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  1. White Night

    Why doesn’t Dorne have a navy?

    It's been suggested that the Martells are involved in piracy and the salve trade from which they derive their wealth.
  2. White Night

    Varys the Sorcerer

    The best lies have an element of truth in them. Mayhaps that actually happened to him but had an opposite effect on him; ie, it made him believe in blood magic and the power of the gods. I've always wondered why he's heavily powdered and why no one notices his eye colour. Is it because he's a woman or an uncastrated man?
  3. White Night

    Varys the Sorcerer

    Varys' story of him being castrated as a child is both emotional and thought evoking. You cannot help but feel sympathy for the conniving eunuch for going through such a disturbing ordeal as a child. It also makes you wonder as to Varys' identity and why his manhood was sought after by the sorcerer. The story itself does not raise any suspicion for it's too detailed to be fabricated. It also doesn't seem to advance any agenda for Varys other than establishing him as a character who's developed a hatred for--or even fear of-- magic and those practice it, as the eunuch himself puts it However upon rereading Varys' conversation with Illyrio in King's Landing, one cannot help but wonder about the repetitive use of magic-related terms in the description of the Spy Master. Considering the traumatising experience of losing one's manhood and Varys' self proclaimed hatred for magic and sorcery, Illyrio's choice of words is odd.
  4. White Night

    There's Something about Leaf

  5. White Night

    There's Something about Leaf

    Throughout the series, Starks have always been associated with cold and Winter. Something that can casually be dismissed as merely a reference to their climate, but it seems that there's a more a sinister tone to it, especially their house words, WINTER IS COMING. The name Brandon Stark seems to be especially associated with the magical cold elements, such as the Night's King who's rumoured to be a Brandon Stark. Also, Branden the Builder who's linked to the Wall and Winterfell. I have a feeling as well that Coldhand's name was Branden Stark.
  6. White Night

    There's Something about Leaf

    Bran's last chapter in ADwD is full of little treasures that are easy to overlook at first or second reading. When Leaf was asked about her speaking the Common Tongue she said According to her statement, two conclusions can be drawn: She learned the common tongue specifically for Bran, & she knew about Bran for at least 200 years. Even if we disregard this statement completely, the following quote by Bloodraven confirms the theory that Bran's arrival was anticipated This indicates that Bloodraven has been waiting for Bran since, at least, Eddard's birth, i.e., 35 years ago. Another significant point is the hidden greenseers that Bran sees when he goes exploring deep into places that Leaf explicitly warned him not to explore. And when he does wander, this is what he finds Yet they refer to Bloodraven as the last greenseer. The only explanation I find for this discrepancy is that, perhaps, it's to convince Bran that the survival of the human race depends on him completely in an attempt to prevent him from leaving. There are many hints in the book that Bran was not the only person approached by the greenseers of the CotF's godhood. First Bran's first falling dream: We can perhaps conclude that those bones are the result of failed attempts to awaken the third eye of those now deceased. In addition Another interesting observation it seems that only after a near-death experience that those chosen are first approached. It seems also highly probably that Patchface was also approached by Bloodraven when he drowned in the sea, which explains some of his strange statements. Under the sea seems to be a reference to his near-death experience because that is where he actually was when he experienced those dreams/visions. I think this is a reference to Bloodraven appearing to him as a fish as opposed to crow, since he's experiencing those dreams/visions in the sea. Remember the description of the CotF's cave There's also the many associations of death and blood with the CotF and their weirwoods, such as this quote from Jon's dream I'm not convinced yet that the CotF have an evil agenda, but I do believe there's more to them than they openly reveal to Bran, and, therefore, the reader. It seems highly unlikely that they are merely pacifist creatures resigned to their eventual doom in the world that men have made and are simply working diligently to help humanity at their own expense. This is not what would be expected of GRRM.