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  2. pentoshi_swamp

    Bowen's next decision

    Marsh and his cronies stabbed Jon in front of his good friend Wun Wun, outside of a mess hall filled with angry wildlings (Jon had just read them the pink letter and there was an uproar) who are friends with the Lord Commander. I don't see many scenarios where any of the mutineers survive.
  3. pentoshi_swamp

    "He needs to know the truth" - Why?

    Because Bran wanted some cool drama to watch while he gets stoned off that Weirwood Kush
  4. pentoshi_swamp

    Who's the worst human being, Tywin Lannister or Roose Bolton

    Tywin has weaponised, pragmatic cruelty but takes little to no pleasure in his work and sees it as a necessary evil to propel his family legacy; Roose masks his callous ways ("A peaceful land, a quiet people.", or paying off the miller's wife who he had raped), and as Lady Dustin said, he treats people like playthings. We also know he knows that human skin is not best suited for leather... not very common knowledge I would assume. So I'd say Roose. Tywin has commited more atrocious acts (that we know of) on grander scales than anything Roose has, but Roose has that evil mens rea that Tywin lacks.
  5. pentoshi_swamp

    GoT and Feminism: What Happens Now?

    Totally agree on the Brienne point, she just gets fucked and chucked and is... crying about it? Seems to betray the character IMO. Also, why was it parroted so much that Cersei's redeemable trait is her love for her children? She has shown consistent callousness on that front -- she didn't grieve for Tommen, even saying 'he betrayed us' to Jaime. She didn't care for her child by Robert. She didn't really care for Myrcella from what we've seen on screen. It seemed to me like a cheap white-washing of her character so we can compare her to Daenerys (now that's she's 'mad' and all) in an ill light. Is it all alright because she is a mother? Is that the best a woman can hope to achieve in (this) world? Surely Arya and Brienne are counters to this. I feel like there is a wider point to be made here about the show, but I can't be bothered to delve into that right now.
  6. pentoshi_swamp

    Who liked sandor's ending.

    Never really felt the hype around Cleganebowl, so it just felt to me like fan-service. The fight itself was alright -- not amazingly choreographed but certainly better than horny pirate man vs. Goldenhand the Just. I would have preferred a gravedigger ending for my boy, where he just puts away his sword and lives at peace, but maybe that was just too optimistic.