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    Were you expecting something different?

    I see justification for the fates of all the major characters. I see no justification for Bronn becoming Master of Coin and sitting on the Small Council. Bronn is uneducated; Bronn is a mercenary; BRONN IS TOTALLY UNQUALIFIED. With Bran as King, I felt a sense of relief and optimism for the future of the realm. That was whisked away for the cheap laughs of Bronn on the Small Council.
  2. I am comfortable with Bran as King of the Six Kingdoms (GRRM's original ending). I am not comfortable with Bronn as Master of Coin (HBO's fan fiction ending).
  3. roastnbake

    They ruined Jaime once and for all

    Jaime Lannister's Entry in The Book of Brothers (The White Book): "Squired for Barristan Selmy against the Kingswood Outlaws. Knighted and named to the Kingsguard in his sixteenth year for valor in the field. At the Sack of King's Landing murdered his king, Aerys the second, at the foot of the Iron Throne. Pardoned by King Robert Baratheon. Thereafter known as the Kingslayer." Sadly, this loose thread from Season 4 will never be resolved. The White Book was probably lost due to Daenerys's burning of King's Landing. What were Jaime's great deeds after acquiring the Kingslayer name? Saved half a million lives by preventing the Mad King Aerys from burning King's Landing with wildfire. Sacrificed his sword hand to save Brienne from rape by Locke's men. Saved Brienne from the bear. Gave Brienne Oathkeeper. Knighted Sir Brienne of Tarth. Slayed Euron Greyjoy.
  4. roastnbake

    They ruined Jaime once and for all

    Agreed. Jaime had only been with one woman up to that point, his sister and love, Cersei. Jaime even brags of it to Catelyn Stark in Season 2. "I've never been with a woman but Cersei. So in my own way, I have more honor than poor old dead Ned." Jaime sleeps with Brienne in a half drunken stupor. The GUILT of his infidelity leads Jaime directly back into Cersei's arms. It is perfectly in character.