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  1. It probably will happen though if they're intent with running with D&E as a prequel series. Likely George will provide them with an outline of what the remaining stories would entail and the showrunners will write the rest. It's not ideal, but it should be a bit harder to mess up than GoT given the simpler nature of the novellas, e.g. fewer characters, only one major arc, etc.
  2. I think we'll be very lucky to get another D&E Novella. He's up against it to get TWOW and ADOS finished. I think F&B 2 and the remaining D&E stories are a pipe dream in truth.
  3. I kind of thought that maybe she's already dead and that Brienne was brought back to life in her place to carry on exacting revenge, hence why Jaime described Brienne as looking quite different
  4. Yeah, it’s all his own doing, but I can’t blame him for being over ambitious, he probably didn’t consider how much more difficult writing would become as he got older. None of us really know what mental or physical state we will be in when we are 71. I don’t actually think he owes us two more books if he doesn’t feel up to it. It’s his life and I wish him all the best however it turns out, whether we get 1 more book, 2, or even none. And tbf, the only books that would become a bit redundant if he doesn’t finish it are Feast, Dance and Winds (although Winds alone could resolve a lot of things from Feast and Dance, making them much less redundant if Dream never happens). AGOT, Clash and Storm formulate a really tight trilogy which can be thoroughly enjoyed without reading any of the books thereafter, as most of the major plot points are settled within those books (The Stark - Lannister War, The puppet master Tywin getting slain by his tormented son, Danaery’s conquering and deciding to rule a City, Jon becoming commander of The Nights Watch). There’s obviously still questions lingering from those books, but that leaves something to the imagination. So at the very least if we don’t get another book, I’d still happily revisit those 3, although I’d struggle to bother with a Feast and Dance.
  5. I've often wondered if he's actually trying to resolve the series a book earlier than planned, resulting in a re-write. It's hard to see how he'd accomplish that, but he's clearly struggled for whatever reason to get the book done and the idea that he has another (potentially the biggest one yet) must be daunting for him). Blog posts like his latest one where he said about not having a life whilst writing kind of gives away his mindset that it's at least something of a chore for him, when he'd rather be enjoying his twilight years. I'm sure the first few books were a pure labour of love where the stories just flowed out of him onto his PC screen. And whilst I'm not saying he doesn't enjoy writing anymore, it's certainly more of a cross he has to bear these days than something he's doing out of passion. I don't know George, so I don't know that even if there was a way he felt he could wrap the series up a book early that he would do that, but it has to have crossed his mind. Every book he writes makes the next one more difficult, it's not the sheer volume of writing, it's also joining up all the links, maksing sure everything is tight, remembering the little loose ends from earlier books and making sure everything flows and makes sense. It's a mammoth piece of work and at 71 years old now, assuming AWOW does come out in 2023, when will he realistically started ADOS...in 2024? Will he want a longer break? 2025? How old will he be then? The older he gets the harder it's going to be, the motivation will dwindle. I could be wrong, I've got nothing to base it on, but I do wonder if George is looking to reign it in with this book. I'd say probably not, but it just wouldn't surprise me if he did it, just to get it off his back and allow him to enjoy the rest of his years without the prospect of ADOS lingering over him.
  6. Just reading this post of yours


    I don’t understand how this isn’t obvious to everyone reading it. 
    I miss a lot of detail and inferred plot points when reading, my ability to connect dots to create theories is next to none existent, but even I on my first read was able to deduce the conclusion that Robb names Cat as his heir. The line “She could only hope that the trap he'd planned for Moat Cailin worked as well as the one in which he'd just caught her.” is GRRM essentially telling the reader that it was Cat all along who Robb intended to name.

    I made a Reddit thread regarding this earlier today and have been basically laughed off the board for suggesting it.

    I googled around to see if it was just me who believes it and if I had misinterpreted and found your post, so I’m glad I’m not the only one who believe it was Cat who was named as heir.

    It’s baffling that the majority of readers still believe it’s Jon.

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