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  1. of little moment

    Rant & Rave without Repercussion: Burn It All Edition

    This might be an misunderstanding. I am aware that her recent actions are different than before. But as stated in my post which you quoted: Her development in "The bells" was not the issue i was mainly talking about - i referred to a statement about her past actions. In case of doubt please have a second look.
  2. of little moment

    Rant & Rave without Repercussion: Burn It All Edition

    I disagree that the "music and visual choices cued the audience to feel" that her actions were necessary. I can't recall every single situation but how they were presented varies definitely. When the Unsullied leave the city after being freed, the music is discomforting and the scene rather threatening. Also when she burns Drogo and Mirri. I am not saying it does foreshadow her recent actions, just that there also were darker tones at times. Apart from how these scenes were delivered: It's up to the viewers to reflect what happened. Was it (always) necessary/unavoidable to burn people alive? Was it necessary to punish the slavers by using their own cruel methods (crucifixion)? To lock up people in a giant safe so they would starve or run out of air? It was often easy to relate to those decisions because of the wrongs that have been done to Daenerys; and because she mostly had to oppose characters which were easy to dislike. Her freeing slaves and fighting slavers of course made her likeable. But there was often another side to her doing: Jorah hesitated to burn Mirri; Barristan asked her not crucify the masters. She was often ruthless when she didn't get her way or was being opposed and she was merciless against those who deserved punishment in her view. But she also was kind so her other traits could be accepted or (too easily) be overlooked. Long story short: In my view her portrayal (before Westeros) tended not (always) clearly to one side or another. So i think describing it as "badass" does not do it justice because of Daenerys' ambiguity. This is not about her character development last episode. That is another issue.
  3. of little moment

    Is the quality of this season low?

    Probably the best advice. Not only because of spoilers for book readers but in general. Because doing something you don't like (but can freely chose to stop at any time) takes up too much time and energy. But i didn't follow that advice myself, so i'm not saying "i did better". I kept watching out of curiosity where the story goes despite not liking various things of the TV adaption since the beginning. I regret it but it was my own inconsequence. About the quality all has been said. At times too much focus on visual effects and the narration suffered even more than before. It's ironical that the time taken to develop important story moments and character progression was at it's peak in the beginning and now falls short at the end. But considering all the characters in the books and the different settings the story takes places at, for a TV adaption that may have been too much complexity to begin with. For me one of the biggest issues is that "badass" scenes or "being badass" became more and more important. Now it affects everything. Violence being portrayed as "cool" in certain situations is contradicting the whole purpose. The design of certain characters, the way they acted and talked and how the overall dialogue developed was painful (more and more towards the end).
  4. of little moment

    Who liked sandor's ending.

    I'm not sure if you've already been there but in case it's interesting for you: there's an extra thread going further into that topic.
  5. of little moment

    Did the narrative require the destruction of Kings Landing?

    No, because of all the people that died. But i know what you mean and i agree that it's where the story was headed (everything else would really have been a surprise). Although i didn't expect that kind of destruction to the whole city (or at least because of other reasons), rather i expected it to happen mainly to the red keep/throne. But i guess it "needed" to be the capital as a whole and "burn them all" had been set up to become a painful reality. I think it's been said that the crown and the faith are the pillars of the realm. So both of them had to go to make changes possible. Sadly in a way that caused again suffering but that's what the story has always been about. After Daenerys probably Tyrion will take over if he's still able to (not as king, maybe as "hand of the people") and hopefully there will be some kind of council of the seven kingdoms or any other agreement where power gets divided and people are able to decide more for their own. But going straight to democracy would be a bit fast.
  6. of little moment

    Arya and the Horse

    So far, too survive fire (mostly unharmed) while everything around getting burned you had to be Bronn or Daenerys. But i guess Arya (again) and the horse just were lucky. Sorry for the sarcasm. In a week it's over and we'll know. I'm not much into signs at this point, especially when it comes to Arya.
  7. of little moment

    Who liked sandor's ending.

    Honestly, it made no sense taking Arya through the whole city up the red keep and then tell her to turn around to not become him. In the middle of a war zone while a dragon is destroying everything! She could have easily been dead at the end of this without having done anything else than going in and out (and she should have been because she survived for no reason while everything and everybody around her got entirely burned). Also at one point Arya is portrayed as this strong independent women and in the next moment she needs help to make an important last minute choice. Of course it makes sense that she learns it by Sandor's demise. But that he literally had to tell her without any development was just rushed (no surprise) - by now she could as well have come to the same conclusion just by herself considering all the time she has spent with him. She cares for her family and therefor has a reason to not waste her life on revenge. It gives the impression that it's entirely undecided what kind of character Arya is supposed to be. She is strong when she needs to be and needs help when others need to be helpful. Sorry for the offtopic. About Sandor: I had no hopes so i can't say i'm disappointed (not happy either). It is basically what was to be expected.
  8. of little moment

    was the Cleganebowl pointless?

    Not everyone. I had no desire for it at all but that's just me. Of course there were ways not to do it or earlier in a more "basic" way. But the showrunners explained in the making of they wanted it to happen and they used the word "epic" to describe it. So it is what it is. About it being less rewarding because of Gregor's death i would say it just shouldn't be rewarding. Neither for the viewer nor for Sandor personally. And to be fair: Gregor wasn't that much different when he was alive but that doesn't make it better how they chose to build this up. You are right that after all that Sandor has been through he clearly wasn't exactly the same person as in the beginning (i didn't give that enough thought in my first post, thanks for bringing it up!). But i think obsession needs no logical reason, so you could come up with explanations why his experiences weren't enough to change his desire for revenge and even lasted longer than his brother's (kind of-)death - but making it understandable why he acts that way would of course have been the responsibility of the writers/showrunners. Maybe him going north was already anti character development. So basically i agree that his path was not comprehensible enough - neither in the one way nor the other. They made Sandor help out in the north (two times) so he can do a little good and get sympathies, then going for revenge without second thoughts - makes him "twice as cool" (sarcasm). Their main concern was to make it appealing/epic which is in my opinion the wrong motivation and makes it truly pointless (like somebody said before). I regret that i tried to put some meaning into it in my first post.
  9. of little moment

    was the Cleganebowl pointless?

    The point of it was to be pointless. Sandor was driven mainly by hate and the craving for violent revenge which only creates more of it; therefor him fighting his brother couldn't have been part of the solution for ending the war or any other conflict (otherwise it would have become really pointless from every point of view). He even told Arya (just a bit late). Well i guess it had a point: Arya learning another important message... not to become Sandor. I never liked the term "cleganebowl" and that it even came up. That this fight of all things has been anticipated as an main event of the show, that's what really has no point for me. Since the beginning it was constantly shown how awful war and the abuse of power is. Or simple: violence is no fun. Yes there were occasions where fights have been staged for mainly entertainment purposes or where the portrayal of violence was ridiculously overdone or unnecessarily put in (maybe more in the last seasons than in the first ones), but over all it was not shown as something "appealing". So in my opinion it should have never been about making people cheer for a violent payoff. If we were talking about one of the dozen action movies where people constantly fight because of revenge which ends with a "cool showdown" i wouldn't make this point, because that's whats to be expect of those movies. But in my perception that's not what the books or even the show is(/should be) about. Before this episode i imagined (jokingly) this fight to happen on the burning ruins of the red keep and it really did( - but in the end i missed Gregor rising from the flames while the terminator theme plays). Gregor stepping up to Sandor because his hate is stronger than whatever Qyburn did too him... that was just too much, like the whole setup. I know it's fantasy and i have no idea how much personality is supposed to be left of Gregor but he was dead or near death when Qyburn turned him into this, and he did obey every order until this point. Why didn't they fight at their meeting last season if he is uncontrollable in presence of his brother? Because it needed to happen there. Yes, visually it was a fitting scenery as an resemblance of the pointless destruction happening around them... but it got too much time on screen and praise/attention in advance. Besides: I guess it was on purpose that this fight remembered me of Star Wars/Darth Vader? Also the helmets which some of the Lannister troops were wearing. No offense! Just my thoughts on this.
  10. of little moment

    Who will kill Daenerys? NO SPOILERS PLEASE!

    After the buildup and considering their relationship it seems like it has to be Jon. He said to Sam (if i remember correctly): he had people executed for lesser crimes. Not saying there will be necessarily an execution but by the rules of this world it seems likely. Before the last two episodes i was thinking of ways how this could work out with Daenerys surviving because of her conversation with Jon about pregnancy (not that i expected them to end as a happy couple): i thought she might be leaving Westeros after winning the throne and realising the price for it was too high so she would turn it down, or that she might get exiled - probably too optimistic . Now after she attacked the whole city without reason/mercy there seems hardly to be any other outcome. Jon may want to spare her but because he's being expected to be a "just king" and after the route Daenerys has taken he probable can't. Then Arya jumps out of the shadows and stabs her (sorry, couldn't help it).
  11. of little moment

    Unpopular opinion

    GRRM said on several occasions that he would never change a story because of fan expectations. And why should he? Imagine working on this for huge parts of your life and than changing the outcome you have been building up all this time just to appease the audience. Can that be said so clearly at this point? I'm not following how it is received on all the platforms but those dissatisfied are often louder. I find it very fitting where the story went. You can argue a lot about how it got there (/the issues of the show) but that left aside i wonder what would have been considered a "good ending" for a story which was at major parts about the struggle for power, how power corrupts, "the human heart in conflict with itself" (i know this is getting old), and so on. - But: Although the books will most likely come to the same conclusion it's still speculative how it will work out in detail. So for me there is a difference between criticizing the show for certain decisions and liking/not liking the ending. I'm not sure if that much people will really use their dissatisfaction as an excuse for blaming the showrunners while actually meaning GRRM; if so what would hinder them from blaming him straight? But it's the internet so i guess everything is possible. @Queen Alysanne He is quoted in that article: "The major points of the ending will be things I told [Benioff and Weiss] five or six years ago. But there may also be changes, and there’ll be a lot added." What changes he is talking about is up to speculation (unless there's a longer statement of him going into detail). In the books are far more characters and storylines to be solved. He said in an interview he often has to make changes when certain things are not working out and he has to start over. So it's always been a process where changes were being involved.
  12. of little moment

    Major Problems with Show's WW Plot

    I agree and because of that i don't see how there could be any solution for certain issues; even if there will be some final reveal about the WW or any other major twist. I don't want to talk anybody out of trying to make sense of it, but personally i just think it's futile (unless you're enjoying thinking it through). Since season one there have been those parts of the show which were in there because of popularity, entertainment, audience rating, etcetera (Bronn returning f.e.). Those aspects didn't affect the coherence like they do now, but in general "making sense" and subtlety seemed lesser of concern the more the show progressed. Supposedly the showrunners wanted to finish the show after seven seasons (but HBO wanted at least eight) so i guess the narration would have been even more compressed/simplified. Like kissdbyfire said, that seems to be all behind it. Wherever the story of the WW in the books is headed, i think it will at least be more in line with the rest of the story.
  13. of little moment

    Major Problems with Show's WW Plot

    I think it's been said explicitly that the Night King wanted to end all life, not only the 3ER. The 3ER was a "main target" as he is the "memory of the world". But the WW wouldn't have stopped at Winterfell according to this statement. Only two episodes left and considering the shows history i agree that it's unlikely that there will be any more answers - especially not for those logical issues (most of them are what they are i assume). The WW weakened Daenerys' army so she couldn't take the throne "easily". Also they forced even enemies (except Cersei) to work together so i guess that's basically why this happened (from a storytellers perspective). Logic just came short because of entertainment purposes and simplification/shortening. Overall it will probably be more coherent and in-depth in the books but that remains to be seen.