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    Two Questions about this Episode

    1. Bran, is the king of the six kingdoms 2. Sansa, is queen of the north 3. Arya, queen west of Westeros 4. Jon, king beyond the wall The locations merely facilitate their lofty stature, a family torn apart by betrayal, murder and lies sewn back together. House Stark, noble, brave, cunning and royal.
  2. Calaryion

    The purpose of R+L=J?

    Do we think this will be in the books? Or will young griff be the only other Targ?
  3. GRRM will obviously offer more explanation to situations. Dany’s demise as many have said was handled poorly in the show, because many keep arguing the for’s and against, when in reality she suffered every bit as much as Sansa did, but unfortunately Dany is easier to blame thanks to her shenanigans atop Drogon. I feel GRRM will offer a lot more in the books as I feel he will probably leave it in a bit of a cliff hanger... there are still Targaryen children/people alive besides Jon.....
  4. Calaryion


    Which is another example of a betrayal to her, and even throughout the episode with Brienne writing that piece on Jamie, it seems as though Dany was painted into more of a tyrant, she was continually betrayed, and failed until there was no one left around her to trust.
  5. Calaryion


    Jon’s ending was painful. He has spent all of his life an outcast, being made to believe that he was a bastard, a product of a mistake. Dany offered him an opportunity to be who he was, in a bittersweet kind of way.... because of her rise to power he learnt who he truly was, he was the shield that protected, the sword that defeated and the heart that was broken. He knew that deep down things couldn’t remain, he watched his escape die in his arms, and once again was made to banish his identity, and live a lie. He will die a heartbroken man, Aegon Targaryen the last of his name.
  6. Calaryion

    Purpose of the wall now ?

    It’s a prison. Whilst there’s air in Jon’s lungs, there’s a living Targaryen.
  7. Calaryion

    Your favorite individual acting performance

    So many brilliant performances. For me it’s Emilia, she’s been stunning from start to finish, really bringing Dany to life.
  8. Calaryion

    Destiny of Jon Snow

    Perhaps he’s gone searching for Drogon, maybe he wishes to see out his days sitting in front of a statue of Dany’s with Tony Green stood in the background saying “here’s what you could have won”.....
  9. Calaryion

    Who was Daenerys turned into?

    Tyrion has failed everyone, which is why Bran has opted to keep him alive. Why kill him, when A. Bran will know everything he is up to, and B. Tyrion is now expected to make up for a lifetime of errors. I cant help but feel that isn’t it, Varys’ last act was to reveal Jon, another bit of poor writing is the fact it’s been left unknown if anyone else knows of Jon’s true identity? Not that it matters now the old system of blood lineage has been removed. The irony is that neither would have carried on their line, as Dany was unable to mother children..... so unless Jon was having his was with ladies on the side, the Targaryen house would have died naturally.
  10. Calaryion

    Dany CAN (And Shall???) Rise Again!!!

    Perhaps the books will reveal more? I intend to read the books from the back page to the first
  11. Calaryion

    Who was Daenerys turned into?

    Dany was a product of her advisors and enemies. She’s been a puppet throughout the majority of the series, minus a few occasions. She was constantly challenged and her ideas squashed by those who were supposed to be following her, and ultimately she have been betrayed in my eyes, Jon too, his own brother has in a way outed him, not protected him.... the Targaryen linage will die with John sat behind a frozen curtain, dreaming of Dany’s moon hole. I feel Dany’s character and story was predictable and a waste, almost like simply copying what her father did. Jon saw through it all, but ultimately he knew he had to do what he did, just to appease the nobles of KL, and the other houses. In short I feel Dany was used for the large part of her life, and then when she showed some sort of power, poked until she went over the edge, resulting in exactly what the lofty lords wanted. I can appreciate the book finishing without Dany, but like that? No. She series finished after the battle of Winterfell for me.
  12. Calaryion

    [Spoilers] Episode 806 Discussion

    I thought it was a poor ending in all honesty, potentially to do with the lack of air time and opportunity to explain. It was certainly rushed, and it played out that way. The Bran story is a feeble one at best, mainly because we don’t currently have any context surrounding his election, other than a few I’s....and despite what many say, I feel Dany and Jon have both been played like a fiddle... the first time Dany decides to abandoned the advice of her self obsessed advisors, she gets shafted, not condoning what she did at KL, but we’re back to square one all the same, only difference is that potentially no one will betray Bran, because he will just see it coming, and the north is independent of course.... I also think there’s been a waste of characters, certain plots have been built up, and seemingly fizzle out to nothing, but again episode numbers dictated that. All in all it’s left me feeling empty, I’m not happy with Bran being on the throne, and it makes me think that Bran played this all along, he knew full well Jon wouldn’t want the throne, and he probably revealed his “true” identity in order to cause an inevitable relationship breakdown between he and Dany. It seems very much like a fuck it and find out ending, almost like they scripted it with their eyes closed grimacing as they did. I can only hope GRRM book adds more context to that, because if that is truly how his tale ends, then it’s gone from an epic to a wet fart.
  13. Calaryion

    Is Jaqen H'ghar Rhaegar Targaryen?

    Well, it would be easy to dismiss this, but we know Rhaegar didn’t like to fight, and he probably knew full well that Robert would pummel him if they got into a one on one situation. Perhaps someone offered to fight in his place? As GRRM always made a point of characters wearing their full face guards in battle..... and not to mention the rubies in his armour. From some of the photos that have been banded around prior to the series starting, it does show the chap who played Rhaegar and a young Robert... so potentially there’s a flashback that shows this? Having said that, would that make him the true heir?
  14. Calaryion

    Bran's Final Purpose

    Bran had a lot of air time in the first season... I re-watched the first season, and I’ve been re-reading the first book, and he featured heavily... it would not surprise me if Bran ends up playing a huge part in the final episode and twist. He is the only one capable of interfering like this, and he hasn’t actually done anything meaningful yet, other than cause issues. He’s possibly the most mysterious character.... and there’s been little explanation for his antics.....