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    Russell Merryweather

    I re-read AFfC and stumbled upon Russell Merryweather, son of Taena of Myr and Orton. Cersei asks Taena to foster Russell in King's Landing, which she "needs to consider", and I believe Cersei asked it one time before this. Since Cersei is captured afterwards and Taena flees, this is to my knowledge not mentioned again. Is there any reason for Taena to decline the offer? Since her son would become close friends with Tommen, the king, which seems an interesting offer. For some reason my gut says that something was wrong, so did Taena fear for her son's life for some reason? Was she betraying Cersei? And if so, why did the ever-so-suspicious Cersei not experience this "rejection" as suspicious? Thanks!
  2. BasterdsAndBrokenThings

    Frey Reaction to Lancel's abandoning Amarei

    Don't think they will act, not against the Lannisters, not now. I believe Genna Lannister says something about Jeyne Darry (Amarei's aunt) in AFFC, who was married to Cleos Frey. In that case Tywin or or Willem Frey could secure Darry if Amarei can not secure it one way or another, so it would stay in the family.
  3. BasterdsAndBrokenThings

    Fave moment in AFFC?

    Liked the Jaime chapters most I guess, the best is when he picks out Tom of Sevenstreams and Edmure says: "No. Not him. Get him away from me." Seeing as Tom boasts about writing that song The Floppy Fish about him and it is just too much for Edmure to handle.
  4. BasterdsAndBrokenThings

    Wedding between Cersei and Robert

    I don't think so. I believe in AFFC chapter Cersei VI it is stated that highborn girls can lose their maidenhead by horse riding. And as stated above, he was probably to drunk to notice/care.