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  1. I wish i could feel the same way you do. I'm just disappointed on those 2 pseudo writers for ruining a potential masterpiece with their own hands, they couldn't just write without book materials, let's face it!and of course GRRM, i get it it's hard work, i could even wait 10 but the point is that your story, or at least some major plotlines have been spoiled. A tv show or a movie has always been inspired by a book/novel, this is the first time in history that a tv show goes over the books it got the inspiration from....and badly spoil it.. I'm just really sad, considering i started reading it in 2005
  2. I don't think so. Book readers would buy the book no matter what, we need to read a better story than this show storyline(even if i'm afraid we could get some disappointments on the way), i've waited so long and no way i ain't going to read it. Plus in my opinion people that never have read the books(or started after the show was available) are going to start now that the show is ended and want/hope to know more about this marvelous story(at least it was before the last 2 seasons).
  3. my concerns were not really about her, i was hoping that the winter could have got to KL and more storyline given to the WW...
  4. If you remember on season 2 when Daenerys was in the house of the Undying there was a vision of the throne and i thought it was snow falling through the ceiling, but now i realized that were ashes. So my concern is if they knew it all along back to season 2, GRRM was definetely aware of this and probaly he told them this kind of finale... and this is a scary thought
  5. I don't think GRRM will follow this same storyline, i hope at least.. This is just the show writers modified and distorted storyline
  6. 1 only because can't rate with 0. same for all episoded of this season and the previous one.. Without books they can't just write anything but high school drama contents.. I have the feeling that the book release date will be announced after the end of this crap, he couldn't do it before for contract obligations.. Cersei going like that made me really sad, even more than the NK defeat..
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