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    Jons kid would be a targ tho.
  2. This bothered me about the episode (Of course with A LOT of other things) but who actually told the soldiers of KL that the bells meant Surrender? We have proof of Davos - Who is born in KL saying: "I have never known bells to means surrender." https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i4kNneOct6A And in the episode, it seems that only GW, Jon, Tyrion, Jamie and Dany know that if the bells ring, the city surrender and Jamie is nowhere near the bell nor Cersei at the point of the bells ringing. Being the episode is called "The Bells" I just assume this is just one out of 1000 different flaws this season and this episode. Lets discuss how this became general knowledge in KL or was it all just a plot by Tyrion/Cersei to have Jon's and Danys army walk further into KL and being burned by the Wildfire or is this just a massive flaw that Dumb & Dumber completely ignored?
  3. She had worked for it. Sure. But you can't rule the Kingdom without support and she knows this. Jon had the support and love that she needed and wanted, she wanted a TARG on the Throne. She could have had everything she wanted, by marrying Jon. She would have had love (From Jon and the people) the throne would have been theirs and most importantly her children(!) (If we assume she can have them, as they imply in the show after she comes to Westeros). D&D just sucks.
  4. Knugen

    The Ending Was very conventional

    But do we even know when Bran will die? Last 3ER was alive for thousands of years no?
  5. I'll just go with "Trash"
  6. I made my theory that the Night King actually wanted to kill Bran, specifically Bran because he knew Bran and the 3ER was evil and corrupt. For all we know, the Night King might not have been that bad. I'm making up my own theory because this shows incompetent writers cant give me a pure answer. But he does say "Why do you think i'm here" or w/e he says in combination with the times he actually did see the future, it makes me think that he might actually have planned this all along and was the MAIN player of The game of thrones. He was the downfall of Littlefinger too "Chaos is a ladder." He knew how to play the game because he had seen how it has been played in the past up to the point of Dany coming and perhaps before that and perhaps constantly keeping an eye(raven) on them all. They say he cant have children and that's good. But we also don't really know how long he will be alive. It could be for thousands of years for all we know. Perhaps he wants to find the dragon too, because he doesn't have an army and being able to warg the dragon from a far distance, would give him a something better than an army. And if he is taken over by Bloodraven, he is a bastard Targ inside the body of a stark (ICE AND FIRE). The only thing I cant see, is what he would want to do while on the throne. What would his purpose be? But they did say that "Bran died inside that cave." So.... I don't know. It's what some people I guess have already thought of and I honestly don't think Dumb & Dumber thought of it in this way. But if this is the ending GRRM wants, then perhaps this is exactly what it will be played out as.
  7. I thought so too. But explain to me how he knew in Episode 2 that Jaime would arrive at that EXACT spot to Winterfell, if he cant see the future. They could have ended with Bran as king in a great way, if they made it out he is evil, and planned this all along. But yet again, we need to find hints, that might, just might explain the "Writers" writing.
  8. Knugen

    The purpose of R+L=J?

    Didn't even think of that. But it would have been some good writing for sure. It makes much more sense. I do personally believe Jon loved her, they just didn't act it out well. But it's suppose to have been in there. They are around the same age, perfect match and her "Children" accept him. I think that's what makes her love him. He loves her because.. I don't know, because she is good looking and helped him with the WW?
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    I agree with you. Jon could have changed it all, even after the fact that she murdered the entire KL. Just like he told her about the murdered children and women (She kinda woke up a bit by it) he could have just told her to walk with him through everything to make her understand, that this is not right. This is not how you liberate(She fucking knew how to liberate people, this was not it) he could have cried, begged her, just like she did to him not to say anything about him being a Targ to make her change her mind. NOBODY gave her the benefit of the doubt. But they had their agenda to have her killed, gone, kaput. Because even after episode 5. She could have been saved, they could have left. He could have just told her, lets leave and never look back. But I guess in the end, it's the fact that he only got 3 lines the entire season, and he had to stick to them. In the end, as i've mentioned before. It's just pure trash writing, because they could have ended it the same, but good, even with the 6 episodes they had.
  10. Knugen


    Well, I would at least add Jon to the sad ending. Sure, he gets to spend time with the Wildlings. But what was the cost? If he would have left there after the NK got killed in episode 4, then OK. But now all he got was to know who he actually is, The true heir to the throne and not a bastard. But instead of that being something good for him, it made it even worse than being a bastard. Ending with him murdering the woman he loves, for a second time. He is a as previous poster stated, a broken man. I can't see how anyone like him could ever become who he was, or happy for that matter. It's just an inevitable suicide waiting to happen. Tyrion, his ending I would say was sweet. But Jon, for the sake of mercy, should have been killed.
  11. Knugen


    Why not? Tyrion killed his father and got charged Guilty of killing Jofferey and he is walking around like nothing happen.. And that's worse than what Jon did. I need to let this go. It was just pure s#&t. Nothing makes sense and here I am looking for answers and doing my own conclusions to make this show make any sense. It's trash, pure trash.
  12. This is what I said too. And not only that. Why would the Northmen (Lords) want to be independent with Sansa as their Queen, when Bran Start - Ned Starks true born son, is the King of the 7 Kingdoms?
  13. The spoilers for this season has been on point. I don't think they have had a single flaw in them. At least the once i've seen.
  14. Knugen

    Title of the last episode

    "It all turned to ashes" with reference to the shitshow writing and KL I guess.
  15. Knugen

    As much as some hate how this season has played out...

    It's just to show HBO and D&D that they ruined it. I signed and made everyone I know sign, just for the fact that I know that they will know about it and realize what a pile they ended with. Because there has been no conversation in the entire season. I hope it gets to 2m+ after next episode (Wouldn't be surprised as the leak is horrible writing) Nobody is expecting a new season 8 - Probably don't even want it, it's just to show disappointment. To answer the thread, I'm happy it ends. Because EVERY Sunday this far, I thought they were going to save it, do something that made sense, explain something, but they have just created more confusion and death of character arcs in the worst possible way. So i'm glad that I dont have to be excited for a new episode every Sunday, knowing, that this will be worse than the other. I will get rid of HBO and boycott anything D&D touches until they are without a job, because they took 10 years of my life and threw it to shit, because they can't write. I'm amazed they even got a job after almost ruining deadpool as they did in Wolverine. (THATS HOW BAD THEY ARE!)
  16. Knugen

    will we see roasted Jon?

    D&D Doesn't care. The purpose is done. Personally I don't know why he was brought back. To convince Dany to fight the WW? To kill Dany? Nothing makes sense, because if she would have taken the throne and then gone for the WW after taking Kings landing with her 3 dragons - It would have been even easier to defeat the WW in Winterfell. No prophesys will come true, nothing has mattered this far, and it wont after the last episode.
  17. Knugen

    "Bittersweet" can't happen in the show

    Couldn't have said it better myself. This season has done the opposite of what it should have done, it's completely drained me and made me disappointed since the first episode. Characters becoming something they never were, done a complete turn in personality and it's not even done yet. They have yet to completely take away the honor of Jon Snow, close Bran in the most horrible way, have Bronn becoming what he always resented and more. It's truly sad, because when you have something that could easily have been done in a similar way, but so much better and with true satisfaction, it truly is a tragedy. The ending could have been similar with satisfaction, but now, because they annihilated every character on the show - CLOSING their arcs in ways that couldn't, shouldn't and never would have happen ever. It's just sad. I honestly think this will go with me for quite some time, Never trusting another show again...Unless it's Anime.
  18. Yeah, that’s true. The game of thrones would start very short after that again. The vale, The north, the iron island and others would break away from the “7” kingdoms. It would all turn to what it was before the Targs.
  19. He did. But it wasn’t Northmen shouting “Ring the bells” and even if they did, the people of KL would have been like “The Bells? Why would we do that?” Because nobody knows the bells mean surrender. Yeah, they could have actually used this to their advantage to make it more rational for Dany to lose her mind. Believing that Tyrion had betrayed her one more time.
  20. Wow, reading it in full (already knew the big once) but reading the final ending like this made me almost puke. If that’s the ending, it’s the cheesiest ending in the world and it’s just... it’s actually really bad, worse than I could possibly have been able to imagine.
  21. Could you perhaps... Offer a Link? Of course it would be at peoples own to click it.
  22. I did, and this far, all of them have come true. Every episode I've been in denial "Perhaps, Maybe, It might still not go like this." and every episode I'm betrayed. If it ends like the spoiler i'm following do. Then I can tell you turned out to be the worst show in the history of shows and I will never watch anything that has to do with HBO ever again. Pure crap.
  23. But that's the thing. It's not a known thing, we even get that quoted in season 2 by Davos himself. Nobody would have known that the bells mean surrender. None other than Dany and her Generals + Jamie. So I can just assume it's another plothole/Crap writing by D&D.. And to me this might be the biggest hole in the entire episode, because it was called The bells - Dany "Snaps" when the bell rings and I'm sure it will be used next episode explaining "But..but they surrendered" She could just ask Davos if the Bells means surrendering and he would proclaim - As he did in season 2 that NO. They do not.
  24. Stannis burned his own daughter and people still didn't fully consider him being a psychopath. Even Jofferey didn't kill the population of KL after they tried to KILL him. Cersei didn't murder them even tho they spit, threw piss and shit and what else on her during the walk of shame. What Dany did would never happen, she wouldn't do it.. It's written so bad that I want to cry. AND I STILL DONT UNDERSTAND WHO TOLD THE LANNISTER SOLDIERS / PEOPLE THAT RINGING THE BELL MEANT SURRENDER??!? IT NEVER HAD BEFORE.
  25. Knugen

    Thank you Dothraki

    Oh really? Check this photo from the Preview, It's almost more than was at Winterfell and not to mention the large amount of Dothrakis- https://www.esquire.com/entertainment/tv/a27482715/game-of-thrones-season-8-episode-6-finale-photos/