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    Why did he choose to save Cersi? Ok it was to make Jamie happy, and let them both flee to pentos where he likely wouldn’t have to see her, but doesn’t he despise cersi and want her dead no matter what? Was that not his motive for joining Dany in the first place?? im now starting to believe that maybe the only reason he joined Dany all along was to ensure he could keep his family alive. obviously we know this didn’t work but ultimately in him freeing Jamie and telling him about the secret exit, he was hoping they’d both escape regardless of what happened. has he been a snake all along or was this just solely to try and help Jamie? either way he’s clearly betrayed Dany but will she even know? I’m really interested to see where he ends up
  2. Well yea this is my point in creating the thread he WAS this connected but to me it makes sense that he lost that connection. Wether that was after he was reborn, or after he got on a dragon, I don’t know but he’s clearly not even stroked him for a while now
  3. I think he means the bit before she got captured, like when they were at sea, were they going straight to kings landing? its also a question of mine because didn’t they say something about going from winter fell to some other port, which I assumed was where Yara was? Is that where they got the ships then set off from there? This obviously happened off screen but I can’t remember what the exact plan was for this ‘smaller army’ dany mentioned
  4. Yea I mean they haven’t directly said ‘he didn’t say goodbye because it was too expensive’ I think a lot of people have justified it with that because it feeds into there overall disappointment of how the season has been written. if they could afford big scenes with it in season 1 then surely years later the budget is even bigger and as mentioned above, an extra 200k, (whilst still being a lot of money) is nothing when you imagine how much they usually spend. Plus as someone else else mentioned they could’ve still achieved it cheaper without CGI. Still my main point is, wether or not it was decided years ago that the show weren’t focusing on the wolves, it still makes perfect sense to me that ghost and Jon have drifted apart
  5. Haha! To be honest I thought it was a good explanation. It was the first thing that came to me when they looked at each other. Ghost was almost scared to go near him and Jon kinda looked like he knew it was a shame but that he just wasn’t connected to him anymore
  6. Ok I mean I have heard of that but I’m more interested in how they’re telling the story. I’ll re phrase Does anybody think that Jon not saying goodbye to ghost can be justified by the writers (Once it was already decided it’s too expensive to hug him) by them implying that he’s no longer bonded to it because he bonded with a dragon instead?
  7. I see a lot of people asking this question. I have been a follower of this forum for a while but had to sign up just to make this point lol... I believe the reason he did not say goodbye to ghost is because he is no longer bonded to him. It’s been like this ever since he bonded with the dragon instead. he’s a Targaryen now and no longer has a bond to ghost. It makes perfect sense to me, although it’s sad... Sorry if someone already pointed this out or if I’m totally wrong but that was my take on it... thoughts?