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  1. OneFretfulTrout

    The whole "Tower of Joy" story is flawed

    BTW why did Robert apparently never consider that Lyanna might get punished for the death of Rhaegar’s children even though she was supposedly still a captive of some remaining Targaryen loyalists? In Sansa’s, Jaime’s and other cases, this is quite important. So when Robert saw the bodies, one would expect that he’d get angry at Tywin for endangering Lyanna. ???
  2. OneFretfulTrout

    What is the importance of the Hrakkar, the White Lion?

    I don’t know if this association is intentional, but some of the animal pelts that appear throughout the books seem to be a combination of the sigil of one family/ person/ institution, and the field colour of another, like... White lion (Dany) = Lannister + Stark Red wolf (Jon Con) = Stark + Lannister/ Blackfyre (?) Shadowcat (Tyrion) = Night’s watch/Benjen + Catelyn A fusion of the foes/ people they encountered or that otherwise have influenced their storyline? Or alternatively past and future houses/ alliances/ marriages? It definitely reminds me of the westerosi wedding ceremony... Alys’ wedding in particular, since her cloak is also a combination of 2 families
  3. OneFretfulTrout

    Poll: Answer 10 mysteries of asoiaf

    1. Either we will never know or Tyrion actually killed her and has himself created a false memory. 2. Lyanna 3. Multiple people, including the Green Grace 4. Lyanna; it would be kind of funny if she became pregnant with a daughter while already pregnant- would explain the timeline 5. A Blackfyre descendant, probably Illyrio’s relative 6. Ramsay 7. Little Walder; my current guess is that Mance gave him some info, the rest he learned from Clydas, who is actually a bastard brother of Lord Frey (both are chinless) and is now sending secret messages to Lord Bolton. LW did it to appeal to Ramsay, who then killed him when he learned about it. 8. Craster’s father 9. A Stark loyalist, maybe Harwin 10. A concept
  4. OneFretfulTrout

    How do you think Tommen and Myrcella will die?

    Is there no way to avoid infanticide? Maybe some sort of Romeo and Juliet -like sham death?
  5. I didn’t know this detail about Merlin’s death (thanks a lot!) and now that you mention it, this also somehow resembles the story of Lyanna and Robb in A song for Lya. Could it be possible that SS joined the Weirwood network before him and BR simply wanted to be with her forever?
  6. OneFretfulTrout

    So where would you live ?

    The Neck: largely unmapped, can’t be invaded by armies, plus interesting flora and fauna... and from time to time you might get the chance to shoot arrows at some Freys who make the mistake to come to close to your lands
  7. OneFretfulTrout

    Jon being resurrected?

    Do we know how the wight curse is transferred? For Catelyn’s revival all it needed was a kiss from someone who has been previously revived as a fire wight. So if the two bodies that Jon brought with him south of the wall were to rise .....and Bowen & co decided to store his body in the same cell...... ? On the other hand I think they would already have had blue eyes at the time they were found if they were supposed to be become wights.
  8. OneFretfulTrout

    Stannis wrote the Pink Letter. Clydas changed it

    But to come back to the original topic of this thread: Could the ‘pink-eyed mole’ indeed be what his description implies: A spy of the pink Lord? Why not? It is also interesting that he can read and write, suggesting that he is not a nobody, and yet we do not know his family name...? BTW are there any other characters except for Clydas and the Freys who are described as “chinless“?
  9. OneFretfulTrout

    The perfumed seneschal

    I personally think the perfumed Seneschal is another universal symbol that is used to link the different story lines with each other, just like bells are used throughout multiple books and storylines as a symbol of impending doom: “Mind the bells. Those who come late to meals won’t eat.” That’s what Masha says to Catelyn back in book 1. This line clearly foreshadows the red wedding, but it actually applies to many other situations just as well, e.g. Cressen and Patchface, Dany and the Dothraki, Jon Connington and the Battle of the Bells.... Therefore I suppose that each character who is at this point in the story close to one of the Seneschal candidates should beware of him/ her... or should have been ... like Kevan with Varys, Dany with Reznak, Tyrion with the SQ.... so Samwell might do better in the next book to mistrust the Seneschal of the Citadel as well?
  10. I was referring to fArya, Alys and Barra
  11. “What is the life of one (girl) against a kingdom?” “Everything.” Davos, ASoS
  12. OneFretfulTrout

    Seeing the bigger bigger picture.

    That we are all half rotten onions?
  13. OneFretfulTrout

    Strangest Possible Ending

    Or how about this one: Lady Ermesande turns out to be the reincarnation of the Night’s queen (her birth roughly coincides with the increase in missing rangers). Her husband Tyrek noticed that his wife was acting strange, therefore she disposed of him in the chaos of the riots. Killing her will put an end to the attacks of WW. I always found this baby suspicious. She is always around when bad things happen. Also her name resembles Melisandre - and I don’t trust her either....
  14. OneFretfulTrout

    Stannis wrote the Pink Letter. Clydas changed it

    Right now it seems as if Stannis wants to go with the second option. At least, if he wanted to install him as the new Lord of Pyke he wouldn’t have chained him to the wall like a criminal. Therefore I think Theon has to give him a good reason to spare his life. The main reason why I thought the letter was Theon’s own plan and that Stannis just sort of gave him permission to sent it is this quote from the sample chapter: “Unchain me, and I will serve you.” This just reminded me of the scene where Theon finds Reek. It would be funny if the whole story would repeat itself. Oh, and then there is also this scene in ASoS when Jon remembers during the fight at castle Black how Theon once told him that he preferred to kill with goose feathers. Though of course this does not necessarily mean that he has to be the author of the letter that kills him. Yes, I agree that this is the main argument against Theon being the author. On the other hand, he still hasn’t revealed that Bran and Rickon are still alive... so maybe he will use that as his wildcard? In the end I just hope that the letter will turn out to be a fake, one way or another... If I had to assign one scene to each character in the books that reflects their personality, for Stannis I would choose the one in which Pylos reads out the first draft of the letter about Joffrey’s parentage and he just tells him to change “my beloved brother Robert” to simply “my brother Robert” as there was no love between them. For me this scene just perfectly reflects his nature. Of course some of his decisions later on contradict with this, but I believe that he was only able to do all these things because of Melisandre’s influence. Like when his wife and the queen’s men all urge him to burn Edric, he initially dismisses the idea, telling them that they are idiots to believe in magic- then Melisandre only touches him and all of a sudden he starts talking about how marvellous it would be to ride a dragon. Here he appears a bit like the fire version of the Night’s king (“when he gave her his seed he gave his soul as well”). But I still think that, as long as Melisandre is not around to direct his actions, he tends to fall back into his old behavioural patterns. I don’t deny that he also used certain ruses in the past, I only meant that I can’t see him dictating phrases like “... I made him a cloak from the skins of the six wildling women...”. I also believe that he would need someone else to propose the basic plan because he seems to be incapable of talking about such things straightforward. Instead he avoids the names of his ‘victims’ and grinds his teeth. He is repelled by people like Theon who have betrayed and deceived others. Doing the same things as them makes him feel ashamed, it destroys him mentally. Thus, I assumed that if he had anything to do with the letter he would need someone else to act as his ‘devil on his shoulder’. PS: Does anybody know if the Citadel teaches dentistry as well? Because if he continues to grind his teeth all the time Stannis will surely need a dentist by the end of the series...
  15. OneFretfulTrout

    Dragon Eggs in Winterfell

    I am wondering why GRRM wastes half a page of Bran’s final chapter in ACoK on the description of Winterfell’s First Keep that was destroyed by the fire. He even describes the privy that can now be seen from the outside because the walls are missing. Aren’t there other things to worry about? Like all the people you used to grow up with that are probably dead now? Or Master Luwin slowly dying in the godswood?? Then I combined the information: Large Serpent (the thing that Summer sees in the sky) + toilet = Harry Potter & TCoS Only conclusion possible: Winterfell must have a secret underground chamber in which somebody hid a giant serpent (i.e. dragon) that now broke free. The first keep was the entrance- therefore it was abandoned. only question that remains: who is the heir that can control it.... and who are it’s enemies?