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  1. Chris is my name

    [Poll] How would you rate episode 806?

    There appears to be a bottomless trove of incompetence easter eggs laid by D & D: Sam representing the Reach (I suppose because of the Citadel/Oldtown?) even though he skipped out on his training and stole secret texts? And isn't he still bound to the NW anyway? Even worse, moments later they remind us that Bronn is in charge of Highgarden and also Lord Paramount of the Reach! Why wasn't he at the council?? They must take us for absolute fools.
  2. Chris is my name

    Destiny of Jon Snow

    Another sign of the dismal writing is that no one can even agree on what happened, much less what it may mean.
  3. Chris is my name

    Dany CAN (And Shall???) Rise Again!!!

    I mean, someone had to say it.
  4. Chris is my name

    Bran book vs show

    Well the last bit we have for Bran is him meeting the Three-Eyed Crow for the first time and having some (seemingly important) visions. This was in 2011. So everything from S6 onward (Bran was left out of S5 entirely) is the show's confusing invention.
  5. Chris is my name

    [Poll] How would you rate episode 806?

    This is the exact reason that the "books done/secret deal with HBO" conspiracy was absolute bollocks. Hopefully everyone can see that now.
  6. I suspect full-Targ Dany is going to happen more effectively in the books, so I am not really too concerned about that; I think what we're all worried about now is King Bran. As I mull it over, the "King Bran the Broken" bit was just D & D's oversimplified version (I know, shocker) of what the bigger implications of what GRRM may have told them. It's also possible that they just completely missed the point. When I look at it all now, it looks to me that the EndBranGame may actually be that the conclusion of the story involves the final victory for the Children of the Forest. Basically they had two weapons with which to fight man: the WW and. . .prophecy. Since the Children couldn't beat man on the battlefield, they created a WMD, the Others, which man was able to contain by building the Wall. Failing in that, they used the 3ER to make humanity kill itself through commitment to falsified prophecies. Not sure of all the details and implications, but having man think they "won" and are safe when in actual fact the main agent of the Children sits the throne may be. . kind of interesting? Not sure.
  7. Chris is my name

    Bran Truly Was The Best Possible Choice To Rule

    Honestly I think the potential merits of Bran's rule are completely moot: it is based on the knowledge and bias that we have as viewers. Are we expected to believe that everyone just plainly accepts that this boy is a benevolent and omniscient being? They spent no time whatsoever establishing why this claim should be taken at all seriously by the characters in the show.
  8. Chris is my name


    Judging by the panicked bombardment of "PLEASE STAY WITH HBO" trailers that bookended the episode, I would not be surprised if these open endings were partially at the demand of HBO as an insurance policy on the future.
  9. Chris is my name


    This is one (of the MANY) problems with D & D; and let's just limit ourselves to this season: they got pathologically obsessed with "callbacks" and easter eggs that they built their entire [withholds gag] story [clears throat] around trying to show how clever they are. Did they actually think we'd be so impressed with the echos of a time when the show was good that we wouldn't notice that what is on the screen made absolutely no sense?
  10. Chris is my name

    Bran's Final Purpose

    I mean, it's possible, but I don't think there is much evidence for this at all. To me, the scene with Varys that opens episode 5 was there simply to fast-track our attention to the fact that her advisors were abandoning her and set up the "madness" turn.
  11. Chris is my name

    Books vs Show: How much difference?

    Which market are you in? In the States they are still generally sold as one volume. And if it were to be split, I would personally rather the actual narrative be cut in two, rather than splitting POVs on the same timeline (like AFFC/ADWD.) But as of today he is ". . .back home again now, and back once more in Westeros, working on WINDS… which, let me add once more, has NOT been finished and hidden away for years. (sigh) " http://georgerrmartin.com/notablog/2019/05/19/more-stuff-more-nonsense/
  12. I feel like this mostly stems from the conflation of the show's plotting with where we're at on the page (given how long WINDS is taking, it is becoming increasingly common, even in myself.) I don't really see much of this at all in the books. The closest thing, perhaps, is Dany's attempts at establishing herself in Meereen, but I feel like that part of her story is more about Dany learning to be effective rather than creating radical innovations in governance (as the show put forward.) This is likely because, for a major network, a story that ends in the confirmation (passively or actively) of a patrilineal/hereditary monarchy might be. . .problematic. . .for modern audiences; ironic considering the widespread popularity and fascination with royal culture. Frankly I think this bias toward democracy reveals more about the showrunners than it does about our text. As to the notion of some rule by Council: even the Council of 101AC was not a council formed to rule, but one to choose who had the stronger hereditary claim on the throne. There doesn't seem to be any suggestion at all in the books that the Westerosi system of government is under threat. All of the issues that exist are inherit to the system and not necessarily a trend towards some seismic shift in the order (as you so aptly analyzed.)
  13. Chris is my name

    Books vs Show: How much difference?

    Do we know this? He said on his blog that the publishers were considering splitting it into two but that he was strongly resisting it; has that changed?
  14. Chris is my name

    Bran's Final Purpose

    That's the part that is strange in the show: all of that story, Bran/Jojen/Meera's relentless march north, the frying of Hodor, the visions; it was all just about giving a knife to Arya?