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  1. This is literally the only way this ending makes either narrative or practical sense. I'm still heartbroken over what could have been an amazing Shakespearean tragedy or a lesson in how War Never Changes. But your headcanon will be the only thing saving future rewatches for me. Overall, there are some great scenes in this episode (Darth Dany's speech, Tyrion manipulating Jon, Sansa's coronation), and I can see how the story sketch we get to see of everything up to and including Dany's death could make for a great ending. But it remains just that - a sketch. A cruel tease that I rather wish I hadn't even watched. And it does not make up for the nonsensical writing decisions of the last two episodes; in fact they appear even worse now, considering how the same conclusion could have been reached with so few little changes towards plausibility. It's been popular saying D&D put narrative over plausibility, but it's now clear they don't even. They just don't care about character motivation, plausibility and continuity. The same narrative could have easily been told in a more plausible way, even given the self-imposed time constraints. It just makes me cynical.
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