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  1. @Ser Carson, I agree that a kidnapping plot could happen, but it will be Lyn Cobray and the Mad Mouse doing it, not Little Finger. Sansa will, most likely, escape from them and instead of going back to the Vale I see her going in a different direction: Castle Black. Why? Because there's a lot of hunting imagery going on in this chapter. There's a scene where Sansa dreams of running with Jeyne and Arya. This could be a possible hint that Sansa's TWOW plot will be getting involved in the F!Arya plot. A possible scenario is that once Sansa lands on White Harbor by ship she will be captured by Bolton men who assume she's Jeyne - because of her dark hair and age - and bring her to Winterfell. A very dark scenario, considering we all know what Ramsay would do to Sansa, but we should keep in mind that this is a possibility. After all, it has been established that TWOW will be a very dark book. However, there's a silver lining in this: Mance Rayder. Jon has sent Mance to Winterfell in hopes he would save "Arya", but she is already gone from Winterfell. Mance is right now, assuming he has been captured by Ramsay, being tortured for nothing. That's cruel. Especially since he really wanted to save F!Arya. Wouldn't his sacrifice be better if he did save a daughter of Lord Eddard? And from this scenario, we would get a very interesting subversion of the fairy tale Little Red Riding Hood: Little Red Riding Hood (Sansa) runs away from her Grandmother's (Lyarra Stark) home (Winterfell) in order to get to her family. The evil huntsman (Ramsay) goes on a hunt for her but she gets saved by the good wolf (Ghost!Jon).
  2. Don't see Sansa marrying Harry the Heir. His title foreshadows he will die at an early age. The Young Dragon died at the age of 18. The Young Wolf died at the age of 17. Fake!Aegon, who will most likely die at the hands of Dany, is called the Young Griff. So Harrold Hardying, the young falcon, will die and something tells me he dies in the second Alayne chapter.
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