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  1. i liked the last episode, eventhough i think it had some weaknesses, i really liked the last season of game of thrones, but of all thoses six episodes, i strongly disagree that the last one is the one that would deserve a writing nomination... episode 2 however....
  2. Yes, but to be honest, it's not that she let him die the big red flag to me, it's the look on her face when it happends. She looks like she's either feeling nothing, or worse, like you said about Drogo's speech, she's turned on. For comparaison, we can see Tyrion's reaction to discovering Cersei and Jaime's bodies in the rumbles, he cries... Cersei hated him his whole life, tried to have him killed, and yet, not only he tries to save her life, but he's overflown with sadness when he realises his big sister (and of course his big brother toot) is dead.
  3. There were a lot of other red flags actually. In season one she watches her brother being killed without batting an eye.. yes he was a bad person, but he was her brother, she grew up with him, she could have at least shed a tear, show an emotion, but not, she had that stare, the same stare she had everytime she killed someone, no emotion, and a slight fascination toward what was happening before her.
  4. no it's insanity, whether it worked or not. She did it based on a dream, it's not a rational thing, also, magic was not really a thing of this world anymore, and what she knew about dragons was that they reproduced naturally, she had no good reason to think putting fossilized eggs into a pyre would make them hatch
  5. I see a lot of people arguing wether Daenerys has always been evil (and there are who think that if it's supposed to be the case, then it was poorly established), or if she was good and turned evil all of a sudden (and there are who think that if it's supposed to be the case, then it was poorly established)... The few past days, i have watched the show again, from the beginning, knowing what would happen, and something struck me. Her dark side was indeed always here, from the first season. For example, you can see that everytime she watches someone die (especially her brother, even if he was evil... for comparaison, look at Tyrion, who tries to save his sister, eventhough she hates him, and cries when he finds her dead), she shows no emotion, no sadness, no disgust, nothing (with a few notable exceptions, like Jorah or Missandeï). Even when she watches the former master being ripped in halves by her dragons in Mereen... to me it's not a sign of a great mental health. However, there was also, from the beginning, a bright side of her, and i don't think she was just pretending. They say that everytime a Taragryen is born, the gods flip a coin... I think her coin had landed on the edge and she was dancing between her light and dark sides... until the two last seasons (and especially season 8) where she lost everything that helped her balance her two sides (her dragons, Jorah, Missandeï, the love of the peoples she wanted to rule...) and in the end, the coin fell on the wrong side. So, those who complain that a credible character developpement from a good Dany to a bad Dany was not done properly are right about this, but this is because it's not what was happening, Dany had always been half good and half bad, and she had to balance her two sides. That is why the events that made her loose balance had to happen in a short time, because what made her "turn" had to be something she wouldn't have time to balance.
  6. Yes that's crazy, even if in this instance she ends up being right... if you jump into a pyre because a dream told you to do so, i will question your mental health, even if you end up unburnt and with 3 baby dragons.
  7. When she lost her child and her husband she went into a pyre in which she burned a woman alive.... it's not a sign of a great mental health... and when she lost Jorah and her second dragon, and Missandeï, and in some way the love of Jon, and Varys betrayed her... she snaped again... except that this time she had lost even more, and she had a full grown dragon...
  8. oh, my bad then, i rewatched the whole show recently, but i was working on my computer at the same time, i may have made bad assumption about this.
  9. exactly, and actually she does worse than threatening to burn Qarth... she sacks the city at the end of season 2 (can't remember if it happens in the book too, but we're talking about the show here)... what valid motive does she have to sack Qarth? none... yeah 2 guys from that city (Xaro Xoan Doxos and Pyat Pree) tried to steal her dragons, and the Spice King was not a very pleasant man, but that's about it, that does not justify sacking the city, there were probably hundreds if not thousands of dead peoples just because two and half guys were not very nice to her....
  10. There is a "good" reason for her to do that... she simply despises Westeros. On Essos she was freeing slaves, and slaves loved her for that, the worshipped her, they made her feel like she was a messiah... and then she came to Westeros, for all the wrong reasons, but in her head she was going to be their messiah too, they were going to love her... and they did not, because they saw her for what she was... troubles... fire and blood. She had nothing to offer to Westeros, until Jon came and told her about the threat from the north, so she went north, she lost a dragon, she lost a huge chunk of her army, and she was hoping the north would worship her like the salves in Essos for that... but they didn't... and they didn't have to, after all, Jaime also fought in the north, he didn't ask anyone to bend the knee, Sandor Clegane fought in the north tooo, and he didn't ask anyone to bend the knee, but Daenerys felt they all had to thank her for that. Yet, they didn't, worst, she didn't even kill the Night King, Arya did, and even worse Jon is the real heir to the Targaryen throne... all the lies she told herself, how the throne was hers were crumbling... and she lost Jorah Mormont, and she lost another dragon, and then she lost Missandeï... she realized that Westeros had been only desillusions after desillusions for her, and deep in her heart she started to hate Westeros... and when the bell rang, that hate, that anger had to come out... and that's why she did this
  11. There is always a first time, if she had done evil in season 2, you would probably had said "this is not credible, if Dany is evil, she should have done something evil in season 1". Also... actually she did some evil stuffs in season 1.. like others just said... she killed Miri Maz Durr. Oh i know, Miri killed Khal Drogo... but Drogo raped and rampaged Miri's peoples, and Daenerys was on Drogo's side... yes she was showing a little more compassion than the others Dothrakis, but she was with Drogo. Daenerys could have pardonned Miri, but no, she burned her alive. At the time i did not see it, and i cheered for Dany avenging her husband, but i was wrong, Miri was on the good side, she was a victim of the Dothrakis. Like i said in other posts, some people cannot stand the idea of being wrong, especially for a long time, about someone, like that. We are witnessing a serious case of cognitive dissonance, thoses peoples had a strong belief that Daenerys was the hero, that she was a good person, and the events proved them wrong, but instead of accepting it, they blame the events. "I cannot be wrong, and if reality doesn't go as i believe it should, then reality is wrong"
  12. Of course there were hints that she would not become like her father, it would have been a lot less interesting if she had been 100% bad from the get go, she would just have been Viserys with boobs.
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