reveal was? Was it just to throw Dany off her rocker in the last two episodes?