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  1. Did the first men actually understand the cotf's religion? Maybe they used to perform blood rituals before they started to worship the old gods and then mixed old and new beliefs? Did they come up with the idea that the trees would give them also special powers (or their blessing, or whatever) if they used an unnatural (but supposedly more powerful) fertilizer? We are told that the oak is at the same time the acorn- Could this imply that the weirwood tree in the vision is also partially still a child and thus may have reacted in the same way as Bran? Does the statement "they could not hear him" also mean that they did not understand the will of the trees? And if they were indeed successful (?) and got something in return for the blood, was this gift "corrupted" because it was not a natural death? At least, I'd expect some kind of downside as it was not a 'true' sacrifice (as opposed to Bran). Are the trees now themselves corrupted because all these vengeful human spirits are now inside of them? And was the prupose of the paste to make it easier for Bran to find this memory among all other memories? Is his mission to prevent such rituals from happening again and to appease the old gods? ???
  2. BTW why did Robert apparently never consider that Lyanna might get punished for the death of Rhaegar’s children even though she was supposedly still a captive of some remaining Targaryen loyalists? In Sansa’s, Jaime’s and other cases, this is quite important. So when Robert saw the bodies, one would expect that he’d get angry at Tywin for endangering Lyanna. ???
  3. I don’t know if this association is intentional, but some of the animal pelts that appear throughout the books seem to be a combination of the sigil of one family/ person/ institution, and the field colour of another, like... White lion (Dany) = Lannister + Stark Red wolf (Jon Con) = Stark + Lannister/ Blackfyre (?) Shadowcat (Tyrion) = Night’s watch/Benjen + Catelyn A fusion of the foes/ people they encountered or that otherwise have influenced their storyline? Or alternatively past and future houses/ alliances/ marriages? It definitely reminds me of the westerosi wedding ceremony... Alys’ wedding in particular, since her cloak is also a combination of 2 families
  4. The Neck: largely unmapped, can’t be invaded by armies, plus interesting flora and fauna... and from time to time you might get the chance to shoot arrows at some Freys who make the mistake to come to close to your lands
  5. Do we know how the wight curse is transferred? For Catelyn’s revival all it needed was a kiss from someone who has been previously revived as a fire wight. So if the two bodies that Jon brought with him south of the wall were to rise .....and Bowen & co decided to store his body in the same cell...... ? On the other hand I think they would already have had blue eyes at the time they were found if they were supposed to be become wights.
  6. The rumor of Lyanna‘s abduction couldn’t have spread through some commoners who might have seen them travelling south, because in AGoT the people (who got attacked by G Clegane) didn’t even realise that Ned is not the king, despite wearing the colours of House Stark. Similarly, the Mallisters did not recognise Cat when they met on the kingsroad. Hence, even if people saw Lyanna and Rhaegar on the road, they probably would have said something like „hey, guess what, today I saw the prince riding south with some pretty girl, was that his wife? Wasn’t she from Dorne? This one didn’t look like it though...“ So Brandon must have learned about them through someone who knew her personally (as long as they didn’t carry like large banners or shields with them). Do we know what Howland Reed did all this time after the tournament?
  7. I somehow always assumed that she is the mother of Tyene.... wasn’t her mother also a septa? Though in that case she probably dyed her hair because Tyene is blond if I remember correctly
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