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    Have people given up all hope?

    All people wanted was good storytelling. This is an objectively terrible show at this point. Nobody is mad that they didn't see this or that happen, they're mad because the showrunners are clearly phoning it in and the finished product sucks.
  2. I don't remember the details of Season 6 very well and I sure as shit am not gonna watch that garbage again, but I seem to remember that when the Starks took back Winterfell, it was with an army of Wildlings, Stannis' leftovers, the Knights of the Vale, and just a handful of northern houses. A good chunk of the North was totally prepared to just go with the Boltons in Winterfell. So why in the hell is Sansa so intent on getting these people independence? Why is she acting like she owes them something? Also, the North should be completely decimated at this point, which is the stupidest time to be insisting on independence. They need food, maybe they need to be able to send refugees south for a time, they need resources to rebuild the wall.... like, this is the worst time to be thinking you can go it alone. And the North is functionally independent already anyway, nobody in the South wants to go there at all, and Dany has just gone through the apocalypse with you which should create a special relationship that the North would obviously benefit from. The Stark girls are the worst part of the show right now - Arya doesn't trust Dany? WHY? And oh my god, Sansa actually said that Arya killed the NK when Jon was pleading with them to acknowledge that Dany was a huge help, as if the army, the dragons, even the castle wasn't necessary and all they would have had to do was send Arya all by herself with a switchblade.... I want Dany to feed Sansa to Drogon. I feel terribly for the actress. Her character has been completely ruined.