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  1. This would have been so awesome to see and would have really put our characters to the test: people in conflict with themselves and having to make difficult choices/sacrifices. Perhaps you could've had it where a still alive Littlefinger actually coordinates the murder and burning of Jon, thinking "Chaos is a ladder" but then, as you describe, people still work together in honor of Jon the martyr and his death is a rallying cry. Would also be fun if Jon died and went into Ghost, eventually killing Littlefinger AND ending up north of the wall at the end. Also like the idea of Drogon being untamable after the WW fight, you could also have a parallel to this w/ one of the human characters also going crazy and blood last after fighting death itself.
  2. This is a good point to remember. The POVs, from other characters and from Dany, will provide a lot more depth and insight to her story and potential transformation to the dark side. If/when we ever get to read the books, that is.
  3. Well said. The amazing part is that all you have to is read the last few posts of this thread to realize that the writers had about 10 different options for Dany's story to make it coherent and believable (versus just Dany turning into Hitler/Satan in 2 episodes). They never created the story to support it. ......Dany could have....been a relatively moral conquerer who was unfairly rejected in Westeros for any # of reasons (gender, brought Dothraki, R'Hllor support, daughter of Mad King, offended Lords, etc).....or she could have slowly become a monster and murderer (starting @ beginning of S7), abusing power with her dragons, burning many lords alive (and more unfairly then R Tarly), letting peasants starve out of spite or anger, impulsively betraying agreements with the Tyrells or Dorne or Yara, becoming less and less just while blinded by her self delusion about power, fire, and blood..... oooooooooooooor simpler options could have included 1) her having a major, darker, horrifying character worldview after fighting the Army of the Dead, 2) in conquering King's Landing we could have seen her forced into a conflicting choice - if she was losing the battle at the start and she had to choose between genocide and beating Cersei vs saving peasants and losing KL, she chooses genocide, and Jon kills her for that choice, or 3) they could have had Varys actually plot against her and put her in a situation where she had to burn 1,000s of good people alive in order to survive..... Really they just had so much to work with, and instead decided to just flip the Hitler/Satan switch, because, hey subversion and oh it doesn't require much work. The audience will be so fooled!
  4. I would just like to point out that a couple of months after S8, I'm still entirely convinced that the ending was incredibly, amazingly, catastrophically bad.
  5. I agree. I have probably watched S1-S5 at least 3 times, but these recent seasons have made everything before them into garbage. It did actually start w/ the ending of S6 when they blew up the sept and just ended so many interesting plot lines with no resolution. S7 was bad. S8 just ruined everything, ESPECIALLY everything related to the WW, NK, and Jon Snow. I didn't re-watch a single episode in S8. Shrug.
  6. Agreed. I wonder if we'll get the dragon version of nuclear holocaust in WoW. I also wonder if we'll get the real world one since literally every country is advancing nuclear capabilities, not scaling them back. And on a side note, how I wish was a "what is dead may never die" thread. S7 & S8 were just soooooo bad, sooooo much worse than anyone would have guessed or anticipated. The ranting and raving should continue for years to come, but unfortunately my apathy is taking over and I really can't care anymore.
  7. We did. The readers and fans got the most screwed over.
  8. I agree wholeheartedly. I also think season seven and eight (and to a lesser extent anything after season four) makes rewatchability plummet through the floor. I have zero desire to watch the actual quality seasons of GoT after seeing where they end up taking us. The amazing beginning isn't just unjustified by the ending, it's utterly destroyed by it. Agreed. I've watched S1 at least 5 times because it's so fun to see how actions and behaviors in S1 setup consequences that carry into S2, S3, & S4. Not to mention all of the WW build up. But S7 & S8 don't really build on 90% of the lead up and backstory from S1-S6, so re-watching seems pointless. You're just watching a bunch of easter eggs, character arcs, and plot lines that are total dead ends and have no meaning in the larger story at the end.
  9. I think it's just that shows setup an expectation for fans. GoT was extremely high quality for 4 seasons, and kind-of-mostly-OK for seasons 5-6...for me, this kept my own personal hype and expectations super high, which is why I'm STILL SO DISAPPOINTED with how it has ended. Seasons 7-8 are just total garbage. So, anyways, its also a shame to compare the ending of GoT to the beginning at this point... very, very different in terms of quality.
  10. I hope this is not splitting hairs, but this is not about people having guessed the ending, but rather everyone having had some sort of preview of the ending through another medium albeit executed horribly by a pair of hacks with the writing ability and emotional capacity of a pair of not terribly gifted or mature eighth-graders. Nonetheless, assuming that a few endpoints of major characters are generally where George might have guided the two goofs towards, this possibly gives George an unprecedented look at what his work might look like when finished. Don't think many major authors have been in this place before. I do recognise this is not the original point being made, which I think was speculation about how Michaelengelo would react if he had part-painted the roof of the Sistine chapel and some below average graffiti artists spray painted the rest with their themes superficially resembling M's, making a mockery of the original work besides the fact that the graffiti is an eyesore in itself. Do you paint it over and complete your work, or do you just walk away and sculpt David instead? You make excellent (and hilarious) points, and I think you are correct in that this is a slightly different situation than the one GRRM was describing. I only brought it up because I think it's the best glimpse into how GRRM may view this current situation/shit show the story is in thanks to HBO. In every other situation I can think of, the book is ALWAYS completed before the visual medium of TV/movies begins, so the visual medium can make changes, not the author. So we're in unique, new territory with these below average graffiti artists finishing the Sistine chapel before Michaelengelo. I for one hope he paints over it and completes his work as originally intended.
  11. This is possible, although GRRM has said on multiple occasions that he won't change his ending because people figured out the mystery or didn't like it. He views it as his story, not his story that he wants to make sure is popular with fans. A rough transcription: "I want this to be my own story......What do I do when people have guessed the secrets I'm going to reveal? You really have 2 choices there, you can ignore it, proceed with your plan, despite the fact that some people know where you're going, or you can get all panicky and say oh people figured it out, that can't be, I'll have to change it, I'll have to go in a different direction, and I think some writers do that. I think that's always a mistake. If you've planned your book that the Butler did it, and someone on the internet figures out that the Butler did it, and you suddenly change in midstream and it was the chambermaid that did it, then you screw up the whole book...the clues you've planted are dead ends, and you have to introduce other clues, then you're retconning. It's a mess."
  12. Agreed. Although they made it pointless in the end when Bran became King anyways. This was kind of like Frodo & Sam destroying the ring in the fires of Mt Doom... but then 15 minutes later deciding to re-forge another ring to rule them all.
  13. I agree with this. I want to just move on and accept the disasters that S7 & S8 were, but I keep coming back because the festering mold turd feels worse and worse with each passing day.
  14. Agree totally. And for some fan fic endings posts, the author admits that they came up with the idea in 10 minutes, and they're still all better than what we got from D&D. Ugh. Sigh.
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