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  1. Pauld123

    Two Questions about this Episode

    Czechoslovakia - Split into Czech Republic and Slovakia on January 1st 1993. Very peaceful, good relations remain. Also a significant amount of British Colonies declared independence without a fight or recrimination and now exits in a peaceful commonwealth with UK, Which is I assume the relationship Sansa wants with the six kingdoms.
  2. Pauld123


    Westeros had to appease him because he had 1000 soldiers ready to start a riot. No one wanted another battle. However, no way would Sansa let him be executed. However, as the unsullied have all now pissed off to Narth, surely Jon can just wander back down in a year or so.
  3. Pauld123

    The Six Kingdoms

    I am not sure what your point is? The paradise was in the future. Dany was clear that this was a transitional phase, that it would be ugly but the future would be good. You seem to be doing nothing more than highlighting that the current situation is ugly. Which has already been established, so why make that point, it is kinda just stating the obvious. Did anyone at all in the show have any evidence whatsoever that after the conquest that she couldn't start to build a better world?
  4. I'm sorry but all your effort is wasted. Fantastic effort though it was. It is wasted because you have applied intelligence to understanding the writing of D&D, who put less intelligence into writing it. To decode the intricacies behind a genius message, the message first has to come from a genius. And D&D are no geniuses
  5. Pauld123

    So what was this long story all about?

    I still think that in the end very little has changed. Life in Westoros is still pretty much as it was before Joeffry/Cersei. Life continues, poor are poor, lords are lords. Samuel's attempt at genuine democracy was literally laughed at. So the king will be elected from now on (like some sort of mafia commission) but that King will still have to come from a Noble family which means you can still only become King via birthright. People are still not free, they still serve, they still live under the oppression of self-entitled nepotistic rulers. The life standards of the vast majority of people in Westeros is still pretty miserable. The wheel has not been broken - The more things change the more they stay the same.
  6. Pauld123

    So what was this long story all about?

    I take it to mean that actually you can never break the wheel. In the end I very much agreed with Dany. Perhaps the next few wars would be bloody but eventually she would have become a juggernaut and there would be no more need for war, surrender would have been automatic. She could have built that paradise. You could see she was sad about innocent death but genuinely felt the end of a glorious paradise justified the means. She wasn't evil or insane. I think she was hasty and ruthless. Instead - the more things change, the more they stay the same.
  7. Pauld123

    The Six Kingdoms

    Is this what the show is telling us? You cannot break the wheel? Ok there is now a sort of roman democracy but that is a fairly slim form of democracy. Ultimatley there is still a king, the arguments in the Hand's meetings pretty much are the same. Everything is pretty much the same. Dany wanted to break the wheel for all but openly admitted that the only route would be a morally difficult one. But at the end of that journey would be a paradise. Thing is, Jon would rather the unfair system they had with a slight few tweaks than actually take the journey to paradise.
  8. Pauld123

    Final decision: Was Cersei pregnant?

    Yes, she was definitely pregnant. Not necessarily because of anything in the show itself but simply cause D&D said she was. So no doubt, it was true.
  9. Pauld123

    Mourning Dany

    I don't like 20th centuary analogies to GOT, but somone above mentioned Hiroshima. The war was more or less over. Germany had surrendered following Italy. Japan was ready to give in. USA could hear the bells ringing, but launched the Enola Gay anyway. That was outright mass slaughter of innocents for a cause that was pretty much won. So why do it? Firstly to positively guarantee surrender. But mostly to guarantee that there would be no re-grouping and having another attempt in a few years. USA did it not really do it to win a war but to make a statement that any future war would be doomed because of their enormous power and proveable willingness to use it. Dany simply didn't see victory as being enough. She had to end forever the thought in anyone's mind that they might challenge her authority. Is that madness? Or is that logic with a scary amount of ruthlessness? Was Harry Truman insane? Or just logical and ruthless?
  10. Pauld123

    The Perfect Ending

    A lot of people seem to rate Sansa's chances of getting the throne. i don't see it. She is strictly a Northern noble. Respected in the North but irrelevant to the Southern kingdoms. She has no royal bloodline at all and so the South would just tell her to F-off.
  11. Pauld123

    Possible explanation to "Dany gate"

    I agree with everything in the post above
  12. Pauld123

    Arya and the Horse

    Yep, Ayra will think badly of Dany but not consider it her business to kill her. Ayra only cares about her family. Dany will attack the North (therefore Sansa) and Ayra will kill her because she threatened her family directly.
  13. I really think Bran is not relevant. I think D&D just do not understand magic or religion. They don't even seem to understand scheming very well either. they understand macho bravado, battle, and power through might. They understand fight scenes and think GOT was all about big dramatic battles. They definitely don't understand dialogue. They have eradicated all religion - The seven, the old gods, the god of light, the many faced god, all written out of importance They have eradicated magic - Warging (what was Bran doing during the battle???), dead Millesandrei, Faceless Men virtually forgotten, Greyscale cured, Night King blown up, Quarth a distant memory along with Dany being impervious to fire. They removed scheming - Little finger, Varys, Olyenna, Marjory, Ramsey, The high sparrow, Tyrion (got dumb suddenly) They upped the CGI and fight scenes - That's all they can do effectively. So Bran is going to be a no-show for me, sorry that so many of you will be disappointed.
  14. Pauld123

    Jon's biggest error?

    I absolutely could not disagree with you more. The great thing about GRRM is that he is all about character driven story writing. Create the situation, create the characters, develop them fully till you understand them then just see how they would interact and what would happen next. That is so much better than a fixed future, where regardless of character or personality, defined events will happen. That just creates the sort of plot armor we have seen throughout season 8. In any major TV show the main protagonist can walk through a hail of bullets and not die because the plot is centered on them and the actor has been contracted for bags of money to play the part for xx number of episodes. You cannot really feel you know the character if the writer can just play "god-in-the-machine" and flip them totally out of personality just so an event can happen. With GRRM events can only happen if the nature of the characters in a given situation would lead to it happening. The real world is character driven not plot driven (unless you believe in the omniscient god philosophy). So character driven drama appears more real and believable.