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  1. Sure threatening to burn Qarth to the ground wasn't totally random either. You fanboys are ridiculous!!!
  2. Again justifying atrocities. He could have been jailed or punished. No instead he gets tortured and she is smug about it all. And you want to make excuses for everything why was he angry? Oh cause that very baby was unpaid for. She's always been submit or die and how can you not possibly see that as a tyrant is beyond me. fanboy stuff.
  3. She cheered and laughed at her brother tortured. She used all violence to scare, intimidate, and murder and opponents. Duh! Lmao anyone who didn't see it coming or how cold she was is biased af.
  4. Lolgotfan

    So what was this long story all about?

    Bran is blood raven who manipulated the entire thing to become king. Follow the story it isn't some innocent lovey dovey win lol
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    She has 0 negotiation skills or compromise. Without Tyrion she would have already burned kings landing to the ground. She kills anyone who refuses to be her servant simply because of her last name and false belief of last targaryen? How people haven't seen her psycho leanings for seasons is beyond me. Too much emotion dictating their perception. If it was about fair rule and birth right etc. She would be supporting Jon's claims immediately. No she's self-serving willing to sit on the throne at all costs.