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  1. Bran's whole character needed to be handled in a better way, he makes no sense. Won't be easy for GRRM to make "King" Bran work well, in the show it was a dumb twist with no build up. Not to mention Bran has been an emotionless robot for the past few seasons, they didn't even develop
  2. Journey95

    Who was Daenerys turned into?

    Yeah the show handled it badly. I just don't get fans who aren't even open to the Mad queen Dany idea and have made up their mind already.
  3. So? This series was never about what you deserve. I get complaints about the execution (it sucked) but people getting salty over their favourite characters not getting happy endings are ridiculous.
  4. I think Jon & Dany's arcs especially ending this way makes sense and is very GRRM. It seems many fans of these characters just wanted fanservice type of endings but that's not how this series is. It's not about what you deserve or typical fantasy tropes The real problem was how badly executed their arcs were imho. Jon was basically an extra with the same 3 lines and no meaningful character focus. Dany's development was rushed and contrived, we needed a whole season of gradual development into her becoming the "Mad" Queen. I trust GRRM that he will handle it better and flesh things out more.
  5. Journey95

    Who was Daenerys turned into?

    Sure, that's why GRRM will have to do a much better job than D&D who rushed her development ridiculously. But there is nothing inherently wrong with the Mad queen Dany arc unless you are just a Dany fan who insists on some sort of happy ending
  6. Journey95

    Who was Daenerys turned into?

    This, Dany fans are in denial. GRRM was always going this route and he will write it well, unlike D&D
  7. Dany going mad is definitely happening in the books, it's too important of a plot point for D&D to invent. And too bold for them, they would have gone with the Jonerys fanservice ending that most wanted.
  8. If anything I'm more hyped now for the books. Most important plot points this season were good, the execution was just shit. Jon and Dany's arcs ending like this is classic GRRM. It's like people forgot about Ned's death and the Red Wedding. Those dark twists would be bad too without the proper build up which is what was lacking here. Of course butthurt Dany fans didn't like the Mad queen direction but it fits and makes her more compelling. It's ridiculous to act like this is some sort of sexist message when many men in the show have been way more fucked up and crazy (and went out in bad ways), yet no one whined there. People who want Disney power fantasies for Jon and Dany were reading the wrong series
  9. 5/10..first half was good imho, despite how rushed the whole Mad queen dany arc was. But the second half felt like a bad sitcom for the most part